George Soros: From Rags to Riches

George Soros is one of the world’s leading philanthropists who stands for those that have been discriminated against by simply being who they are. From Jewish refugee to hedge fund billionaire, Soros is a man who does not deserve the negative attention he’s given. How has a man that has built himself from the ground up and shared his wealth world wide become the target of the political right?

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros experienced evil firsthand. The Soros family survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary by falsifying papers and concealing their Jewish identity. Throughout the occupation, they helped others hide from tyranny as well. The Open Society Foundation reports that George Soros later said “instead of submitting to our fate, we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were—yet we prevailed. Not only did we survive, but we managed to help others.”

When he was just 17, George Soros left his home country so that he could attend the London School of Economics. He funded his own collegiate dreams by working two jobs. Soros is the definition of the self-made man. In 1956, he moved to the United States and after opening his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management in 1970, the man went on to become a billionaire. George Soros became the definition of the American Dream, considered to be one of the most successful investors to date. Never forgetting his roots, Soros has been using his wealth to help those in need since the very being of his fortune. He founded the Open Society Foundations in order to help marginalized groups such as LGBTQIA+, sex workers, and the Romani people of Europe. Even today, the billionaire still gives to groups fighting for their rights, even as recent as the women’s march on Washington and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is a man who lifted himself up by the boot straps, which should make him a conservative hero. So, how is it that this refugee philanthropist has become the target of the right wing? Business Insider reported that Michael Vachon, a spokesperson for the Soros Fund Management, said, “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.” This has not deterred him. Soros donates to causes commonly associated with the progressive left. Professor Timothy Melley put it best when he wrote “It’s a projection of right-wing billionaire behavior onto a prominent left-wing billionaire.” The press is consistently reporting on billionaires such as the Koch brothers, who use their wealth to their own benefit instead of in the interest of others.

There are plenty of conservatives who demonize a man simply because of his drive to help others. Right wingers such as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly cannot imagine someone in a position of wealth and power doing something for the benefit of others, so they create conspiracies and dangerous theories to vilify him. There is no stopping a man like George Soros, though, who has been around long enough to know how to take the highroad so he can continue to help people the world over and more information click here.

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Aloha Construction Offers Charity Based Projects for Societal Growth

Aloha Construction was established in 2008. Based in Lake Zurich, the firm has been caught in multiple success stories thanks to Dave Farbaky, the chief executive officer. For ten years, the firm has indulged in about 18,000 projects. Within the time, Aloha has been supportive of community based projects that uplift people. Aloha Company is a family owned business that operates through the importance of committing to the roots of family. In Zurich, they have developed strong platforms for societal projects.

Profile Of Operating

Joined by Dave, the company holds to the belief that it is vital for small businesses to participate in charity. Despite the city or town they are dealing with, charity should be a major project for small enterprises. Community based projects come in the same form of charity. The company has supported businesses with the hope of reinventing operating platforms. Local families have also benefitted from these projects. The management believes that giving back through charity has other benefits that cannot be ignored. The donations being tax deductible, it is easy to venture into the projects. Secondly, it is an added advantage to work with charity based firms because the company earns stellar reputation from the event. Good PR works miracles when seeking clients or assistance from other firms.


Sponsoring medium sized charity projects is also a way a business can increase brand awareness in communities. With brand awareness, there shall be more clients seeking to enjoy the services of the company. Doing good to the society through your brand has a direct impact on the growth of your brand. The business flourishes. That is why small businesses can do well with a little push from charity. It is a medium of growing by expanding the operating platforms. Definitely, brands would like to be associated with positivity.

Company Profile

Aloha Company offers a range of services from roofing to rebuilding. The company has a team of professionals that understand the basics of excellent service delivery. The team works with clients on personal level to grasp the basics of demand. With a client base of 18,000, Aloha has dedicated itself to perfection and high quality service delivery.

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Adam Milstein: the Jewish Man with a Heart of Gold

If you are a Jewish American or Israeli American, then you have probably heard of Adam Milstein. Adam Milstein is one of the most well-known and respected Jewish men in America. He is known for his philanthropic work aimed at helping the members of the Jewish faith and Israeli Americans. Over the last two decades, Adam has helped change the lives of thousands of Israeli Americans and Jewish people through his charity organization known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which he founded with the help of his wife in the year 2000.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel and spent his early life there with his parents. In 1971 he was enrolled in the Israeli army for mandatory service till 1973 when he decided to go to the Israel Institute of Technology to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics. When studying he met his wife Gila who he married in 1974. He continued living in Israel for a while working in his father’s real estate business until 1981 when he and his wife and young kids moved to America. In America, Adam Milstein pursued his masters and joined Hager Pacific properties upon graduating. He is now one of the managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties.

According to Adam Milstein, his first encounter with charity work was at a company Hager Pacific Properties when he was part of the staff. His philosophy is built around leaving a legacy which he and his children will be proud of. He also believes in doing his part to make the world a better place especially for the Jewish community in America. He not only manages his own charitable organization but also is a member of many organizations.

Through Adam Milstein’s charity work the lives of many Israeli American people have been improved. His organizations have helped bring Jewish people together and promote Jewish culture. He donates books to Jewish families to help them learn about their Jewish heritage and even the Jewish language. He is passionate about his philanthropic work and has become not only one of the most influential Jewish men but also an inspiration to many young Jewish kids.

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Academy of Art Students Showcase the Future of Fashion

The world of fashion is always changing. One of the factors behind the change is the designers. There are plenty of designers that are always willing to push the boundaries of fashion with their imagination. They show off all of their creativity at the fashion week. One example of fashion week is at New York. This previous New York Fashion Week has shown off two menswear and five menswear from BFA and MFA of the Academy of Art. The silhouettes and the outfits that have appeared on the runway were quite interesting to say the least.


The group of designers consists of people that come from different countries and cultures so there are going to be quite a few different designs and silhouettes. There are pictures of some of the latest silhouettes and outfits that have turned up on the runway. These outfits do have an interesting and very unique look to them that has not been seen before. The coloring and the fabric of these outfits do give off a futuristic vibe. They are very otherworldly and have definitely caught the attention of plenty of fashion enthusiasts. The Academy of Art has definitely encouraged creativity for the students and the designers.


One of the best aspects of fashion is when people find outfits that are flattering. When one wears an outfit that brings forth a good shape to them. If the outfit is comfortable as well, then this is a great combination. One of the best experiences is to find an outfit that has the best feeling fabric as well as the best form and style to it. Dressing with style can help people experience something new. For one thing, a good outfit can even have an effect on their personality. People will feel more confident and willing to try on more elegant clothes.

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How The End Citizen United Is Preparing For The Next Congress Elections

The next American Congress elections are set to be held in July 2018. People are aligning themselves to contest for different political posts on the Congress. In the last year’s congress elections, the people who were sponsored in the Congress made certain important contributions, but the number could not bring specific changes. Because of this influence, the End Citizen United is set to sponsor more people in order to bring significant changes in the country. The organization does not support people from specific parties, but it goes for anyone with good ideas on how to improve the state of the citizens. The End Citizen United is, therefore, making certain changes on how the status of the country can be improved.

The expected contribution before the next elections
The End Citizen United has been making certain contributions in order to help the leaders get into the political offices. Leaders are tested on integrity and how they plan to influence the house to accept their policies. By the time of the elections in 2018, the organization had a target of about $35 million for the campaigns. The contribution has been positive, and the citizens have been doing good work in making their contributions. The total contribution is growing to almost $10 million with a hope that the target will be reached by the time elections are held next year. The main intention of the End Citizens United is to ensure that enough leaders are elected to the Congress so that good policy can be implemented.


Time to take leadership from the cartels
With the rich controlling the economy, the only thing they needed was a way of gaining access of the congress and the Senate. The process has not been very hard since most of the political leaders do not have sufficient funds to fund their campaigns. The fact that they cannot successfully fund their campaigns has given the cartels a chance to manipulate them. The rich have the money to sustain a quality campaign. In return, the people elected to the different political posts owe them an allegiance, and this works against the will of the people. The End Citizen United has been working to stop this kind of leadership. The elected leaders have more time to work for the rich cartels that the people who gave them the authority to serve. To prevent the leaders from getting controlled by the rich, the End Citizen United has ensured that they take leaders with high integrity to the different political posts. The selected leaders must be ready to serve the people, and the organization will ensure that the common citizens get considered in the policies to be made. The organization is making positive progress so far.

Consolidation Plus And Going Back To School

Every year, parents scramble all around town to get all of the necessary supplies for their children to go back to school. For years, parents have been looking for an easier way to do things. Well, here are some strategies to help parents prepare for this coming school year.

The way to easily prepare for this coming school year is to treat the middle of summer as the beginning of the school year. This means in the beginning of July parents should start shopping for all the necessary supplies for the coming school year. Not only will these supplies be available, but these supplies will also be at their lowest price. This is because stores will be trying to get rid of all their old supplies to make room for their new supplies.

Another way parents can prepare for this coming school year is to train their children to have a normal sleep pattern a month before school starts. Most parents let their children stay up late all summer. They then make their children go to bed early the day before school starts. Statistics show children in this position have a bad first day of school, and sometimes this bad day drags out throughout the course of the school year.

There is also a company that makes going back to school fun. This company is called Consolidation Plus. This is great for college kids going back to school. What Consolidation Plus does is give the student a loan to cover their current student loans. Consolidation Plus then charges the student an extremely low monthly fee to pay the loan back. However, the student can go to the official lender and ask for another loan. Consolidation Plus has helped thousands of students go back to school after maxing out on unsecured credit.

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Understanding the Investment Journey of James Dondero; CEO of Highlands Capital Management

Highlands Capital Management is a company that has been around for a few decades now. It is the holding company for smaller business outfits such as Nexbank Capital, LLC which is a commercial and institutional bank, Nexpoint, and several others. The company was founded by James Dondero and his friend Mark Okada in 1991. Over the past 23 years, the company has grown and expanded from a boutique investment firm to a national business outfit.

James Dondero lives in Texas. He is the current president of Highlands Capital Management. As the president, James is in charge of all the strategies, and operations of the company. He advises the company on issues such as retail and institutionalized products. Dondero is one of the pioneers of CLO-Collateralized Loan Obligation. The success that HCM has experienced in the past three decades has been because of among other factors, James Dondero’s dedication, and drive to succeed.

Educational Background

James Graduated from the University of Virginia in the late 80’s. He also studied finance and is a chartered financial analyst. After his graduation, Dondero worked in some companies, before he formed the idea of creating his own investment company. He started discussing the possible creation of an investment company with Mark Okada in 1990. The business idea became a reality in 1991, and the operations started running entirely in 1994. Currently, the company is managing assets worth more than $21billion, and they are still growing at a very commendable pace. Other businesses that James and Mark have come up with over the years include Nexpoint Capital; Inc. Dondero is the Chairman of the Nexbank Capital Board and the CEO of HCM.

James is an exemplary business leader and entrepreneur. He is a firm believer that giving back to the community is the responsibility of those fortunate enough to have more than the others. He has been given some leadership roles because his community has a lot of trust in his leadership ability. The amount of success he has had, including the transformation of HCM from a small business outfit to a holding company for various successful ventures, is evidence that he is an exceptional business leader.


Boraie Development Gives Back To the Society by Offering Free Movies for Entertainment

Nothing feels better than enjoying free movies courtesy of a funding from an institution. That is why the people of New Brunswick were elated when Boraie Development partnered with Provident Bank Foundation to avail free movie packages for residents. Making this announcement in the summer of 2016, Boraie Development was convinced that the residents of New Brunswick could do with the free movie packages. According to NJ Biz, the show would offer a uniting moment for the residents and families.


In a report by NY Times, the free movie packages included Frozen, Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2 and Babe as well as Alladin. All series were scheduled to begin at 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. The movies were free of charge to the entire community. Boraie Development opted to offer this package as service to the community. Also, this was one way of creating friendship with the residents. By offering residents the opportunity to enjoy favorite films, Boraie Development was creating a friendly working rapport. Hosted at the State Theatre New Jersey, this was a historic movie escapade that most residents felt honored to be part of. As a leading venue for movies in New Jersey, it was factual that the experience attracted masses from the neighborhood.


While appreciating the partnership and the turnout of events, Hiam Boraie, the vice president of the firm recognized the individual efforts of the remarkable residents in being part of the event. Hiam stated that Boraie Development was proud to be part of the sponsors for the event. He also stated that the series would play a critical role in uniting the residents. According to Jane Kurek of Provident Bank Foundation, this was a remarkable gesture from Boraie Development. The duo was committed to ensuring that the series of movies would leave a memorable mark in the memories of the participants. Stating that the management was proud to help in ensuring that the families enjoyed the moments, Kurek appreciated Boraie Development for believing in their efforts to bring the people together.

Boraie Development

Boraie Development is highly regarded for its broad spectrum of services in the urban development areas. With a keen focus on developing commercial and residential property, Boraie Development seeks to present exactly what the clients need. From property management to sales as well as marketing, Boraie Development is better placed to offer unparalleled services. To achieve this, Boraie Development partners with some of the high ranking financial institutions and architects in order to provide revolutionary property designs. Their objective is working with able teams to ensure that projects are completed on time.

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Life Line Screening Passes On Tips For Prevention & Wellness Screening

The leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings in the country. Life Line Screening imparts advice on how to prepare for screenings as well as what to wear during a screening.

According to Life Line Screening, many of its screenings involve an insignificant amount of or no preparation.

While some screenings necessitate several hours of fasting, others may simply have a need for loose clothing or short sleeves.

For example, patients being screened for a carotid artery disease (stroke) should not wear turtleneck shirts but rather they should be dressed in a short-sleeved shirt that is unfastened at the collar.

Patients undergoing a screening for atrial fibrillation (stroke) should wear relaxing two piece attire that involves unrestricting clothing. They should not wear pantyhose, balm or oil or a watch.

Life Line Screening recommends patients undertaking an ankle-brachial index (peripheral arterial disease) screening wear a cozy and relaxed two piece loose outfit, a short-sleeved blouse or shirt and no pantyhose.

A pleasant and relaxed two piece outfit of loose clothing is also recommended for those undergoing an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. These patients are also asked to fast for four hours preceding their appointment and eat no more than a light meal four hours before the screening. Prescribed medication may be taken during the fast period.

What’s more patients being screened for a complete lipid panel (high cholesterol) or glucose (type 2 diabetes) should fast for eight hours while those being screened for elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) or hs-CRP (elevated C-reactive protein) are not required to do anything in advance for either screening.

Life Line Screening assists patients in uncovering a suitable screening event in their neighborhood and makes it easier for them to plan their appointment. They also bring all screenings to an end within 90 minutes or less.

What’s more, highly trained Board-Certified Physicians evaluate and assess all screenings.

Life Line Screening, which has devised its screening results to be shared and talked over with a patient’s physician, makes use of advanced ultrasound equipment to learn more about us:,-OH-jobs.html click here.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the privately held company has conducted more than eight million health screenings since its launch in 1993, according to wikipedia.

Reviews Lead To A Growing Market For Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Launched in 2013 as part of the TechStyle business empire, Fabletics has seen one of the fastest growing customer bases in the Online retail industry. Fabletics has proven such a success it has already surpassed one million paying members and is embarking on a period of growth including a determination to establish a series of physical locations across the U.S. where a member can try and purchase items as part of their monthly subscription. Technology is playing a major role in the development of Fabletics as a brand to be trusted, but the traditional word of mouth marketing approach is playing a role in creating a large amount of buzz about the brand closely linked to the actress Kate Hudson.


The way people shop in the 21st-century is placing new demands on a retail industry where the need to operate across both the Internet and in physical locations is causing many issues for leading brands. Fabletics launched as an Online only subscription based platform where detailed information about each member was used to develop a new way of exploring the choices available to every member; upon joining Fabletics an individual completes a lifestyle quiz revealing much about their lifestyle and exercise regimen which every person can undertake to make sure they understand just what Fabletics has to offer.


Across much of the life of Fabletics, the company has sought to ignore the traditional marketing options open to them in building a customer base and has instead relied on customer reviews and the public image of Kate Hudson to build a loyal fan base. One of the many options undertaken by Fabletics has been to highlight the positive reviews made about the brand as the majority of Online customers seek out the reviews of real customers when making a decision about a brand.


Alongside the growing trend for the use of customer reviews, the image of Kate Hudson as both a brand ambassador and partner in the company has added to the success of the company. Hudson was always the first choice of executives at TechStyle when the brand was being developed as her image of living a happy, healthy life was seen as the perfect accompaniment to the emerging Fabletics brand. The “Almost Famous” actress has used her own social media platforms as one of the top ways of marketing the brand as she is often pictured wearing designs by Fabletics in her everyday life. The pride Kate Hudson obviously feels about Fabletics can be seen in the fact she created her own advertisements using a Smartphone as the camera following the actress as she went about her everyday life wearing the athletic wear designed by Fabletics.