Bad Articles and Content Must Be Driven Down

The search engines can be enormously supportive of someone wishing to establish a brand identity. Businesses, celebrities, service providers, and even those dedicated to a charitable cause rely on branding. A brand establishes an identity in the eyes of the public.

What happens when the search engine results reflect tons of negative commentary? Basically, branding goes awry. Bad reviews are among the most commonly cited “bad articles” capable of harming a brand or otherwise causing problems. Other sources of trouble can appear in the search engines as well. Lengthy (or even not-so-lengthy) forum threads have the potential to provide a lot of “bad advertisement” for someone. Effectively branding oneself is going to be tough when a chorus of people on a forum have create a long, possibly unfair thread, that speaks poorly of its subject.

And then there are online videos. People love to publish controversial videos to support a click-bait strategy. Click-bait refers to drawing in views to drive up advertising revenue. Negative commentary on these videos seems to attract a lot of views. So, producers of the videos are more likely to post bad reviews. Negative, sadly, does sell.

All of these things end up being indexed in the search engines. Those who are harmed by the massive collection of such negativity in the search engines do have to take action. Contacting Bury Bad Articles might be a smart move. Bury Bad Articles is a new company on the online reputation management scene. The company focuses on creating new content that drives old (negative) content down the search engine rankings. All those stumbling blocks to positive branding are curtailed when such new content is indexed.

Taking proactive steps to fix things that affect marketing and branding is vital to keeping customers and attracting new ones. Addressing troubles with search engines results definitely should be among those steps.