Adam Goldenberg’s Business Career That Began In His Early Adolescence

Adam Goldenberg is now best known for his enterprise JustFab, which is a growing clothing company. However, he had other endeavors prior to this that began from the time he wasn’t even out of middle school yet. While these endeavors were not that widely known, they set him on a path that brought him to where he is today.

Adam Goldenberg started his career at the age of 13 as the owner of an online bulletin board. This bulletin board was quite successful, but he ultimately changed the site into a website that was set up for gamers. This website was called Gamer’s Alliance, and it became quite popular.

Not only did the website become popular amongst gaming fans, but a company called Intermix saw the success of his website. This prompted them to entertain the idea of hiring him as chief operating officer while Goldenberg was only seventeen years old. Goldenberg first was hired to the company when he was nineteen. This made him one of the youngest successful corporate professionals on Brandettes. While he was with the company, he worked to develop Alena Media in conjunction with man named Don Ressler.

Later on, another company bought Intermix, and they didn’t use Alena Media much. This caused Don Ressler and Goldenberg to come to the conclusion that Intermix wasn’t working for them anymore. The pair decided to become self employed, and they got a number of other former employees of Intermix together for a meeting. At the end of this meeting, they had the idea to start a company that later turned into JustFab.

JustFab has four branches that sell clothing over the internet. ShoeDazzle sells shoes. FabKids sells children’s clothing. These companies offer their products at affordable prices at FL2 is another subsidiary, and it sells clothing for men.

Fabletics is run by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in conjunction with Kate Hudson and sells clothing aimed at women. Fabletics offers a clothing of the month club at a price of only $49.95. Fabletics is continuing to grow. The company is gaining new subscribers at a rapid rate, and they are planning to open many new offline stores.