CEO Attends a Conference to Help Improve Community Banking

Dallas based financial institution, Netbank Capital, Inc.; attended the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company’s President and CEO, John Holt, was a panelist at this meeting.

Holt has been with Netbank Capital for many years. His experience as a banker and member of the financial community makes him a valuable asset in the world of financial management and services. The conference was used to discuss the issue of community banking. It was a part of a theme during the event.

Holt provided the panelist and the audience in attendance his point of view on the matter. He had the members of this conference to evaluate consumer perspectives and new processes in regards to community banking. He wanted them to understand the new innovate processes that would help citizens to rely on their local banks to meet their financial needs.

Keep in mind that Netbank is a financial institution that provides three basic types of services for their clients. They offer commercial banking services, mortgage banking opportunities and institutional services. This organization offers a wide variety of financial services which includes banking account, loans and they offer lines of credit to clients who qualify.

Holt and the panelist in attendance at the conference also discussed other matters such as branching. This group also had discussed new incentives to get more consumers out to the banks.

Holt has represented Nextbank during his time at the event. He expects to see an increase in banking customers over the next year due to the information that he recieved from the conference.

What You Should Know About The 27 Club

Celebrities are known for being beautiful, and Nicki Minaj, or Rita Ora sexy appeal makes that pretty clear.  But the celebrity musician life isn’t always so great.  The 27 Club is a ghoulish club many people don’t want to join. It’s not a club as much as it’s a classification. The 27 Club is a loosely grouped collection of musicians who died at the age of 27.
Nobody started the club, it evolved as the internet expanded and people noticed there appeared to be a lot of musicians who died at 27. This access to information drove people to research the club, and some speculated there was a link between the deaths.

The 27 Club Isn’t The Biggest

Independent researchers and the British Medical Journal conducted independent studies of the data. They discovered the 27 Club does exist, as there could be a 54 Club or a 40 club. The largest club would be the 74 Club. 95 musicians have died at the age of 74.
There is no direct correlation between the ages of musicians and death. But, the British Medical Journal did find that British musicians were two to three times more likely to die in their 20’s and 30’s than the general population. There isn’t one unifying reason for the correlation.

Members Of The 27 Club

There are famous members of the forever 27 club, including:

  • Jim Morrisson
  • Janice Joplin
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Brian Jones
  • Ron McKernan
  • Pete Ham
  • Freaky Tah

If you look through music history, you’d find there are many other musicians who died at the age of 27.

Igor Cornelsen Gives Tips on How to Invest in Brazil

One of the nations that has experienced rapid economic growth is Brazil. During the last several years, Brazil has become a much improve nation economically. As a result of this newfound economic prosperity on Crunchbase, a number of businesses and investors have looked to expand to this nation. In Brazil, there are a number of things that attract investors such as an abundance of infrastructure projects, agriculture and also lots of natural resources. Therefore, a number of investors will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the many benefits that Brazil has to offer to them.

For those who are looking to invest in Brazil, banker Igor Cornelsen has a few tips of advice. His first tip is to look into connecting with the native population. He has stated that anyone that is looking to capitalize on Brazil’s investment opportunities will benefit by networking and establishing relationships with many people. The culture of Brazil is very social and therefore it is important to get to know numerous people in order to increase your number of opportunities. Since a large portion of the population is involved in entrepreneurship on, there will be plenty of people to interact with and establish connections.

One of the things that Igor Cornelsen has stressed is the red tape that is quite prevalent in Brazil. As a result, investors will need to understand that it can take a while to complete investment deals in the nation. Cornelsen has said that the nation has some of the highest taxes and strictest regulations in the world. Therefore, investors will need to keep these factors in mind when looking to invest in the nation. However, with patience, a number of investors will have plenty of opportunities to capitalize on getting the most out of putting their money in a number of projects in Brazil.

According to Igor Cornelsen, investors who decide to invest in Brazil will need to be quite knowledgeable of the exchange rates and foreign currency policies. One of the most notable policies is that in order to complete any foreign currency transaction, investors will need to go to banks that are authorized to complete these types of financial transactions. It will also be important for investors to understand that foreign exchange rates vary based on the type of transaction at

Securus Technologies Bridges the Gap

Securus Technologies is a large provider of communications capabilities for over 3,400 correctional facilities, law enforcement organizations, inmates, and families all across North America. The sophisticated phone and messaging systems that are available allow people to communicate very easily and to keep the lines of communication open between inmates and families.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has led the field for the past 25 years with the philosophy that the best equipment and service is always the best route to travel. Using the latest technology and excellent customer service has brought one of the finest systems of communications to a broad base of people who appreciate its capabilities.


Securus offers a very flexible system of phone plans, making the process easy for users. A traditional phone plan allows for the use of Android and Apple smartphones, tablets and PCs, along with traditional landlines. Families count on this capability because their loved ones in prison need the outlet to stay in touch.


Another feature that is very popular is the video phone system. With just the installation of a webcam on both ends, families, and inmates can interact as though there were together in person. Sometimes it is not possible to make a physical visitation, so the video call line is just like being there.


There is also the email and chat capabilities which can be used at both ends. Sometimes schedules just don’t mesh. Simply jotting down a quick email, or having a quick chat fills the bill and then people can reconnect on the phone later. The same is true with jail voicemail. When time is at a premium, leaving a voicemail works just like it does anywhere and leaving a message lets the other party know what is going on.


Various billing plans are available from having the inmates pay their bill, use the collect system, or a billing can be sent to the inmate’s family. Various usage plans are available so phone time can have a cutoff at various levels.


Securus has delivered in a big way, as families and inmates have a great communications system that simply works on a grand scale. Excellent communications mean smoother day to day living at both ends of the spectrum.


Kim Dao and her boyfriend go out for shopping after attending a friend’s wedding the previous day

Kim loves to blog about her daily life. in the video, she shows her recent travel. Kim Dao returned to Australia from Japan to attend a friend’s wedding. She had lots of fun with her boyfriend, Eric at the wedding. Feeling tired after the wedding, the two woke up rather late and decided to go out for shopping in one of her favorite cities. Australian brunch tops the list of her favorite foods, and she admits that she really missed the Australian cuisine.


Kim Dao feels that Japan does not have as good western breakfast as Australia has and that it is one of the reasons she missed the food. Japan has its set of western foods. Some are amazing as she says. However, she admits that Australia is still unmatched when it comes to her favorite western dishes. She has a favorite café in the city and plans to visit it.


She ordered for a wallet and planned to pick it immediately after their food. Kim Dao has a habit of stuffing her wallet; the same reason her current one looks old and wasted. Getting a new wallet will be her greatest pleasure. She also plans to get a more durable and beautiful handbag. She travels a lot. After all these, they will go for shopping according to her boyfriend. This beautiful girl is happy to be back because she will spend time with her boyfriend again.


After shopping for what she wants from the city, Kim Dao and her boyfriend will have lunch then proceed to see one of Eric’s friends. They will catch up with several of her friends. She hopes to have a wedding and settle with her boyfriend in Australia. She is excited to be in Australia because she will get to spend a lot of time with Eric, something she really misses.

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