The Most Favored Naruto Characters


In the Naruto world there are so many favored ninja anime characters, but which are truly the most beloved?

We are going to start our list off with Kakashi Hatake. Aside from being the leader of the most valuable “Team 7”, the fact that Kakashi was there from the beginning, being a kid prodigy, Anbu black ops, to being there for Naruto’s inauguration. Not to mention he is the most skilled Jonin.

Our next Character is none other than the infamous Sasuke Uchiha. It may be typical but Sasuke’s fan base is so huge among the media. His origin story, skills, thought process, and life goals are so mysterious and pleasing to most people that it can’t go unnoticed. He is most famous for being the center of Naruto’s attention for getting him back from the influence of evil.

Last but not least we have Naruto Uzumaki. The most powerful shinobi with the help of his tailed beast and six paths. Naruto, other than being the star character of the anime, has such a story as to how he came about with the dream of him becoming Hokage. His relentless desire and attempts to become the strongest ninja has taken him so far, so far even as to have beaten Pain, Madara, and some of the most ferocious antagonists of the series.

As far as Naruto quotes go, he is most know for his catch phrase “Believe it!”. These are the two words that would imprint on many lives of the ninja world and in our every day lives. And to most, Naruto will always be the one who’m people can relate to .

“Home is where someone is always thinking about you.”

What’s Happened Since Bruce Levenson Sold The Hawks?

Bruce Levenson formerly owned the majority of the shares in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks after buying them in 2004 along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 2015 Levenson sold the team to Tony Ressler and company for a price higher than what most banks thought would be the selling line, Since selling the team, Levenson and the other former owners of the Hawks have become involved in a lawsuit against their former insurance provider, AIG. They had decided to terminate the contract of the team’s former general manager and he had tried to file a claim to cover losses involved in that. But as Time reports, AIG are not acknowledging the validity of the claim, and the dispute has been taken to court where Levenson and the owners want damage relief, including attorney fee costs.

Levenson built a large media company in the years before purchasing the Hawks. He grew up in Washington D.C. and attended Washington University where he got a degree in journalism. He contributed to the Washington Star newspaper for several years, and then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to build their own news publishing company. It began with an oil industry publication and then evolved into a massive technology news source, and today it’s a full service company that also founded TechTarget and GasBuddy. Levenson also is on the boards of BIA Digital Partners, a private equity investment firm.

Levenson has been involved with several non-profit groups including Hoop Dreams, an inner city basketball tournament whose proceeds benefit underprivileged students, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. The museum has been a special interest to Levenson because his mother-in-law is a survivor of the event, and not long ago the Atlanta Hawks entire team got to hear her story while visiting the museum. Levenson is also the founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Involvement With The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned human rights activist. He is also a respected film producer. Thor has made large contribution in the fields of civil liberties, individual rights, public policy, and public interest advocacy. Thor is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Moreover, he is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The organization is focuses on human rights and freedom globally. Thor Halvorssen is also the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement that is based in the Czech Republic. In addition, he serves as the patron of On Own Feet. Halvorssen is the founder of Moving Picture Institute.

His organization, The Human Rights Foundation, is a non-profit group, which seeks to advance and protect human rights internationally. Mainly, it focuses on closed societies. Over the years, the entity has been organizing the Oslo Freedom Forum. The organization was established in 2005. Its headquarters are based in New York City.

The mission of the Human Rights Foundation is to unite people in the common cause of advancing liberal democracy and defending human rights. It aims to ensure that freedom is preserved and promoted. According to the organization’s website, the company sticks to the definition of human rights as elaborated by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The foundation believes that all people are entitled to the right to worship and the right to speak freely. They also believe in having the right to associate freely, the right to purchase and sell property, and the right to equal treatment.

Halvorssen’s foundation is led and endorsed by a global council, including political prisoners such as Jacqueline Moudeina, Vladmir Bukovsky, Park Sang Hak, Mutabar Tadjibaeva, and Elie Wiesel. Mart Laar, the former Estonian prime minister and Ramon Jose Velasquez, the former president of Venezuela, have also endorsed the foundation. Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have run several advocacy campaigns in various countries, including Bolivia, Cuba, China, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, Panama, North Korea, Russia, Uganda, Swaziland, and Venezuela. Presently, Thor is working with Bryan Singer to produce The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’s adaptation. Robert Heinlein wrote the novel.



Madison Street Capital; Your Solution to Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading international investments banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois, and has been doing business for 12 years. It is a one-stop shop that offers an array of services including corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise, valuation service and so much more to both public and privately held business. Over the year, Madison Street Capital reputation has continued grow due to the firm’s commitment to integrity, excellence, leadership and service while engaging their clients.

In January this year, Madison Street Capital successfully arranged a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. The Corporation is a leading enterprise security risk management company that provides comprehensive end-to-end security software solutions. It was looking to creatively structure their investment so as to get significant equity value.

Madison Street Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the corporation. Through a transaction led by Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh, the option of minority recapitalization provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners was actualized.

The President of Ares was convinced beyond any doubt that Madison Street Capital had selected the most appropriate financing partners for the corporation’s capital restructuring. “We were very impressed with the entire process including the initial due diligence, valuation analysis and ultimately the capital raising process. They worked very hard and diligently to find us the right financing partner and we are very excited for the future with our new capital structure,” he said.

Madison Street Capital’s professionals have in the past displayed an exceptional ability to arrange the appropriate financing and capitalization structure to suit each of their clients’ specific situations. This can be credited to their experience in assisting various clients from a diverse range of industries.

For example, ARES Security Corporation safeguards complex systems operated by the government including nuclear, energy and transport industries. However, Madison Street Capital was able to identify a suitable financing partner .The team, led by MD Reginald McGaugh, and had a clear perception of the task at hand. “The Company has a superior management team and board who challenged us to identify the appropriate financing partner,” Reginald said during the announcing of the transaction by Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital.

Apart from the services it offers, Madison Street Capital is actively involved in making a difference both at the local and global arena. One of the philanthropic organizations that Madison Street Capital has worked with is United Way. United way is an organization that is well known for identifying problems. Based in Alexander, Virginia, the organization is most notably known for the establishment of the ten-year program in the year 2008. While United way has been actively involved in assisting disaster struck places, Madison Street Capital has been a major partner to United Way in its work of helping the victims of those areas.

Jason Hope Offers Insight Supporting The Development Of Internet Of Things

The growth of technology and the internet in general has seen many people advance their lives through automation processes and gadgets that are smart enough to work without necessarily having to be controlled by humans. Internet of things is among recent trends in technology that have shaped the way humans communicate and control the environment.

Jason Hope penned an article that addresses the development of internet of things and the future of the trend that could see the technological landscape develop further to offer highly intelligent applications. He believes internet of things will make the future of technology and offer better approaches to solving problems.

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Internet of things works through a connection between the internet and appliances. There are many gadgets that utilize internet of things and in homes recently, one can easily control aspects like lighting remotely on their mobile device. Others use refrigerators and home heating systems that can be controlled using a mobile device. Internet of things has also shifted to cars and the automobile industry and will be a great step to defining the future of technology.

Supporting creativity
Jason Hope, apart from ranking as a successful entrepreneur, has also been working with creative and dedicated entrepreneurs, who have ideas but need support to implement their plans. He understands that many people are held back by the lack of finances or support and guidance, and this is the reason he opened an incubation facility that helps entrepreneurs to explore their capabilities.

Philanthropic activities
Philanthropy is one of the most important qualities in the life of Jason Hope. In his entire life, he has been passionate about supporting others and working to ensure the needy are supported to lead better lives. He is a member to several foundations that support humanity and people who are financially disadvantaged and located in marginalized regions.

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