The Chainsmokers Music Grows With Their Experience

Popular group, The Chainsmokers, have realized success fairly fast after hitting the scene considering how hard it is to break into the music industry. After making it on the top ten charts, the band continued to rise in popularity and left behind any doubt about the group being a one hit wonder. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have not only continued their early success, but been able to create music that crossed genre lines while still remaining true to their sound and style. For this reason, The Chainsmokers have not only kept their fans, but gained more as their reputation has grown ahead of them.

Most recently The Chainsmokers released a new single that is darker than what they have been producing for the duration of their career. The single, Sick Boy, is according to the band the first of many more to come and the style in which they want to continue exploring. While they have control over the lyrics and style, the group says that their music is influenced by current culture. The darker our culture gets, the darker their music gets because the one reflects the other.

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The duo doesn’t want their music to end at reflecting what they are seeing in society, but to serve as a way to reach out to and cause listeners of their music to reevaluate their roles in society. Just like their fan base, The Chainsmokers think it is imperative of them to use the platforms that they have created, but not to fall victim to the trends and behaviors that those platforms sometimes create in us. They see these behaviors as the new reality into which most of society has fallen for and taken up, and this is mirrored in the reality they experienced through their music when they first started realizing success.

OSI Group Proves Why It’s In America’s Top 100 Companies

OSI Group is a food processing company based out of Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. OSI group began to grow to larger capacities when it started supplying McDonald’s franchise with meat patties. According to Forbes, OSI Group is currently among America’s 58 largest companies. With over 20,000 employees in several different countries, OSI provides many different food products to distributors, retailers and other types of food service companies. They currently bring around $6.1 billion in revenue, and in recent years they’ve expanded operations to continue producing and delivering high-quality food products to businesses across the globe.

OSI Group recently acquired a Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. Tyson was losing business at this location and they were preparing to shut down operations and let go of employees. OSI seized the opportunity and opened up shop, they also offered employment to many of the former Tyson employees. OSI also recently acquired Flagship Europe which supplies sauces and various condiments, frozen poultry, sous vide products, and pies to the UK foodservice markets. Chief Executive of Flagship Europe says that this a great opportunity for them, and becoming part of OSI Group will open up new areas of the marketplace and offer more opportunities to better serve their customer base. David McDonald, President of OSI says that the new acquisition will give OSI a broader presence in Europe.

Following their recent expansion into Spain, OSI Food Solutions has doubled chicken production capacity. By investing €17 million into building a high capacity production line, OSI has also created 20 job openings. The managing director of OSI Spain attributes the recent investments to a growing demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal. The new equipment also meets the company’s sustainability standards, standards that continue to rise as the demand for a sustainable approach to agriculture and food processing also continues to grow. The equipment reduces electricity usage by 20 percent, and the heat recovered from systems is repurposed to heat company water. This expansion project extends the company’s production capacity to over 45,000 tons of pork, chicken, and beef products.

In 2016 the Globe of Honour Award was presented to OSI Food Solutions UK from the British Safety Council for the exemplary management of environmental risks. Over and over again, OSI has demonstrated their ability to meet and exceed Environmental Protection standards.

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A Guide To Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is at the pinnacle of its game, and it is at the pinnacle of the modeling agency to some degree. This full-service agency caters to the modeling world as well as caters to the entertainment world. The talent here is top-notch, is ethical and is well-trained thanks to Justin Brown. This extraordinary guy is the founder of the company. Justin was once a former-model back in the day, and he earned a pretty good living doing so. At times, he would earn up to $100 per hour on some photo-shoots. Justin actually modeled designer jeans while in the midst of his career. This career has even helped to put him through college.

After studying business management in college, the Reno-native returned to his love, but this time he would work from behind the cameras. No longer was Justin interested in posing for the camera and in some ways, he’s felt that he has grown as a person in an overall sense. Justin was now working as a teacher in a sense. Showing the new crop of models on how to properly act and on how to be ethical was the name of the game. Yes, it has certainly paid-off bigtime. Since its inception in 2015, Brown Agency has been setting new trends, especially by coming from an untapped market. Though Wilhelmina Austin was huge in this area, the city of Austin hadn’t been put on the map until the rise of Brown Modeling Agency. Some of the brightest of names in the entertainment business has worked with this company, including HBO, Landshark Beer, TNT Network, Bing, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Dodge and L’Oréal. Every sector of business has been touched by these talented individuals in some form or fashion. Check out

This special agency has done a good job of leveraging its strengths and its capabilities. The agency is well balanced because 20 percent of the jobs has gone to the modeling sector of business, 10 percent has gone to union jobs and 15 percent has gone to non-union jobs such as television and film. Brown Modeling Agency is now able to rival many of the larger modeling agencies that are located in the bigger cities. Of course, all of this was a well-thought plan instead of just happing by chance. Justin Brown and Brown Modeling Agency is a winning combination, but who knows what’s in store for the future.

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Barbara Stokes, the Master of the Disaster Relief Construction

Barbara Stokes is the leading light in disaster relief construction in Alabama. As the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, she has overseen the construction of temporary accommodation for disaster victims. As the name suggests, the firm constructs eco-friendly shelters using steel, wood, and smart technology.


Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes leave a wave of destruction on their trail. Communities in affected areas usually need emergency aid and accommodation. Green Structures Homes of Alabama, LLC, focuses on providing affordable shelter to these victims. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University. She graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Biomedical Engineering. In addition, she undertook studies at Mercer University in technical communication, thermodynamics, materials structure and properties, and manufacturing and management. It is this knowledge that propelled her to success in her career.


She worked for Boeing and the Pisces Corporation where she gained vast experience in construction and manufacturing. With her knowledge and skills in the construction industry, she joined hands with her sister, Scott Stokes to set up their disaster relief construction firm in 2008. Scott is the chief operations officer. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Barbara Stokes has a wide experience in contracts awarded by the American government. The Federal Emergency Management Authority, FEMA, awarded her firm a contract to construct modest homes for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They project to complete the contract by March 2018. The value of the project is estimated to be about $30 million.


Commenting on the contract, Barbara said that they would work to deliver high-quality products that reflect the value of the contract. The homes they construct come fitted with safety features such as automatic systems for fire suppression. The firm serves the government as well as private entities.


Green Structure Homes of Alabama operates in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Their operations have generated jobs for the local communities. Their products have won a reputation because of their high quality.


Barbara Stokes is married and has three children. She is extensively involved in community projects in Huntsville, Alabama. She founded the Biomedical Engineering Club where she serves as the president. She has also authored a paper on earthquakes in Georgia.


Together with her team, Barbara Stokes offers more than thirty years’ experience in disaster relief construction. She has proved herself as a leader of unmatched ability.

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