Who is Whitney Wolfe?

The talented and beautiful Whitney Wolfe also known as Whitney Wolfe Herd because of her marriage in 2017 to husband Michael Herd, is best known to the world for her contributions to society’s dating world. Creator and CEO of the multi-million female dating platform app known as Bumble, where women have to make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe has transformed the female dating world from a pick it and match it up garden, to a fruitful oasis. The Bumble app is also now known for its BFF option which is also helping women that don’t want to date, to find friends. The Bumble app also has an up and coming Bumble Bizz option. The Bumble Bizz mode on the app allows for women that want to connect in a networking fashion as they converse with people they choose to.

As a graduate from Southern Methodist University, Mrs. Wolfe herd has gained widespread and multiple speaking engagement platforms such as the NOAH London Conference 2017, TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2016, and SXSW 2017. Whitney also endured some trials that ignited the spark for creating Bumble. Before Bumble, Whitney was the co-founder of the dating site Tinder.

While working at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe experienced harassment that later led to a settled suit against the company. Although it was somewhat of a dark time, Whitney Wolfe persisted anyway to turn a bad conflict into an opportunity. Now all around the world, women are engaging themselves more than ever because of the courage of women like her.
In conclusion Whitney is an inspiration. Not just to women only, but also for men, to see that beauty and strength flows from a person’s character. Truly Whitney will be an inspiration to people everywhere eventually, as her Bumble app makes its way to the rest of the world.

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How OSI Group Became An International Firm

OSI Group is a global food provider that was founded in 1909 by an immigrant from Germany. Otto Kolschowsky was the founder and he established a butcher shop in Chicago. He extended his business into wholesaling in 1919 and also brought in his two sons to work in his business, thus naming his company Otto & Sons. Until the 1950s this company continued under this business model.

In 1955, Ray Kroc was a franchise agent for a family located in California, Richard and Maurice McDonald, who owned a restaurant there and wanted to place franchises around the country. Ray Kroc was friends with Otto’s two sons and so when he opened the first McDonalds OSI, in Des Plaines, Illinois, he entered into an agreement with them to supply his restaurants ground beef patties. As McDonald’s grew into more and more restaurants in Illinois Otto & Sons grew right along with it.

Towards the close of the 1960s a revolution hit the food industry. Flash freezing was invented which involved quickly freezing meat using liquid nitrogen. One of the effects of this change was that McDonald’s was able to reduce their number of meat suppliers they were using from more than 100 to just four with Otto & Sons being one of them. A few years later Otto & Sons built its first plant in the Chicago area which was dedicated solely to processing meat for McDonald’s. This company still processed meat for the local market but increasingly they were growing due to McDonald’s growth.

In 1975, the named was changed to OSI Group, LLC and a businessman named Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a partner and chief executive officer. They started to expand internationally, first in Germany and then Spain. Today OSI Group has facilities in North America, Central America, South America, the United Kingdom, a number of European nations, and in Asian countries such as China and India. In 2016 Forbes said that they are the 58th biggest private company in America and generated $6.1 billion in revenues that year.

A particular focus of OSI Group since 2001 is China. That was the year that country entered the World Trade Organization. In response OSI Group opened a number of wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China through which they supply food to several chain restaurants. Beyond McDonald’s they also have clients such as Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s, Subway, and more.

Jason Hope Supports The SENS Foundation

Age-related disease has typically been approached by the medical community by treating the effects of various diseases. An entrepreneur from Arizona has chosen to support research that is aiming to change the way that the medical community looks at age-related disease. This man is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has decided to turn his life towards more philanthropic endeavors. In 2010 he donated half $1 million to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is an organization that is devoted towards creating a scientifically engineered negligible senescence. This is a fancy way to say that they will attempt to reverse the aging process in humans.

The SENS Foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey is an incredibly intelligent man who has also donated over $10 million to the organization. The SENS Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has developed several new products and procedures that will help to alleviate the effects of aging in humans. In addition to researching potential ways to treat and reverse the aging process, they are also helping to change the way that the world looks at aging. Instead of viewing aging as an untreatable condition that is unavoidable they hope to show individuals that it is possible to slow down and even reverse the entire aging process.

Jason Hope has publicly endorsed the strategy that the SENS Foundation uses in order to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He believes that the foundation will help to ring about serious advances in the management of these diseases. He believes that in the end, the organization could even completely rearrange the paradigm that the healthcare system uses altogether.

The SENS Foundation uses cutting-edge biotechnology in order to develop new methods of treating these diseases and even undoing the process of aging. The chief executive officer of the foundation has stated that the generous donations by Jason Hope as allowed the organization to act even faster in the development of treatments for these diseases. Aubrey de Grey stated that the $500,000 donation would be used in order to develop a way to prevent artery cell proteins and bonding. He believes that this could stop the process of atherosclerosis and help to lower individuals blood pressure. These issues are one of the leading causes of age-related disease and an incredibly common contributor to death in individuals. He believes that if they can prevent this bonding, it could stop the process from ever occurring.

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Nick Vertucci Showcases His Knowledge In His New Book On Successful Real Estate Investing

Launching his first book, Nick Vertucci has authored his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed”. While Nick discusses his personal accounts for learning what you have to know to be successful in the real estate world of investments, he shares what his own personal experiences had to be in order to be successful. Not only does he tell of his story, he also shares with readers how to use his personal guide to learn everything in the investment background of real estate.

Nick Vertucci has been lucky enough to be able to have a special forward included in the book which was penned by “Shark Tank” shark, Kevin Harrington. This is not the only person that he has who is well known helping out with his book, producer and actor, Dean Cain also offers support of the book. Nick’s book is a best seller on the Amazon Kindle store and has sold over a thousand copies of his book already.

For anyone who loves to read a story about someone who has lost it all and then regained everything they lost, they will love the story that Nick Vertucci has shared. For Nick, he put everything into the technology sector and then lost it all. Once he lost it all, he went on to earn it all back from making good decisions in the real estate background.

When Nick lost everything, he had no money that he could use to bring himself back up and therefore spent his time learning everything that he needed to know about real estate. Spending close to 10 years in the industry, Nick used everything he learned to become successful.

Nick Vertucci shared a passion for the real estate industry. He wanted to use that passion to be able to turn his life around. Since he learned everything and was able to share his knowledge with others, Nick opened up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It is his teachings that helps others to go out and spread across the nation, taking with them the things that he knows to become successful across the nation. Those tools are responsible for successful business plans in real estate across the country.

Nick was lucky enough to work with Lioncrest Publishing to publish his book, “Seven Figure Decisions”. In the 350 page book, everything that you need to know, step by step is in the book. Successful investing in the real estate background is discussed as well as his own personal life experiences are discussed. Learning financial freedom is just one of the things that can be found within the 350 pages.

Ricardo Tosto Makes Things Easy on His Clients

Even when Ricardo Tosto started working to help other people, he knew things would keep getting better. As an attorney, he spent a lot of time learning about how he could help and about how he could make a difference for everyone in the industry. It’s his goal of giving back that gives him the chance to succeed. It’s also his ability that allows him to continue showing people how they can have a better life just by making the right choices on their own. For years, Ricardo Tosto spent time showing people the right way to do things and the right options they could use later on. As an attorney, he constantly advocates for people to see positive opportunities. He also tries showing them they have a chance to have a better life because of how hard he works on giving back to the community.

Brazil likes what Ricardo Tosto does. In fact, the country enjoys his work so much they actually hired him as their attorney. They knew he was a great choice for the job because of the hard work he put in different clients. He also tried giving people the chances they needed to continue giving everyone a chance at a better life. Attorneys don’t always have to go above and beyond in the way Ricardo Tosto does. In fact, many attorneys don’t see the point of giving back to other customers because they don’t get anything in return. Ricardo Tosto knew this and knew things would keep getting better for his clients if he could help them out with these issues.

There were times when Ricardo Tosto struggled to get the help he needed. He also struggled with giving people everything they wanted. Even though he couldn’t always say yes to every client request, Ricardo Tosto did his best to make sure people knew he was helping them. He also wanted everyone to see things would keep getting better as long as they used him as an attorney. As Ricardo Tosto continued building up all the things he had, he spent time showing others the right way to do things.

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OSI Industries: Extensive Growth in Food Industry

OSI Industries is a leading supplier of food products in the world whose partnerships revolve around retail food brands and leading food service providers. The company is committed to producing food products that will satisfy the needs of the consumers. It has good infrastructure and adequate financial resources that enable them to provide food services in an extensive manner. OSI Industries has a passionate spirit of entrepreneurship and that is what makes it do more explorations and collaborations. They encourage employees with entrepreneurial minds that can turn around the company through a single idea or input. OSI core values have ensured that they remain focused on fulfilling their dreams and keep expanding. They arrange for cultivating partnership relationships, striving to improve, exploring creative solutions, teamwork, excellence, and integrity. All these values run through their veins and keep them in line with their calling and business.

Following the major achievements, the company was awarded an honorable award, the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. This was from the BSC for being a role model regarding great leadership in environmental risks and dangers. The award was received at Drapers’ Hall in London City in November 2016. OSI Industries was among the 18 organizations that were presented with the Globe of Honour Award for 2016. The award is presented to organizations and firms that are committed to showing excellence in managing the environment in general. The requirement to fit in the competition for this award is first ensuring that you achieve a maximum five stars rating in the British Safety Council audit scheme for environmental management in a period of one year. British Safety Council is an independent panel consisting of experts in environmental management in businesses in all capacities.

Moreover, OSI Industries continues to expand its presence internationally. With its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, OSI is still maintaining around 65 facilities in over 17 countries. The expansion continues with the increase in the number of facilities. For example, OSI Industries acquired the Baho Food in 2016 and since then it is under its control. Baho Food manufactures snacks and deli meats among other convenience foods. The acquisition of this firm by OSI will give the organization great visibility in Europe and the entire continent. Alongside Baho Food, OSI Industries completed the purchase of Flagship Europe in 2017. This is intended to add the capacity of production in line with the facility already existing in Toledo, Spain. This has contributed to the doubling of the production of poultry products.

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Investment Advisor, Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali obtained a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science at Penn State University. He got his Master of Science in geology degree at Florida Atlantic University. He then went to get his Ph.D so he went to the University of North Carolina for five years but was introduced to finance. The friend who introduced him to finance had a Ph.D in financing and urged for them to work together. He saw that Matt’s knowledge of science would add something new to his work. His goal was to get investment advice that people would take interest in. Matt Badiali seen his dad struggle with investing and realized he could help people with this new way. Visit streetwisereports.com to know more.

In May 2017, he founded Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter, with the company Banyan Hill Publishing. The newsletter provides readers with information about natural resources and energy investments. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt works as their natural resources expert. He came up with an investment idea called freedom checks. Read this article at Medium.com. The oil production is increasing in the United States and decreasing in the other countries. These companies in the U.S. are bound to make a large profit in the future by giving investors freedom checks. In 2008, Matt Badiali invested in a gold mining stock. He paid $0.06 per share. Two years later it increased by 4,400% and he sold it for $2.64 per share. Matt Badiali writes articles on the site, Medium.com and shared that as the price of gold goes up so does the gold mining stocks, which is a great investment right now. On this site Matt informs people about what is the best industries to invest in at that time and the outcomes you could possibly have. On facebook, he post helpful articles about natural resources, gas, his freedom checks and investing.

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Boraie Development Introduces New Project

Boraie Development is a real estate company that is taking the American market by a storm. The institution was founded several decades ago, and it has been earning the trust of clients due to the quality of its services. The institution was started by Omar Boraie, a popular investor who felt that his country needed modern constructions. Despite the challenges that are in the real estate market at the moment, Boraie Development has been performing so well. The leaders of this institution have been playing an important role in the success enjoyed by the company. You can visit rutgers.edu


If you are one of the people living in Newark, Boraie Development has a surprise for you. The organization recently announced the completion of a housing project that has never been seen in the city for the last five decades. The high rise project will have twenty one stories and it is expected to have more than eight thousand rental units. Boraie Development top management says that the new building is located in the heart of Newark, and it will attract the attention of people from all over the country. The real estate company held a topping off ceremony not long ago, and all the people who were in attendance called the project Shaq Towers.  For more details you can visit bloomberg.com

Shaq Towers is one of the best in Newark city, and it has been constructed by Boraie Development with the help of Shaquille O’Neal, a popular NBA superstar. During the topping off ceremony, many dignitaries from the country graced the occasion. Some of these include Phil Murphy, Omar Boraie, Wasseem, Ras Baraka and O’Neal. While speaking in the event, Wasseem Boraie said that the new project was a great start for the city, and it was going to set the perfect example for the other companies in the public and private departments. According to Wesseem, these groups should work as a team so that they can bring the progress needed in the American urban centers.

According to Wesseem, Shaq Towers could not have been successful without the assistance they got from Newark. The partnership formed in this is set the tone that has brought the success everyone is enjoying at the moment. The professionals working at the Boraie Development Company played a very important role in the project too. With the funds they were being offered by the private institutions, these professionals sourced for the right materials and used the latest designs that have impressed the people in Newark.



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Equities First Holdings Is Constantly Working

Equities First Holdings is an amazing financial institution. So far, the company has been in business for almost two decades now. Equities First Holdings is a company that issues loans to their clients who demonstrate the ability to successfully repay the loan. One of the reasons why Equities First Holdings became on of the best in their league is because they provide non-purpose loans to their customers. This means companies or individuals can ask for loans just because.

Equities First Holdings is not stick on their customers when it comes to why they need the loan. This is how they’ve been able to attract more customers throughout the years. Since Equities First Holdings is constantly working on reducing bureaucracy, they have also been able to maintain some of the lowest interest rates. Clients of Equities First Holdings enjoy these perks because it helps them save tons of money.

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