Samuel Strauch: A Guru In Real Estate Industry

Samuel Strauch earned his undergraduate degree from at Hofstra University in business. He also took education from the Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Samuel started his career in banking but ultimately joined his family business of Real Estate in South Florida. Strauch has started his company in 2002 and continue to grow until this day, integrating a platform successfully about complementary enterprises in acquisitions, development, equity sourcing, brokerage and management of real estate in Latin America and South Florida.

Strauch is also an active investor in many restaurant businesses and also is an avid photographer, enjoys meditation and a cyclist. When he went to Miami, he noticed a huge wave of real estate developments and also city transformation into a full-fledged city on a beach. He knew that he could put together international investors and clients together to begin his business.

Being creative and forward thinking is part of human’s DNA, and it sets us apart as leaders in any industry. We make a point to analyze the feasibility of each and every idea that we have, ensuring to keep an open mind always. If an idea has potential, people immediately begin putting resources and time into it. That’s critical because the implementation is where people should outshine but instead a lot of people fall behind for that. You can also have an idea, but if you do not work on it, the result would be nothing.

One of Samuel’s biggest attributes is his curious mind which let him take a broader perspective both in personal and business life. He believes that every person must take an active approach to contribute in whatever form or shape (whether small or big) to impact human growth positively. As he says: “Even the smallest action has a potential to turn into biggest sources of good change.”