The Resilient Andy Wirth

The concept of resilience revolves around the ability to survive and thrive under the constant shocks and stresses that accompany daily life. In this regard, the human spirit can be ranked as one of the most resilient forces of nature.

Andy Wirth is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He possesses the energy and will to overcome life’s tests and challenges. Take his recent skydiving accident, for example; Andy nearly lost his life in the nasty accident.

Coincidentally, doctors had to amputate his arm after multiple surgeries to save the heavily fractured arm. Andy has been absent from office duty for months due to the injury which means the business has not been regular given his integral role at the Squaw Valley Holdings. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The experience has only reinforced Andy’s will to live and purpose in life. He’s currently undergoing an intense rehabilitation period to regain his fitness. Andy has also been undergoing tests for the possible acquisition of a bionic arm to help him function efficiently. Friends and well-wishers such as the Navy SEALS Foundation have also come to his rescue in his rehabilitation program.

It would have been almost impossible for Andy Wirth to get back up without such a robust and resilient spirit. The Squaw Valley Holdings can now look forward to better days with its Chief Executive Officer back at his desk. Andy Wirth has been a revelation not only for his firm but also the entire hospitality and recreation industry that makes up the economy of the Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe Basin.

Today, Andy Wirth can look forward to participating in upcoming Ironman events. Many consider it a miracle he has regained his fitness. They also marvel at his ability to bounce back and take part in such demanding sports.

On his comeback, Andy broke the news of advanced plans for the construction of a gondola connecting the Squaw and Alpine Ski resorts that fall under his company. The project comes as the most sustainable solution to the infrastructural development challenges emanating from the rough terrain within the valley.

Andy Wirth’s resilient spirit makes him a major stakeholder in the business and social community around the valley. Recently, he has featured in several media outlets this year to address the ongoing drought in California. Read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation and Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

At KCRW for instance, Andy Wirth spoke to Madeleine Brand on Press Play where he gave a first-hand account of the extreme drought on Ski Resorts. Andy revealed that Ski resorts in the area had taken a hit but remained profitable.

During the interview, Andy pleaded with his fellow investors to look for alternatives and observe meteorological reports so as to have enough knowledge to manage the Squaw Valley resources. Learn more about Andy Wirth: .