The Most Favored Naruto Characters


In the Naruto world there are so many favored ninja anime characters, but which are truly the most beloved?

We are going to start our list off with Kakashi Hatake. Aside from being the leader of the most valuable “Team 7”, the fact that Kakashi was there from the beginning, being a kid prodigy, Anbu black ops, to being there for Naruto’s inauguration. Not to mention he is the most skilled Jonin.

Our next Character is none other than the infamous Sasuke Uchiha. It may be typical but Sasuke’s fan base is so huge among the media. His origin story, skills, thought process, and life goals are so mysterious and pleasing to most people that it can’t go unnoticed. He is most famous for being the center of Naruto’s attention for getting him back from the influence of evil.

Last but not least we have Naruto Uzumaki. The most powerful shinobi with the help of his tailed beast and six paths. Naruto, other than being the star character of the anime, has such a story as to how he came about with the dream of him becoming Hokage. His relentless desire and attempts to become the strongest ninja has taken him so far, so far even as to have beaten Pain, Madara, and some of the most ferocious antagonists of the series.

As far as Naruto quotes go, he is most know for his catch phrase “Believe it!”. These are the two words that would imprint on many lives of the ninja world and in our every day lives. And to most, Naruto will always be the one who’m people can relate to .

“Home is where someone is always thinking about you.”