Sheldon Lavin utilizes the platform at OSI Industries to propagate the message of nature conservation

The 86-year-old Sheldon Lavin is a shrewd businessman who started his career as a financial consultant. He successfully ran financial consultancy firm for more than fifteen years before partnering with the sons of Otto Kolchowsky in OSI Industries in the 70s. Upon taking over as the new owner of the company, Sheldon Lavin has successfully transformed into a multibillion-dollar food processing enterprise.

The acquisition of the premier meat processing and distribution company did not only bring a fortune to Sheldon Lavin, but it also gave him a platform to advance his agenda on environmental conservation. Besides implementing a series of groundbreaking business strategies, the self-made executive has also managed to propagate several eco-friendly ideologies.

Sheldon Lavin transformed the family-owned meat processing company into a multi-million dollar enterprise by taking the company to the international arena. China, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and Austria are some of the countries where OSI Group has managed to stamp its authority as the leader in the processing and distribution of high-quality meat products.

After successfully taking over the meat product market, OSI Group then ventured into the fresh produce realm in 2002. Here, the company focused on supplying high-quality organic produce to their customers to meet the rising demand for healthy and nutritious foods. Soon after, Sheldon Lavin led the company beyond the American border where he has managed to expand his empire through a series of acquisitions.

Under his counsel, OSI Group has managed to make several prudent investments and savvy purchases. Some of the companies that are now under his management include Baho Foods, Select Ready Foods, Hynek Schlachthof, Tyson Food Plant and Creative Foods. Each of these companies has played a key role in bolstering the company’s success outside the U.S borders.

Sheldon’s efforts towards sustainability and environmental conservation
Sheldon has always had the desire to pursue and implement environmentally friendly and economically responsible practices in all the company’s operations. He is an environmental activist where he has served in the board for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Besides being an entrepreneur to the core, Sheldon is also a renowned philanthropist who donates his money, time and resources to various organizations.

Sheldon is also overseeing the modernization of their processing facilities to include modern processing techniques that focus on energy conservation and waste recycling. The recent expansion of their Spain-based poultry processing facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and power efficient machines that utilize energy from renewable sources.

Matt Badiali Offers Advice on How To Invest In Canadian Cannabis

In an advice letter to investors posted in his Banyan Hill Publications, Matt Badiali advocated for research ahead of choice in the Canadian cannabis market. The market is set to explode in the wake of Canada’s full legalization of marijuana. Many experts, Badiali included, are already using the term “skyrocket” to describe it. Canada will be the first G7 nation to go full legal on marijuana. So far stateside only thirty states have legalized marijuana, and only eight of those have ventured past medical to recreational. Despite the restrictions the legal market still netted $6 billion dollars last year. Countrywide legalization could be much higher than that, and has set the cannabis market in a frenzy.

According to Badiali, to find success in the cannabis market one simply needs to keep their eye on developments. As stateside investors cannot participate Matt Badiali has some advice for them as well. Invest in an ETF company. There are many stateside that invest in Canadian cannabis. Such businesses will reap large rewards in the market boom, anyone who has bought into an EDF will reap a percentage of those rewards as well. It is a safe, round-about way to take part in cannabis profits, without actually investing in a Canadian company.

Matt Badiali is a investment maestro who offers sound projections and advice to average investors. Like many gurus people listen to him because his advice yields results. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and treks the globe checking up on natural resource companies. Matt Badiali is a geologist, and spent some time working for natural resource companies. He uses his expertise to vet resource businesses, traveling to their operations and taking a look. The information he provides is highly accurate and actionable, and is gleaned from personal experience.

Matt Badiali is a trusted investment source because of his hard work and hands on approach. He is also a charitable expert in that he goes out of his way to alert individuals of the opportunities before them. He is passionate about helping average individuals earn a little financial freedom.

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Alliances Between Leftists And Radicals Worry Adam Milstein

Radical Muslims impose harsh laws that trample on human rights, and hate gender equality and often lead to execution mostly through stoning or fatal amputations. Usually, this kind of ideology would sharply contrast with Far Leftists, but lately the allegiances between lefts and radical Muslims brought together by a common enemy, the influence of the West on the world, has got one Adam Milstein with a chill. He opinions that though different traditions and circumstances created these groups, the increased crossover ideas, tactics and beliefs have helped fan a rising wave of hate, violence and anti-Semitic racism.

It is not easy to describe Adam Milstein, he is not a natural man to describe for he has a passion for the American based Israeli community as well as the Israeli nation and the future of the whole Jewish community. Milstein is the sitting chairperson of the Israeli/American Council, an organization that he co-founded; he has posts in the boards of numerous Israeli organizations such as, the Milstein Family Foundation, co-founded together with his wife, Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA), which he also co-founded, Stand with Us among others.

This is a campaign to change the belief that true Israeliness is tied to being geographically located in Israel; this statement has been unpopular among those who have lived in Israel all their lives but Adam Milstein firmly that Israeli-Americans and Israelis share an identity that goes beyond physical location. The combination of culture, language, Jewish heritage, Zionism and the Israeli beliefs. All of the children of Israel are responsible for one another.’ This principle is always at the core of philanthropy work, and it drives to keep fighting for the sake of Israel and the Jewish community across the world.

According to Adam Milstein, attending synagogue should not be the foundation of the Jewish identity. He believes that by discovering more about their homeland, young Jews can find a piece of their character and this helps them find new ways to see themselves and express their identity through Israeli eyes. All through the war of Yom Kippur, Adam Milstein in the IDF, would become the future Prime Minister of Israel.

IDLife Takes a Scientific Approach to Helping People Attain a State of Good Health

IDLife was created as an alternative means of choosing nutritional supplements. Founded by sports celebrity and business leader, Logan Stout, this company was the result of Mr. Stout’s meeting with a nutritional expert who had developed a better way of assessing the nutritional needs of each individual. Rather than produce more supplements as a one product fits all line, IDLife was built on the concept of customized nutrition. This innovative idea allows IDLife to better service the nutritional and fitness needs of a greater variety of people.

The process of customized nutrition utilizes a comprehensive product advisement plan based on a nutritional analysis formed from the information submitted by an individual. Anyone interested in obtaining their nutritional analysis could simply fill out a short questionnaire on the company’s website, which includes providing information in categories such as their physical state of health, medical condition, current dietary habits and lifestyle. IDLife’s assessment questionnaire is HIPAA compliant, so people can rest assured their information will be kept confidential. This scientific process allows an individual to receive only the supplements needed to target their unique needs.

Not only does IDLife use a scientific process to formulate individual nutritional supplement packages for their customers, but it also uses products made from organic extracts. Since their supplements are gluten free and made without GMOs they are also safe for people who might have reactions to these substances. The variety of supplements carried by this company includes their meal replacement shake, which contains beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. Combined with fiber and other essential ingredients, this product helps increase the fat burning process of the metabolism so people have the ability to achieve a leaner body.

IDLife not only provides an array of nutritional supplements in areas that include weight management, immune health and mental clarity, it also utilizes the latest advances in technology to help people maintain their state of good health. In 2017, Logan Stout announced that IDLife would be partnering with Garmin in order to provide people with mobile solutions. People who use the Garmin Vivo fitness tracker now have access to IDLife’s IDWellness app.

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Nick Vertucci Showcases His Knowledge In His New Book On Successful Real Estate Investing

Launching his first book, Nick Vertucci has authored his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed”. While Nick discusses his personal accounts for learning what you have to know to be successful in the real estate world of investments, he shares what his own personal experiences had to be in order to be successful. Not only does he tell of his story, he also shares with readers how to use his personal guide to learn everything in the investment background of real estate.

Nick Vertucci has been lucky enough to be able to have a special forward included in the book which was penned by “Shark Tank” shark, Kevin Harrington. This is not the only person that he has who is well known helping out with his book, producer and actor, Dean Cain also offers support of the book. Nick’s book is a best seller on the Amazon Kindle store and has sold over a thousand copies of his book already.

For anyone who loves to read a story about someone who has lost it all and then regained everything they lost, they will love the story that Nick Vertucci has shared. For Nick, he put everything into the technology sector and then lost it all. Once he lost it all, he went on to earn it all back from making good decisions in the real estate background.

When Nick lost everything, he had no money that he could use to bring himself back up and therefore spent his time learning everything that he needed to know about real estate. Spending close to 10 years in the industry, Nick used everything he learned to become successful.

Nick Vertucci shared a passion for the real estate industry. He wanted to use that passion to be able to turn his life around. Since he learned everything and was able to share his knowledge with others, Nick opened up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It is his teachings that helps others to go out and spread across the nation, taking with them the things that he knows to become successful across the nation. Those tools are responsible for successful business plans in real estate across the country.

Nick was lucky enough to work with Lioncrest Publishing to publish his book, “Seven Figure Decisions”. In the 350 page book, everything that you need to know, step by step is in the book. Successful investing in the real estate background is discussed as well as his own personal life experiences are discussed. Learning financial freedom is just one of the things that can be found within the 350 pages.