Boraie Development Introduces New Project

Boraie Development is a real estate company that is taking the American market by a storm. The institution was founded several decades ago, and it has been earning the trust of clients due to the quality of its services. The institution was started by Omar Boraie, a popular investor who felt that his country needed modern constructions. Despite the challenges that are in the real estate market at the moment, Boraie Development has been performing so well. The leaders of this institution have been playing an important role in the success enjoyed by the company. You can visit


If you are one of the people living in Newark, Boraie Development has a surprise for you. The organization recently announced the completion of a housing project that has never been seen in the city for the last five decades. The high rise project will have twenty one stories and it is expected to have more than eight thousand rental units. Boraie Development top management says that the new building is located in the heart of Newark, and it will attract the attention of people from all over the country. The real estate company held a topping off ceremony not long ago, and all the people who were in attendance called the project Shaq Towers.  For more details you can visit

Shaq Towers is one of the best in Newark city, and it has been constructed by Boraie Development with the help of Shaquille O’Neal, a popular NBA superstar. During the topping off ceremony, many dignitaries from the country graced the occasion. Some of these include Phil Murphy, Omar Boraie, Wasseem, Ras Baraka and O’Neal. While speaking in the event, Wasseem Boraie said that the new project was a great start for the city, and it was going to set the perfect example for the other companies in the public and private departments. According to Wesseem, these groups should work as a team so that they can bring the progress needed in the American urban centers.

According to Wesseem, Shaq Towers could not have been successful without the assistance they got from Newark. The partnership formed in this is set the tone that has brought the success everyone is enjoying at the moment. The professionals working at the Boraie Development Company played a very important role in the project too. With the funds they were being offered by the private institutions, these professionals sourced for the right materials and used the latest designs that have impressed the people in Newark.



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Doe Deere Turns Fantasy Into Reality With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics founder and CEO Doe Deere has an inspiring personal and business story that has motivated many people to earnestly try to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. The Russia born entrepreneur moved to New York City when she was a teenager and tried her hand at modelling, fashion design and music before founding the Lime Crime cosmetics line in 2008. Although her family briefly lived in a homeless shelter and her entertainment and fashion careers did have the level of success she wanted, Doe Deere kept working and dreaming until she had her breakthrough making and marketing makeup.


Doe Deere has turned the limes life gave her into Lime Crime cosmetics, one of the hottest new makeup lines in the world. One of the things that makes Lime Crime products so unique is they come in extremely bright colors. Plus, they are made with vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. Doe Deere defied the experts, marketed her makeup online and became a huge success. The cosmetics industry trendsetter, who now lives in California, offers a boldly bright line of glittery lip gloss, rainbow-colored liquid liners, eye-shadow palettes in a wide variety of hues and nail polish and lipsticks in an attention-grabbing array of colors.


Doe Deere became the ‘Unicorn Queen‘ by overcoming adversity and being boldly independent enough to pursue goals many didn’t think she could attain. But behind her seemingly instant success is years of hard work and determination in perfecting her craft. She was daring enough to pursue her own ‘American Dream’ and dedicated enough to make it a reality. She has combined her love for fairytales and makeup and transformed them into a multimillion dollar enterprise with loyal, passionate customers of all ages in countries around the world.


The success of Doe Deere was born from her being unwilling to give up in the face of obstacles. When she couldn’t find the brightly colored makeup she wanted, she made her own and turned it into a global phenomenon. When she couldn’t afford traditional marketing methods, she skillfully used the internet to present her products to an international audience. Not born into great wealth, she used hard work and innovation to get the things she needed. As a female entrepreneur in the male-dominated business world, she has fought hard to break down barriers and shatter the glass ceiling.


Lime Crime’s first customers were the people in Doe Deere’s online makeup tutorials. They encouraged her to share her criminally bright makeup with the world. And she did. Inspired by books like Lindy Woodhead’s “War Paint: Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden: Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry” and stories about the rise of Karl Lagerfeld, Doe Deere set about building a business focused on using makeup to help people have fun, be happy and create the best version of themselves. The ‘Unicorn Queen’ Doe Deere has done just that with Lime Crime. Her fantasy has now become a reality that inspires others to dream. Learn more: