CEO Attends a Conference to Help Improve Community Banking

Dallas based financial institution, Netbank Capital, Inc.; attended the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company’s President and CEO, John Holt, was a panelist at this meeting.

Holt has been with Netbank Capital for many years. His experience as a banker and member of the financial community makes him a valuable asset in the world of financial management and services. The conference was used to discuss the issue of community banking. It was a part of a theme during the event.

Holt provided the panelist and the audience in attendance his point of view on the matter. He had the members of this conference to evaluate consumer perspectives and new processes in regards to community banking. He wanted them to understand the new innovate processes that would help citizens to rely on their local banks to meet their financial needs.

Keep in mind that Netbank is a financial institution that provides three basic types of services for their clients. They offer commercial banking services, mortgage banking opportunities and institutional services. This organization offers a wide variety of financial services which includes banking account, loans and they offer lines of credit to clients who qualify.

Holt and the panelist in attendance at the conference also discussed other matters such as branching. This group also had discussed new incentives to get more consumers out to the banks.

Holt has represented Nextbank during his time at the event. He expects to see an increase in banking customers over the next year due to the information that he recieved from the conference.