Dr. Kamil Idris: Foremost Expert On Intellectual Property As It Grows & Changes

Dr. Kamil Idris, the former General Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and a well-studied expert on intellectual property, development, and international law. Dr. Idris has authored several books and has an honorary law degree from an astounding 19 universities worldwide. His initial education was garnered through the University of Khartoum where he earned LLB Honors from the Faculty of Law while his PhD in international law was attained at Geneva University in Switzerland.


One of the foremost experts on the rapidly evolving topic of intellectual property, Dr. Kamil Idris views the WIPO Copyright Treaty, as well as their Phonograms and Performances Treaties as tremendous advances toward carrying intellectual property framework into the digital age. Technological advancements are increasing at a rate never seen before due to the expansion of the globalized drive for the improvement of products and technology.


These swiftly developing advancements in intellectual property are not without their share of challenges. For example, potential downsides include counterfeiting, piracy, and steep increases in accumulations of patent application processing on a global scale. The emergence of intangible assets in unification with the growing the interdependence of countries ensuing from the internationalization of business. The issue with the escalation in piracy produces a situation where creative works are able to be scattered with or without the sanction of the proper holder projected across the globe with the simple click of a mouse. Other challenges presented include the increased need for the re-focusing of resources on IP training with the distinct improvement of IP capacity and human resources.


The increasing recognition of the exceptional importance of IP as an instrument of tactically significant economic policy has also made the world keenly aware of IP’s mounting commercial importance. In turn, this creates greater need for instructional information provided from the perspective of IP business. Additionally, there is a pressing requirement for the allocation of resources to developing IP human resource capacity, specifically that of economies in flux and developing countries to a market economy.


Dr. Kamil Idris had some things to say on April 26th, now becoming known as World Intellectual Property Day with more countries joining the annual celebrations annually. It is a day devoted to the celebrations of the inspiring power of human creativity, plus the intellectual property rights that guide in the fueling or channeling of it, the combination of which makes it an exceptionally critical driving force for cultural, economic, and social development.