Brown Modelling Agency is Ready to Take Talent to New Heights

A nationally recognized agency, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent – South’s love child, Brown Modeling Agency, has grown to become a powerhouse for providing talent more local and national opportunities than ever before.




In 2010 Wilhelmina Austin celebrated the launch of their model and talent agency in the most fashionable manner. Austins favorite designer, Linda Asaf is commissioned to showcase her spring collection but also to highlight the fresh faces and upcoming designers Wilhelmina Austin will be welcoming into the world. Making this was the first step in placing the Brown agency on the map.


The man behind it all, Justin Brown, was talent once himself being that he welcomed modeling as a way of supporting himself throughout college. After learning the ins and out of the modeling business, he joined the works of the development and placement of talent within his agency and has continued to develop in the realm ever since. Check out to know more.



Soon after Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South choose to be friends over foes in the industry. They collect their experience, reach and double their capabilities by transforming into the Brown Modeling Agency. Brown has a niche in modeling while Michael B. Bonnée from Heyman Talent- South focuses on the professional division of the agency.



Today, the Brown Agency talent is seen working in brands and campaigns for Louis Vuitton, DELL and L’OREAL to name a few. Their staff manages over 450 individual talent from Austin, Texas and have single-handedly crushed the competition making them the only full-service agency in Austin.


Recognized nationally, Brown Modeling Agency still has a firm belief that it is only as good as its talent. Their services cater to a wide range of talent including fashion, commercial, theatrical, and creative which expands to make-up artists and photographers. With Brown Modeling Agency the opportunity for local and national success as talent is unquestionable.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

The talented and beautiful Whitney Wolfe also known as Whitney Wolfe Herd because of her marriage in 2017 to husband Michael Herd, is best known to the world for her contributions to society’s dating world. Creator and CEO of the multi-million female dating platform app known as Bumble, where women have to make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe has transformed the female dating world from a pick it and match it up garden, to a fruitful oasis. The Bumble app is also now known for its BFF option which is also helping women that don’t want to date, to find friends. The Bumble app also has an up and coming Bumble Bizz option. The Bumble Bizz mode on the app allows for women that want to connect in a networking fashion as they converse with people they choose to.

As a graduate from Southern Methodist University, Mrs. Wolfe herd has gained widespread and multiple speaking engagement platforms such as the NOAH London Conference 2017, TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2016, and SXSW 2017. Whitney also endured some trials that ignited the spark for creating Bumble. Before Bumble, Whitney was the co-founder of the dating site Tinder.

While working at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe experienced harassment that later led to a settled suit against the company. Although it was somewhat of a dark time, Whitney Wolfe persisted anyway to turn a bad conflict into an opportunity. Now all around the world, women are engaging themselves more than ever because of the courage of women like her.
In conclusion Whitney is an inspiration. Not just to women only, but also for men, to see that beauty and strength flows from a person’s character. Truly Whitney will be an inspiration to people everywhere eventually, as her Bumble app makes its way to the rest of the world.

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A Guide To Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is at the pinnacle of its game, and it is at the pinnacle of the modeling agency to some degree. This full-service agency caters to the modeling world as well as caters to the entertainment world. The talent here is top-notch, is ethical and is well-trained thanks to Justin Brown. This extraordinary guy is the founder of the company. Justin was once a former-model back in the day, and he earned a pretty good living doing so. At times, he would earn up to $100 per hour on some photo-shoots. Justin actually modeled designer jeans while in the midst of his career. This career has even helped to put him through college.

After studying business management in college, the Reno-native returned to his love, but this time he would work from behind the cameras. No longer was Justin interested in posing for the camera and in some ways, he’s felt that he has grown as a person in an overall sense. Justin was now working as a teacher in a sense. Showing the new crop of models on how to properly act and on how to be ethical was the name of the game. Yes, it has certainly paid-off bigtime. Since its inception in 2015, Brown Agency has been setting new trends, especially by coming from an untapped market. Though Wilhelmina Austin was huge in this area, the city of Austin hadn’t been put on the map until the rise of Brown Modeling Agency. Some of the brightest of names in the entertainment business has worked with this company, including HBO, Landshark Beer, TNT Network, Bing, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Dodge and L’Oréal. Every sector of business has been touched by these talented individuals in some form or fashion. Check out

This special agency has done a good job of leveraging its strengths and its capabilities. The agency is well balanced because 20 percent of the jobs has gone to the modeling sector of business, 10 percent has gone to union jobs and 15 percent has gone to non-union jobs such as television and film. Brown Modeling Agency is now able to rival many of the larger modeling agencies that are located in the bigger cities. Of course, all of this was a well-thought plan instead of just happing by chance. Justin Brown and Brown Modeling Agency is a winning combination, but who knows what’s in store for the future.

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How Fabletics is Changing the Fashion Industry

Fabletics has always tried to make sure they are doing things right. The company knows there is a lot to the things they are doing and they also know there are new ways they can make things better for all of their customers. They have tried their best to give people what they are looking for and that’s part of how the industry has changed since they started making clothes and selling them to their customers. There are other businesses that are also taking notice and that’s what has allowed them the chance to truly focus on how they can help their customers.


Bringing attention to the issues in the industry was not something the company wanted to do originally. Instead, they just wanted people to realize there were different options they could use that would make things better for them. They knew there would be a way for them to change and they also knew they could make the most out of the options they had so they did what they could to show people how things would get better. No matter what Fabletics was doing, they were always looking at the ways people could be comfortable with their own lives.


As long as Fabletics continues to make sure they are doing things right, they are confident in the clothes they have to offer. Fabletics knows there will continue to be some changes that can happen in the industry and there are other changes that will make things better for everyone who is trying to purchase them. For different reasons, Fabletics knows what they can do and knows there will be other things they can make the most out of. Fabletics tries to always give people what they need to feel good about themselves.


For years, Fabletics has continued to change and people now know exactly what they are getting from the situations they are in. They also know there will be times when they have to work even harder to make sure their customers are getting what they want. Fabletics does their best to always provide people with options they think they need. Doing this gives them the motivation and the inspiration they need to keep working hard and helping each other out. Fabletics knows this and regularly offers new options for people so they don’t have to worry about the issues they are going to face with the old clothes.

Reviews Lead To A Growing Market For Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Launched in 2013 as part of the TechStyle business empire, Fabletics has seen one of the fastest growing customer bases in the Online retail industry. Fabletics has proven such a success it has already surpassed one million paying members and is embarking on a period of growth including a determination to establish a series of physical locations across the U.S. where a member can try and purchase items as part of their monthly subscription. Technology is playing a major role in the development of Fabletics as a brand to be trusted, but the traditional word of mouth marketing approach is playing a role in creating a large amount of buzz about the brand closely linked to the actress Kate Hudson.


The way people shop in the 21st-century is placing new demands on a retail industry where the need to operate across both the Internet and in physical locations is causing many issues for leading brands. Fabletics launched as an Online only subscription based platform where detailed information about each member was used to develop a new way of exploring the choices available to every member; upon joining Fabletics an individual completes a lifestyle quiz revealing much about their lifestyle and exercise regimen which every person can undertake to make sure they understand just what Fabletics has to offer.


Across much of the life of Fabletics, the company has sought to ignore the traditional marketing options open to them in building a customer base and has instead relied on customer reviews and the public image of Kate Hudson to build a loyal fan base. One of the many options undertaken by Fabletics has been to highlight the positive reviews made about the brand as the majority of Online customers seek out the reviews of real customers when making a decision about a brand.


Alongside the growing trend for the use of customer reviews, the image of Kate Hudson as both a brand ambassador and partner in the company has added to the success of the company. Hudson was always the first choice of executives at TechStyle when the brand was being developed as her image of living a happy, healthy life was seen as the perfect accompaniment to the emerging Fabletics brand. The “Almost Famous” actress has used her own social media platforms as one of the top ways of marketing the brand as she is often pictured wearing designs by Fabletics in her everyday life. The pride Kate Hudson obviously feels about Fabletics can be seen in the fact she created her own advertisements using a Smartphone as the camera following the actress as she went about her everyday life wearing the athletic wear designed by Fabletics.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics are Taking Amazon On

Fabletics has only been around a for a few years. In that short time, the company has grown to a worth of a quarter of a billion dollars. This is impressive enough before you look at the competition the company is up against. The fashion e-commerce market is dominated by the online mega-retailer, Amazon. In fact, the company controls 20% of the market.


Fabletics has carved out its share of the market by using a couple of different strategies. First, they provide their customers with a convenient shopping and purchasing experience. Of course, Amazon already does this. So, what is the real difference maker for Fabletics? The company sells a high-quality product that is tailored to speak to the individuality of customers via an ingenious business model.




Following in the footsteps of successful ventures in food and other industries, Fabletics sells its activewear via subscription-based membership online. This groundbreaking method, along with the celebrity appeal of the company’s CEO, Kate Hudson, is the gas that fuels the Fabletics engine. Other companies in the e-commerce fashion industry have followed suit and carved their own niché out, but now Fabletics is taking its company in an entirely new and unforeseen direction.




Most online retailers are trying to avoid physical storefronts like the plague, but this isn’t the case with Fabletics. So far, it has 16 physical retail locations nationwide and there are more coming in the near future. The company is seeing success in this market where others aren’t because of a forward-thinking approach to retail. The following are two ways Fabletics has created retail success.


  1. The Fight Against “Showrooming” – Showrooming is a shopping phenomenon in which customers visit a retail store, find the clothing they want, and then purchase it online at a lower price. It’s hard to fault them for doing this, but Fabletics has created a strategy to help called the reverse showroom.


Over half of the shoppers in a Fabletics store are either members or soon-to-be members. When they shop in a retail location, they place items that they like in the store into their online shopping cart and purchase them whenever they like. This prevents customers from purchasing similar products somewhere else.


  1. Localized Data – The activewear company takes online shopping data and applies trends to how it stocks it shelves on a local level. The offerings in each store are tailored locally, making sure nothing is wasted when it comes to stock. These are the two most important ways that Fabletics is changing the way fashion companies do retail.


Fabletics works with each member individually to create curated outfits for them and their workout needs. Then, the members can get the items at a steep discount. If they don’t want to buy anything that month, there is no charge. The lack of a membership fee is the primary way that the company draws new customers to shop with them and stay with them. If you are going to purchase activewear from Fabletics, there is no reason not to become a VIP member to add to your savings.

How Fabletics business model is different from Amazon’s

It is quite impossible to create an e-commerce fashion brand today and expect it to be successful. There are big competitors like Amazon that one has to take down. There is also a big wave of upcoming e-commerce companies. However, companies like Fabletics have defined themselves by their exclusive products, data science, enterprise technology and creative use of social media. The correct use of all these platforms has resulted in the success of Fabletics.


Fabletics primary business model focuses on an implementable strategy. Quality and price have always defined traditional flagship products. The recent change in financial data has seen a shift in the markets. Price and quality no longer guarantee business success. Instead, customer experience tops the list. Companies that want to become highly successful have to focus on brand recognition, personalized customer experience, and exclusive product design. Fabletics has made good use of this strategy, and the result is a highly successful brand.


Fabletics is a lot like Amazon, Apple and Warby Parker. The company’s business model focuses on fashion membership as its core brand strategy. The company tries to gain a bigger brand recognition as it expands to other physical locations. Fabletics has expanded to other areas such as Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, and California. The main secret behind Fabletics’ success is their ability to build anticipated high-quality brands. Its membership business model has presented a personalized fashion at half the price of traditional markets. Fabletics has made good use of the extensive market data to create a winning formula.


Many business that focus on e-commerce fail due showrooming. Customers will browse through the online sales and ultimately purchase cheaper items in different places. Fabletics changed this business model by first focusing on discounts. The membership program performed by the firm allows members to stay with Fabletics for long. Most members that shop with Fabletics are willing members that pay for the membership fee. They instantly get discounts when they shop for items at any price.


JustFab Inc. is the parent company of Fabletics. JustFab was recently ranked position 98 in the Top 500 retailer guide. The company has several plans to expand to other retail locations. The company has since opened a new location in the Mall of America. Fabletics has become highly successful. The company received $250 million in sales for the year 2016. In a recent interview, the group leader released information about the company’s strategy to open new stores. Although he did not give information on the exact location, he offered a glimpse to areas his team seem fit.


Fabletics marketing strategy has been through online data received by the company from malls and competitor data. The company makes use of mega shopping areas and installs a new business. For instance, the Mall of America receives close to 40 million buyers every year. Fabletics has built stores in these areas to get the large number of customers. Fabletics focuses on a simple membership model to get and retain customers. Regular clients who join the VIP membership get discounts for their monthly collection.