Graeme Holm Led Infinity Group Australia to One of the Most Innovative Companies

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013 and within five years; the company is one of the most innovative organizations of 2018 according to the Australian Financial Review (AFR). The company was ranked 58th on July 30, 2018, during the Most Innovative Companies Awards Night. Through debt reduction, it has helped many Australians secure their future by improving their financial status by reducing their debts. It was the seventh year that the Australian Financial Review has done the ratings and Infinity Group Africa trounced over 1000 companies from New Zealand and Australia. The listing was based on how the company addresses a particular issue, quality of response and how uniquely the problem is solved. Other areas that are looked into include the level of innovation, resources used in resolving matters the impact that the company has globally.


According to Graeme Holm who is a Director at Infinity Group Australia, the company works closely with its client to come up with a weekly cash-based budget. It helps the company to first identify the needs but not the wants of a household. When the client receives the loan, Infinity Group Australia allocates its client a personal banker, which will help the client offset the mortgage quickly. Graeme gives an example of how the company supported a young family clear $96,271 in one year. What the company does is to update the client with details of the monthly financial performance. Through this update, the client can adjust the budget in line with want and needs. The company also gives its clients half-yearly reviews to help them succeed in reducing mortgages. However, Graeme Holm is categorical that the most significant financial enemy in Australia is credit and as a company, they advise their clients to reduce expenditure. He warns people not to spend much on useless stuff but to consider using the money in reducing the mortgage.


On how the company gets its income, Graeme explains that the services offered by the company come at a fee. Through the company establishing the debt reduction formula and assigning the personal banker, the client is charged an annual 10% debt reduction. In other words, the company helps the client to repay the loan in three months instead of one year. Infinity Group Australia has its headquarters in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Sydney. Graeme Holm attributes the company’s success because of clients’ confidence in the company’s operations. Check the Infinity Group Australia reviews. Learn more :