Fortress Investment Group: Challenging the Status Quo with Brightline

Fortress Investment Group and their affiliate Brightline have been in the news lately because of a recent expansion plan proposed by the Florida-based transportation company. Fortress Investment Group is not a transportation company, but the established stable company is able to discern a good investment when it sees one. Brightline is a transportation company that operates under the umbrella of Fortress Investment Group. The article “Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Receives $1.75 Billion in Funding” talks about ways that the partnership between these two entities is going to benefit the infrastructure of Central Florida. The article can be found at

By 2021 Brightline has stated that they are looking to expand their train route from its current location between Miami and West Palm Beach North. The goal is to connect these train routes to Orlando, Florida. The goal of this project is to help ease congestion going in and out of Orlando. Commuters will find this project to be particularly helpful when it comes to their daily activities. New train routes mean that workers can live further away from the city or cut down on their overall commute. Additionally, since they are writing a train instead of driving themselves they have more free time to engage in activities that matter to them.

Brightline understands that the time that travelers spend on their trains can be relaxing. Workers and tourists can relax in leather seats with a plethora of power outlets. The train system has even gone above and beyond to provide their patrons with free Wi-Fi while they enjoy the Florida scenery. It has completely changed the way that people travel from Miami to West Palm Beach and the parts of the route that have already been constructed are receiving stellar reviews. When looking at the benefits that accompany this train route, it is hard to see why it has not been constructed before this.

Fortress Investment Group is a formidable part of the financial landscape in New York City. They have tried their hand at a variety of industries, proving repeatedly that they know what good management means. They are also staffed by a veteran team that has put all of their expertise into the business. This work with Brightline will not be the last good thing that the investment group engages in. They have shown that when you are willing to challenge the status quo you can better the lives of countless individuals.

Perfecting Financial Fitness – Infinity Group

Fitness is a familiar and very popular term that plays a large role in our daily lives. However, body fitness isn’t the only kind we should concern ourselves with. ‘Financial fitness’ is a term used to describe a person’s ability to handle their money. This skill is a critical ability to have at any age, especially as we age. Infinity Group is a team dedicated to helping families and individuals improve their financial standing. They offer many services and bespoke solutions.


Debt Reduction


Debt is one of the most difficult financial situations to deal with. Managing money is hard enough, but managing debt takes extra skill and attention. The team at Infinity Group helps individuals and families to manage their debt in order to bring financial relief back into their lives. This starts by either slowing down or stopping the growing debt altogether. Infinity analyzes their customers debt and relevant data in order to solve the issues at hand. This team can help create a steady financial future.


Wealth Creation


While debt management is critical, Infinity Group also offers wealth creation services. Too many people assume that wealth is out of their reach. Infinity Group works to turn around this cliche and encourage families and individuals to generate their own wealth. The team will work with clients to analyze and protect their assets in hopes to gain even higher yields. Infinity will discuss multiple wealth creating strategies and help with their implementation. One popular example of long-term investment is purchasing properties. Infinity won’t just propose ideas, but will also help their clients develop strategies and goals. There are no gimmicks, only good planning and proper investment.


Retirement Solutions


Retirement is one of the most financially critical moments in a person’s life. Ideally, this is the time when past labor can begin covering the cost of living in your older age. However, having enough money to retire is no longer a given. It requires proper financial management and strategies. The Infinity Group understands how critical this time in life can be. They have professionals working with clients to develop bespoke plans to successfully save for retirement.


Interested Customers


Those interested in the services provided by Infinity Group can check out their website for more information. Their is a dedicated ‘About Us’ page that describes the story behind the company as well as their primary goals when helping customers. You’ll also be pleased to know that their are several Infinity Group Australia reviews online to see what customers are saying. Learn more:


Financial stability is very important when planning for the future and when dealing with the present. Whether you’re currently struggling with debt, thinking about retirement or hoping to gain financial independence, the Infinity Group is here to help.