Paul Mampilly is a Champion for Ordinary Investors

So why does a champion hedge fund manager walk away from Wall Street and leave an extraordinarily lucrative job? For Paul Mampilly it was the stark realization that Wall Street and its workings were crafted for insiders as opposed to Main Street Americans just looking to have a decent retirement. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly has worked for decades in the investment business with notable successes at places like Deutsche Bank and ING. He regularly managed multi-million dollar accounts with a substantial level of expertise and his career was propelled forward on a consistent basis.

The early days of his career saw him begin at Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. During this time he laid the foundation for future success as he developed keen insights for investing which opened up new doors for him. Kinetics Asset Management is where he perfected his skills as he served with distinction as their hedge fund manager. This position came with a deep level of responsibility which he exercised with care and in a winning fashion.

A real milestone in the career of Paul Mampilly which illustrates his expertise was his victory in the Templeton Foundation investing competition. This prestigious entity, named after the legendary investor, brought together some of the most talented investment and financial figures. He was privileged to compete and his victory spoke volumes about his market insights and skills. His long-only strategy in the midst of financial meltdown is still talked about today.

After a certain level of success, Paul Mampilly took a step back and considered the frantic pace of Wall Street and made a life-changing decision. He eschewed the corporate road in favor of helping everyday citizens harness the power of the markets. This has allowed him to continue putting his talent and energies into research and now average investors can access his successful mindset and skillset. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Profits Unlimited is his attempt to level the playing field between high-powered investment firms and ordinary Joes looking to enhance their retirements. He is currently focused on two important areas that he feels will vastly outperform in the future and they are Millenials and the Internet of Things. His investment skills and experience enable him to pinpoint stocks that are likely to outpace the indexes and sometimes extraordinarily so.

Life is full of challenges and the thought of successfully investing can be very intimidating. Paul Mampilly can certainly be considered an expert by your side.