Follow These Energy Saving Tips by HVAC Leader Goettl

It’s in the heart of summer and for most people this means a larger energy bill in the coming months, as homeowners attempt to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. This tends to lead to a more massive energy use due to the amount of energy it takes to almost consistently run your quality HVAC system, to ensure you are keeping a comfy and consistent temperature to your sanctuary. But while a higher bill is almost expected nowadays, what if you could cut your bill down by as little as 5% to as high as 10%? Using the right methods provided by the experts at Goettl, you can save money and stay just as cool as ever by just making a few simple changes.

First off, using a ceiling fan may seem counter-productive since it too uses power, but in all actuality using a ceiling fan will do wonders to help circulate the cool air coming out of your cooling system to all parts of your home. This helps take a load off your machine and you won’t have to run it as long. Maintaining your machine is also important. Both your machine and the thermostat should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible because otherwise the sun is making it work harder than it should by heating up what should be cooler air. Another thing is to weatherproof your home, so you aren’t cooling off the outside world and hot summer air isn’t seeping in through any window or door cracks.

Goettl has been around since the Great Depression. It as founded by the Goettl brothers back in 1926 and continues to be run by the grandchildren of one of the original founding siblings. Goettl has serviced all of central and northern Arizona heating and cooling needs for decades and are considered pioneers in the heating and cooling industry’s leading technology.