Ricardo Tosto Makes Things Easy on His Clients

Even when Ricardo Tosto started working to help other people, he knew things would keep getting better. As an attorney, he spent a lot of time learning about how he could help and about how he could make a difference for everyone in the industry. It’s his goal of giving back that gives him the chance to succeed. It’s also his ability that allows him to continue showing people how they can have a better life just by making the right choices on their own. For years, Ricardo Tosto spent time showing people the right way to do things and the right options they could use later on. As an attorney, he constantly advocates for people to see positive opportunities. He also tries showing them they have a chance to have a better life because of how hard he works on giving back to the community.

Brazil likes what Ricardo Tosto does. In fact, the country enjoys his work so much they actually hired him as their attorney. They knew he was a great choice for the job because of the hard work he put in different clients. He also tried giving people the chances they needed to continue giving everyone a chance at a better life. Attorneys don’t always have to go above and beyond in the way Ricardo Tosto does. In fact, many attorneys don’t see the point of giving back to other customers because they don’t get anything in return. Ricardo Tosto knew this and knew things would keep getting better for his clients if he could help them out with these issues.

There were times when Ricardo Tosto struggled to get the help he needed. He also struggled with giving people everything they wanted. Even though he couldn’t always say yes to every client request, Ricardo Tosto did his best to make sure people knew he was helping them. He also wanted everyone to see things would keep getting better as long as they used him as an attorney. As Ricardo Tosto continued building up all the things he had, he spent time showing others the right way to do things.

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How Ricardo Tosto Has Helped with Legal Matters

Living and working in Brazil is a great opportunity for a lot of people, however, if you need help with a legal issue, you might be wondering who you can even hire to help out. This can be difficult because there are many attorneys available, and you never know which one is right for you. The first step to making sure that you hire the right person is to find someone who is personable but professional. This ensures that you feel confident in the work you’ve done finding the right lawyer for any type of legal matter that you have coming up in the future.

Once you have chosen to hire a professional, you might want to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself. Ricardo Tosto has been a wonderful asset to the Brazilian community because of his work within the field. Not only has Ricardo Tosto gone to school extensively to learn more about law and the legal system, but he also works as a business administrator of his own firm, so you can feel confident you’re hiring someone who actually knows how to handle the different legal matters that you are going to throw at them.

If you would like to make use of Ricardo Tosto, you’re going to want to contact his firm’s office and ask about what he can do for you. He will be able to get the most out of this experience, and it is why you need to think about choosing your own options when it is necessary. There are so many reasons for you to get the most out of hiring Ricardo Tosto, so make sure that you take a look at this and know that it is something that you’ll find to be quite beneficial. There are lots of different people out there who know that hiring a legal professional is key when it concerns winning their case and finally getting compensation for their needs. This is when it is time for you to think about Ricardo Tosto and how he can help you with the case that you have going.

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The Incredible Law Expert, Bruno Fagali

During his youthful years, Bruno Fagali was a passionate young man who decided to venture into law. By the year 2009, he had already attained his degree in Administrative law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and later, masters in State Law. His career journey can be concluded as hectic and challenging, but he has gained experience in his field and made a difference in the society.

After a couple of years of working in various companies, Fagali founded the Fagali law firm in 2014. The main agenda of the firm was to provide customers with mentorship in different areas of law such as Public Law.

Fagali’s role in Nova/sb
Not only does Fagali run his own company but is also a manager in one of the leading advertising agencies known as nova/sb. Bruno got the job because the advertising firm wanted a principled person who will set the gear for good moral values which includes honesty in the organization. Bruno Fagali was aware of his essential role thus he introduced techniques that would ensure progress in the integrity sector. His appointment has benefited nova/sb, for it gets government-sponsored contracts which have added connections for the firm.

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His accomplishments
Fagali has been in the forefront in eradicating corruption during the signing of public contracts in Brazil. Currently, the public sector is almost free from inequality which ensures uniform distribution of government resources in the Brazilian community. This has inspired various sections of the government to employ strategies that will continue to eliminate bribing and lead to the economic growth of the nation and an uprise in patriotism.

During his time in the advertising agency, Fagali had a brilliant idea of creating a program which was to control the integrity of the employees in the firm. Bruno Fagali also came up with a committee that created a platform to improve the work environment of employees because it promoted equality. For his incredible public speaking skills, Fagali participates in the movement known as the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

Bruno is one of the topmost successful lawyers in Brazil for he is independent, self-driven and diligent.

Search more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/comunicacao/2016/05/30/acho-saudavel-que-haja-revisao-de-contratos-diz-bob-vieira.html

Thor Halvorssen’s Involvement With The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned human rights activist. He is also a respected film producer. Thor has made large contribution in the fields of civil liberties, individual rights, public policy, and public interest advocacy. Thor is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Moreover, he is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The organization is focuses on human rights and freedom globally. Thor Halvorssen is also the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement that is based in the Czech Republic. In addition, he serves as the patron of On Own Feet. Halvorssen is the founder of Moving Picture Institute.

His organization, The Human Rights Foundation, is a non-profit group, which seeks to advance and protect human rights internationally. Mainly, it focuses on closed societies. Over the years, the entity has been organizing the Oslo Freedom Forum. The organization was established in 2005. Its headquarters are based in New York City.

The mission of the Human Rights Foundation is to unite people in the common cause of advancing liberal democracy and defending human rights. It aims to ensure that freedom is preserved and promoted. According to the organization’s website, the company sticks to the definition of human rights as elaborated by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The foundation believes that all people are entitled to the right to worship and the right to speak freely. They also believe in having the right to associate freely, the right to purchase and sell property, and the right to equal treatment.

Halvorssen’s foundation is led and endorsed by a global council, including political prisoners such as Jacqueline Moudeina, Vladmir Bukovsky, Park Sang Hak, Mutabar Tadjibaeva, and Elie Wiesel. Mart Laar, the former Estonian prime minister and Ramon Jose Velasquez, the former president of Venezuela, have also endorsed the foundation. Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have run several advocacy campaigns in various countries, including Bolivia, Cuba, China, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, Panama, North Korea, Russia, Uganda, Swaziland, and Venezuela. Presently, Thor is working with Bryan Singer to produce The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’s adaptation. Robert Heinlein wrote the novel.



Helane Morrison Lessons Throughout Her Career

Helane Morrison has held many positions throughout her distinguished career, all of which have allowed her to build a unique skill set to handle her current position at Hall Capital Partners LLC.

First, Helane Morrison worked as a law clerk to Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner of the court of Appeals. Eventually, however, she moved up in the law world.

She went on the practice law at Howard, Rice, Nemorovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986-1996. In this span, she was eventually promoted to partner in 1991. While practicing, she was involved in business litigation, defense of private securities, internal corporate investigations and SEC matters. She had a look at the legal world and how it related to regulating major firms and the financial industry.

Eventually, in 1997, she moved on the work at the SEC. For nearly ten years, Morrison was the head of the San Francisco Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In this position, she worked again on litigation matters and regulatory compliance practices throughout the region. This time, however, she worked from a more business-centric perspective than when she worked at the law firm.

She represents the SEC on legal issues and business relations. During her time, she dealt with fraud cases with executives at major companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, NextCard Inc, and HBO. One of her major achievements was exposing the fraud and false securities practices of an insurance company that served over 50,000 military personnel.

In 2007, Morrison moved on to Hall Capital as one of the company’s Executive Committee members. She currently holds the position of Chief Compliance Officer of one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco.

Throughout her career, she has learned how individuals in the United States have lost faith in the workings of the financial industry. They have felt scammed out of their money every since the economic downturn of 2008. As a result, they moved their money away from the industry and into their own hands.

Morrison is working to gain back the trust of the people. She is trying her hardest to examine and investigate all firms and operations that she advises her clients to use. She makes sure there are no malpractices going on and that the firm truly is most interested in clients.

Overall, Helane Morrison is most concerned for her clients and how they feel about the financial industry.

Whistleblowers Can Report Cases Through Attorneys

Financial regulation served as the only solution to control violations of the federal securities laws after the long and severe recession of the U.S. economy. This saw the Congress enact the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. This Act was the most effective amendment passed since the Great Depression. The enacted Protection Act established many significant reforms. One of the crucial reforms is a program that offered employment security and monetary protection to employees responsible for monitoring those who break the federal securities laws and report them to Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Labaton Sucharow, led by Jordan A. Thomas, became the first law firm in the U.S. to establish a practice specifically designed to protect and support whistleblowers. Jordan is a former assistant director as well as assistant chief litigation counsel at SEC. He served in the division of enforcement. The whistleblowers team includes trained financial analysts, investigators and experienced forensic accountants with vast knowledge in federal and state law enforcement. Jordan played a pivotal role in developing the newly enacted law. He also contributed in writing the draft of the proposed legislation and establishing the rules.

The new rules stated that whistleblowers were required to be paid 10-30% of the finances collected after a successful SEC enforcement action involving cases where finances exceed $1 million. In relation to other law enforcement organizations, whistle blowers may also receive additional awards depending on the monetary sanctions acquired. In addition, the Protection Act protects whistleblowers against retaliation by their employers. This was made possible by allowing the whistleblowers to be represented by an attorney.

Since whistleblowers are regarded as disloyal by the society, they fear to report securities violations to avoid retaliation or social stigma. The Dodd-Frank Protection Act allows whistleblowers to report cases anonymously through attorneys who are required to provide a signed copy of their counsel. Before presenting the case to the SEC, an attorney has to check and clarify the report of the whistleblower. The attorney also recommends the highest possible financial awards if the submitted case is successful. Whistleblowers are required to disclose their identity to the Securities Exchange Commission before receiving the money.

For more information about anonymous reporting, eligible whistleblowers can contact the SEC Whistleblower advocate team on their website, http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com. They may also use mail, phone or electronic submissions. Initial consultations are free and whistleblowers are advised to keep their identities discrete. Language translation services are also available for international whistleblowers. This information was originally mentioned on SEC Whistleblower’s advocate as explained in the following link http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview