The Prolific Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Collector, Historian and Writer

Michael Zomber is well known for his massive antique arms collection. His collection includes arms used by famous people in the history of America like George Washington. After collecting and studying weapons for 40 years, he is highly recognized for his knowledge and authority in weaponry including Japanese samurai swords.

He values the history of each weapon he collects and he expects that the buyer of his weapons will also do the same. He does not only collect weapons physically but he also collects and preserve the story behind each weapon he acquires.

This gives him a high regard as a historian. History Channel has invited him many times to talk in their TV shows. He became a guest historian on History Channel’s show titled “Tales of the Gun.” It was series of shows and in it, he shared his knowledge and expertise about guns.

Michael is also an active writer, with many books available on Amazon. He started writing screenplays through the encouragement of his wife, Andrea. Later on, these screenplays formed the basis of his novels. Most of his novels are historical. He also wrote a non-fiction book titled “Jesus and the Samurai.” It tells the history of Christianity and Buddhism in Japan. You can find some of his written books at

He also produced a documentary film together with his wife. It was titled “Soul of the Samurai.” It was a success and critically acclaimed film. He researched it thoroughly in order to preserve the historical authenticity of the show, and he himself wrote the script of the film. People who show interest in Japan’s history must see this documentary film and read his book “Jesus and the Samurai.”

Michael was born and raised in Washington D.C. He finished his education at University of Illinois graduating cum laude earning him the degrees in English and Psychology. Later on, he completed his masters in English and Literature at UCLA.

Michael Zomber is a man of many talents. He has reached and accomplished many things in life that some people may never reach in their lifetime. Not only is he prolific in his calling, he is also a responsible husband to Andrea, and a loving father to his two children, Gabriella and Christopher.  Everybody is impressed with how Zomber has recovered after his rightfully deserved exoneration.