Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart: The names behind the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have quickly become a force within the EDM community, but who are the mind behind the innovative music group? Matthias Rosenzweig was intent on getting the story of the two, young New Yorkers who have exploded onto the pop music scene like a wildfire. The interview covered topics ranging from their lives before The Chainsmokers, up to the future that the duo can see for themselves.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. To the majority of people, these names mean nothing. However, these two young men have become world famous under another name. Under the guise of their electronic dance musical group, The Chainsmokers, Pall and Taggart have exploded onto the scene. But what is their story. Pall tells Rosenzweig that he had been working as a small time DJ in New York City, when his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. This would change his life.

Taggart describes the meeting as “love at first sight” and Pall says they both compliment each other excellently, with the two knowing what the other could bring to the table. Alex Pall describes their work ethic as “9 AM to 7 PM, we got together every day and worked on music and creating our identity as artists.” This creating an identity was one of the biggest challenges the group faced in its early life, being involved in a saturated musical genre, where many songs sounded the same, or sampled from existing songs. However, the group has created a unique sound and identity for itself, with Pall and Taggart lending their impressive vocals as well as their mixing and production skills, and with help from other excellent vocals, such as Halsey in their hit song Closer.

Rosenzweig also inquired to Pall and Taggart about their fanbase. Alex Pall said that Instagram had been a huge help in identifying their fanbase, as well as establishing a connection for feedback. The Chainsmokers also stated how surprised they were at the diversity of their fan base, which ranged from 6 year olds singing the song in videos sent to the duo, all the way to Pall’s mother, humming along to their song Roses.

The Chainsmokers Music Grows With Their Experience

Popular group, The Chainsmokers, have realized success fairly fast after hitting the scene considering how hard it is to break into the music industry. After making it on the top ten charts, the band continued to rise in popularity and left behind any doubt about the group being a one hit wonder. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have not only continued their early success, but been able to create music that crossed genre lines while still remaining true to their sound and style. For this reason, The Chainsmokers have not only kept their fans, but gained more as their reputation has grown ahead of them.

Most recently The Chainsmokers released a new single that is darker than what they have been producing for the duration of their career. The single, Sick Boy, is according to the band the first of many more to come and the style in which they want to continue exploring. While they have control over the lyrics and style, the group says that their music is influenced by current culture. The darker our culture gets, the darker their music gets because the one reflects the other.

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The duo doesn’t want their music to end at reflecting what they are seeing in society, but to serve as a way to reach out to and cause listeners of their music to reevaluate their roles in society. Just like their fan base, The Chainsmokers think it is imperative of them to use the platforms that they have created, but not to fall victim to the trends and behaviors that those platforms sometimes create in us. They see these behaviors as the new reality into which most of society has fallen for and taken up, and this is mirrored in the reality they experienced through their music when they first started realizing success.

Desiree Perez Scores Big With Improvements at Tidal

Desiree Perez is doing something wonderful when it comes to her work at Tidal. This is the music streaming service that was created by Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has been his right-hand woman when it comes to marketing this company and negotiating the right contracts between artists.

Desiree Perez has been known throughout the Roc Nation Sports community for her excellent contract negotiation skills. This would be exactly what Jay-Z needed when he made a decision to go into music streaming. Many people count him out when it came to music streaming for apps, but he has risen to the top and even inquired investments from companies like Sprint. This shows that Desiree Perez has been very effective in helping him rise to the top with Tidal. For an update of Dez timeline activities, hit on

Before her name was mentioned along with this company it was a struggle for Jay-Z to really get anything solid in place. He had executive staff members that were leaving this job because they were not able to bring forth any type of real profits to this company. When Desiree Perez stepped into the driver’s seat of influence she was clearly aware of all that was going on with Tidal. She was totally ready to help her friend Jay-Z drag himself from the pit of despair that he was in with Tidal. She turned things around quickly, and the customer base for this premium music streaming app has grown tremendously as she has helped Jay-Z make better decisions about his growth strategies.

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Desiree Perez has been a true inspiration for any business woman of color that is trying to survive in the technology world of apps and smart devices. She is really showing people that there is room for women that want to get into cross functional platforms that incorporate both music and technology. More to read on

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