Jason Hope: A great Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope is a great believer and also advocate of the Internet of Things. He writes and commentates on the latest technological trends as he runs his entrepreneur dealings. Recently, he has written an article where he states that the greatest upcoming wave of development in the technology industry is the Internet of Things. This is a technology that is connected to allow a range of devices to sync together. Some of these devices include street lights, electronic devices, kitchen appliances, cars, among others. This process will allow the connection of devices utilizing the same network to share data so as to reduce waste and amplify efficiencies. This program will change how business ventures function as it will strive to be the greatest advancement in the technology sector for many years. Mr. Hope believes that this project, The Internet of Things, will become one of the greatest venture that majority of the best world’s companies will collaborate in. He also predicts that this will enable all imaginable devices to connect with one another.

In a few years, Jason believes that smart technology will turn out to be the only way to move forward and embrace the future. He expects that the competition will rise high since the applications will frequently be used by consumers on a daily basis. That is why he is always a step forward, with the Internet of Things, which focuses on making the lives of its daily users better and safer. The initiative will also eradicate plenty of waste. He points out how public means of transport has advanced as a result of the Internet of Things. Therefore, with time, the roads will be less congested as a result of the majority of people opting to use public means rather than personal cars.

Futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Jason Hope, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. His passion for giving back to the community has made him a great person, especially in the technology sector. He was raised in Tempe, Arizona, and schooled in Arizona State University where he received his first degree. Later on, he moved to the ASU’s Carey School of Business where he attained a Masters in Business Administration. He is also interested in politics, both in the state of Arizona and also nationally, alongside his business and philanthropic initiatives. Jason is passionate about supporting organizations that are focused on improving the future of the people. He is quick to assist humanitarian corporations which fight the factors that lead to aging so that people can enjoy long and healthy lives.

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Securus Highlghts Globel-Tel Integrity Breaches

In an attempt to cooperate with the Louisiana Public Service Commission and to publicly shame Global-Tel inc. into providing better services, Securus has released a series of information. This information is provided in a series of press releases, and provides insight into some of the illegal and shady practices that Global-Tel has been engaging in.

Globel-Tel is a multi-million dollar organization that provides telecommunication and other services to inmates in the prison system. In particular, these press releases high light wrongdoings and shady practices that occurred while Global-Tel was the telephone provider for inmates housed by the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Among some of the findings discussed include overcharging by adding time to calls placed by inmates, artificially inflating rates and charges caused by calls placed and programming phones to place calls based on higher rates than allowed by current tariffs and caps in place.

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The wrongdoings and shady practices were discovered when a 17 page letter to the Louisiana Public Service Commission highlighting an investigation into Globel-Tel was released. Securus believes it is important to highlight the shady practices of Global-Tel, because it is important for the telecommunications industry to hold itself to a series of standards and practices that are full of the kind of integrity that they can be proud of. These kinds of practices, such as tacking on additional time to phone calls need to be stopped.

Securus is an agency that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and provides services to a variety of law inforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies around the country. They offer a wide variety of services, including telecommunications services that allow institutions to offer better services and provide better security. Currently they employ over 1,000 people and have contracts with 3,450 law enforcement and public service agencies around the country. In adding to Dallas, they have offices in Allen, Texas; Carollton, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.

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Bad Articles and Content Must Be Driven Down

The search engines can be enormously supportive of someone wishing to establish a brand identity. Businesses, celebrities, service providers, and even those dedicated to a charitable cause rely on branding. A brand establishes an identity in the eyes of the public.

What happens when the search engine results reflect tons of negative commentary? Basically, branding goes awry. Bad reviews are among the most commonly cited “bad articles” capable of harming a brand or otherwise causing problems. Other sources of trouble can appear in the search engines as well. Lengthy (or even not-so-lengthy) forum threads have the potential to provide a lot of “bad advertisement” for someone. Effectively branding oneself is going to be tough when a chorus of people on a forum have create a long, possibly unfair thread, that speaks poorly of its subject.

And then there are online videos. People love to publish controversial videos to support a click-bait strategy. Click-bait refers to drawing in views to drive up advertising revenue. Negative commentary on these videos seems to attract a lot of views. So, producers of the videos are more likely to post bad reviews. Negative, sadly, does sell.

All of these things end up being indexed in the search engines. Those who are harmed by the massive collection of such negativity in the search engines do have to take action. Contacting Bury Bad Articles might be a smart move. Bury Bad Articles is a new company on the online reputation management scene. The company focuses on creating new content that drives old (negative) content down the search engine rankings. All those stumbling blocks to positive branding are curtailed when such new content is indexed.

Taking proactive steps to fix things that affect marketing and branding is vital to keeping customers and attracting new ones. Addressing troubles with search engines results definitely should be among those steps.