Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is the Colorful Make-Up for the Not Nervous Women

About Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Doe Deere had an early artistic childhood. She was an imaginative kid and would play with paints on her body. Doe would also put lots of color into her accessories and clothes. She lately loves the way his customers admire playing with makeup. Doe designed her brand’s name in 2004 after creating the first online store. She called the store Lime Crime which favored her green color of choice. Lime Crime has had much to offer since then.


Lime Crime goes beyond the Ordinary Makeup Standards

Many people have seen Facebook and Instagram pictures of Doe with a beautifully painted face. You might also have seen the lime crime products that she advertises in the pictures. Doe is a great upcoming entrepreneur. She is listed among the Self-Made Magazine wealthy personalities. Her brand is based on a fraction of personalities ready to go beyond the usual face makeup and cosmetics conventions. Lime Crime is only for the people with the greatest passion for color. You just won’t make it to Lime Crime unless you are passionate about it. They are intended to place that perfect shade of smile on your face. These products include nail polishes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. The brand has already taken the internet by storm. The brand is ever majestic, and it is here to stay. Lime Crime has been revolutionized into the most modern beauty e-commerce brand.


Doe Deere Shares Entrepreneurial Tips

Doe has encountered many business challenges as an upcoming entrepreneur. The internet is the most mysterious place. She would often get grave reviews on her products which are quite frustrating during the initial business startups. She often thinks of selecting another subtle and palatable name for the company. She laments the internet for being both a lovely and harsh world. She suggests that business startups embrace their initial hurdles to turn them into their winning solutions. She says that while anonymous factions may decide to analyze commodities faultily, business uses those moments as learning points for future sensation. Doe implies that problems are always part of the success journey. She gives a recommendation for startup entrepreneurs to take up revolutionary strategies that can help to transform products into digital quality performing brands. Doe’s products can be acquired on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can reach her on Facebook, on Twitter: @doedeere and at, on Instagram.