End Citizens United Supports Pro-reforms Politicians

End Citizens United is a popular organization in the U.S. that has consistently advocated for campaign finance reforms for last seven years. This Political Action Committee (PAC) consists of donors and activists from different political affiliations. They believe that the government should be for the people by the people. They are opposed to corporations and faceless money influencing the results of elections in the U.S.

Their primary objective is to overturn the 2010 Supreme court decision because they feel that corporations have no rights sitting on the legislative table rather than individual citizens. Some of their core activities include educating the public on matters related to judicial decisions and campaign finance, supporting congressional candidates who believe in their ideas, launching of campaigns to inform the public on the influence of special interest groups in politics, and organizing protests against harmful legislation.

Although the group was launched recently, it has the political muscle to root out special interest groups from politics. The PAC had been able to raise about $2 million to support specific political candidates who have impressive reform backgrounds. It has been able to achieve higher levels of civic involvement in its efforts to bring transparency into politics.

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ECU wants to take a leading role in the next elections and plans to fuel tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates who will be running in competitive House and Senate races across the U.S. It has already endorsed eleven democratic candidates including Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado and former Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin.

They want to elect people who can change existing laws by setting up an independent expenditure to financially back the candidates. They plan on using initiatives like direct mailers and television ads. Their most notable endorsement is Randy Bryce. The PAC plans to support Bryce against the Republican Paul Ryan in the upcoming midterm election cycle. They believe that Bryce is running on a platform of campaign finance reform and the overturning of the 2010 Supreme Court decision.

End Citizens United enjoys much visibility on social media. Its presence is profound with many followers and likes. It has about half a million followers on Facebook, and the list is growing by the day. It uses its Facebook page to educate the public about its ideas and also look for donors to support its campaigns.

Its dominance of social media has enhanced its campaigns of reaching out to like-minded citizens to support its cause. Social media has proved to be a good medium for PAC to articulate important issues about their ideas to the public. It is also on the social media platform that PAC can get feedback from the public regarding its activities.

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