How The End Citizen United Is Preparing For The Next Congress Elections

The next American Congress elections are set to be held in July 2018. People are aligning themselves to contest for different political posts on the Congress. In the last year’s congress elections, the people who were sponsored in the Congress made certain important contributions, but the number could not bring specific changes. Because of this influence, the End Citizen United is set to sponsor more people in order to bring significant changes in the country. The organization does not support people from specific parties, but it goes for anyone with good ideas on how to improve the state of the citizens. The End Citizen United is, therefore, making certain changes on how the status of the country can be improved.

The expected contribution before the next elections
The End Citizen United has been making certain contributions in order to help the leaders get into the political offices. Leaders are tested on integrity and how they plan to influence the house to accept their policies. By the time of the elections in 2018, the organization had a target of about $35 million for the campaigns. The contribution has been positive, and the citizens have been doing good work in making their contributions. The total contribution is growing to almost $10 million with a hope that the target will be reached by the time elections are held next year. The main intention of the End Citizens United is to ensure that enough leaders are elected to the Congress so that good policy can be implemented.


Time to take leadership from the cartels
With the rich controlling the economy, the only thing they needed was a way of gaining access of the congress and the Senate. The process has not been very hard since most of the political leaders do not have sufficient funds to fund their campaigns. The fact that they cannot successfully fund their campaigns has given the cartels a chance to manipulate them. The rich have the money to sustain a quality campaign. In return, the people elected to the different political posts owe them an allegiance, and this works against the will of the people. The End Citizen United has been working to stop this kind of leadership. The elected leaders have more time to work for the rich cartels that the people who gave them the authority to serve. To prevent the leaders from getting controlled by the rich, the End Citizen United has ensured that they take leaders with high integrity to the different political posts. The selected leaders must be ready to serve the people, and the organization will ensure that the common citizens get considered in the policies to be made. The organization is making positive progress so far.