Jason Hope Supports The SENS Foundation

Age-related disease has typically been approached by the medical community by treating the effects of various diseases. An entrepreneur from Arizona has chosen to support research that is aiming to change the way that the medical community looks at age-related disease. This man is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has decided to turn his life towards more philanthropic endeavors. In 2010 he donated half $1 million to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is an organization that is devoted towards creating a scientifically engineered negligible senescence. This is a fancy way to say that they will attempt to reverse the aging process in humans.

The SENS Foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey is an incredibly intelligent man who has also donated over $10 million to the organization. The SENS Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has developed several new products and procedures that will help to alleviate the effects of aging in humans. In addition to researching potential ways to treat and reverse the aging process, they are also helping to change the way that the world looks at aging. Instead of viewing aging as an untreatable condition that is unavoidable they hope to show individuals that it is possible to slow down and even reverse the entire aging process.

Jason Hope has publicly endorsed the strategy that the SENS Foundation uses in order to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He believes that the foundation will help to ring about serious advances in the management of these diseases. He believes that in the end, the organization could even completely rearrange the paradigm that the healthcare system uses altogether.

The SENS Foundation uses cutting-edge biotechnology in order to develop new methods of treating these diseases and even undoing the process of aging. The chief executive officer of the foundation has stated that the generous donations by Jason Hope as allowed the organization to act even faster in the development of treatments for these diseases. Aubrey de Grey stated that the $500,000 donation would be used in order to develop a way to prevent artery cell proteins and bonding. He believes that this could stop the process of atherosclerosis and help to lower individuals blood pressure. These issues are one of the leading causes of age-related disease and an incredibly common contributor to death in individuals. He believes that if they can prevent this bonding, it could stop the process from ever occurring.

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