Meet Todd Levine: An All-Round Lawyer

Todd Levine, a renowned commercial litigator, deals with all types of business disputes. He has a wealth of knowledge on matters such as commercial real estate litigation. He offers services to lending institutions, real estate brokers, investors, contractors and subcontractors, property owners, sellers and buyers, and property managers in problems related to commercial real estate transactions and projects. Todd Levine has handled various cases concerning investment partnerships as well as specific finance arrangements. He is also knowledgeable in matters related to sports as well as entertainment industries.


Why Todd performs excellently



Todd has qualities that define an excellent lawyer: law degree, mentors who help him in matters regarding his career as well as dedication to his job. Most importantly, he has many year is also a musician. He has been playing some keyboards and bass guitar since he was ten years old. Also, he has a penchant for science as well as mathematics.



Todd is capable of performing well regardless of the type of litigation being handled. He applies his excellent analytical as well as creativity to find a perfect strategy that other attorneys may overlook. He has the capability of honing in on an important piece of evidence that can either break or make the case. He is also capable of crafting and developing a pretty cool legal argument that can bring some understanding in a complex dispute.



Some people try to find out why Todd performs well in most of the cases he handles. They don’t know that Todd is a musician as well as an artist. The hidden truth is that the combination of creativity and excellent analytical skills enables this great man to develop unique and perfect approaches when solving complex issues. These are some of the reasons why Todd Levine performs well in most of his engagements.