Nick Vertucci Showcases His Knowledge In His New Book On Successful Real Estate Investing

Launching his first book, Nick Vertucci has authored his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed”. While Nick discusses his personal accounts for learning what you have to know to be successful in the real estate world of investments, he shares what his own personal experiences had to be in order to be successful. Not only does he tell of his story, he also shares with readers how to use his personal guide to learn everything in the investment background of real estate.

Nick Vertucci has been lucky enough to be able to have a special forward included in the book which was penned by “Shark Tank” shark, Kevin Harrington. This is not the only person that he has who is well known helping out with his book, producer and actor, Dean Cain also offers support of the book. Nick’s book is a best seller on the Amazon Kindle store and has sold over a thousand copies of his book already.

For anyone who loves to read a story about someone who has lost it all and then regained everything they lost, they will love the story that Nick Vertucci has shared. For Nick, he put everything into the technology sector and then lost it all. Once he lost it all, he went on to earn it all back from making good decisions in the real estate background.

When Nick lost everything, he had no money that he could use to bring himself back up and therefore spent his time learning everything that he needed to know about real estate. Spending close to 10 years in the industry, Nick used everything he learned to become successful.

Nick Vertucci shared a passion for the real estate industry. He wanted to use that passion to be able to turn his life around. Since he learned everything and was able to share his knowledge with others, Nick opened up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It is his teachings that helps others to go out and spread across the nation, taking with them the things that he knows to become successful across the nation. Those tools are responsible for successful business plans in real estate across the country.

Nick was lucky enough to work with Lioncrest Publishing to publish his book, “Seven Figure Decisions”. In the 350 page book, everything that you need to know, step by step is in the book. Successful investing in the real estate background is discussed as well as his own personal life experiences are discussed. Learning financial freedom is just one of the things that can be found within the 350 pages.