OSI Industries recent expansion plans

In the past five years, OSI Industries has invested heavily in the expansion of its operations in different parts of the globe. The growth started picking up in the 1970s when Sheldon Lavin joined the company as an equal partner. He then rose to the position of chairman and CEO making it even better for the company to focus on international growth. Sheldon Lavin has been the driving force of the company ion its local and international markets. He has taken several measures to boost production as well as the spread of the company’s products in years to come. Here we will look at some of the purchases and acquisitions that have been done by OSI Industries in the past five years.

OSI bought a food plant formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This plant occupies 200,000 square feet of space which creates enough room for OSI to engage in its food production business more effectively. The acquisition of this plant has increased production of products to their market in North America. The new facility is located close to another facility that they owned. The new plant will accelerate the pace of growth for this company in coming years. The Tyson Foods plant was designed for the production of poultry products, but now it is going to be involved even in other production procedures.

The other acquisition that has been made by OSI Industries is the purchase of Flagship Europe. In December 2016, OSI bought this company to increase its presence in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. This plant is responsible for the supply of frozen poultry, distributed pies, and dressing for food service business. After the partnership with OSI, the company was renamed to Creative Foods to show the kind of creativity they apply in production work. Creative Foods had in its parts acquired a company known as Calder Foods just before OSI Industries acquired it.

The acquisition of Creative Foods Europe by OSI will open many opportunities for the company. The firm will have a tighter grip on the market since they have partnered with a globally recognized food company. It will also be able to reach its customers more effectively with the assistance it is receiving from OSI.

On its part, OSI Industries is pleased with the deal since it has opened its products to new markets around Europe. It has also solidified its place as a globally established food company.