The Brand I’d Commit Crimes For: Lime Crime

Lime Crime is for the fearless & unforgiving. For the self-aware one’s that know they can achieve their inner-goddess without sacrificing the well-being of an animal. A certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free brand that never lacks quality.

Their one-of-a-kind products have a faithful, cult-like following which comes as no surprise for a brand that is willing to step outside the boundaries with their selection of products. Their cosmetics are adventurous, wild, and shameless. They demand the attention that you deserve.

Invite someone to take a trip with a simple glance at your Diamond Crushers Iridescent Lip Topper. According to Doll Skill, These Lime Crime lip toppers turn heads as the light-reflective formula dances off your lips offering a stunning view for those that dare to watch you shine.

Perhaps a liquid matte lipstick is more your style. Look no further than the Lime Crime original liquid matte lipstick “Matte Velvetines” inspired by rose petals. Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere, is the brain behind these best-seller lipsticks. As a child, Doe would cut out rose petals and glue them to her lips.

Highly pigmented & infused with French Vanilla, this lip formula is easily applied and when dried it feels like you are walking into the gates of heaven, offering you a finish that looks as good as it feels. They do not smudge like the rest while lasting for hours on end.

Let’s not forget the eyes that are the windows to your soul. Hello, Venus Palettes. Whether you are going the OG Venus route or you are going for the darker Venus 2, these palettes do not disappoint. They both offer 8-full size eyeshadows with pigments that pack a punch.

If you are looking for shades that will transform your persona overnight, you have come to the right place. These eyeshadows will not fade out like your last bad tinder date. From day to night, these shades will give you the options you need to succeed to achieve your individual look.

How Fabletics business model is different from Amazon’s

It is quite impossible to create an e-commerce fashion brand today and expect it to be successful. There are big competitors like Amazon that one has to take down. There is also a big wave of upcoming e-commerce companies. However, companies like Fabletics have defined themselves by their exclusive products, data science, enterprise technology and creative use of social media. The correct use of all these platforms has resulted in the success of Fabletics.


Fabletics primary business model focuses on an implementable strategy. Quality and price have always defined traditional flagship products. The recent change in financial data has seen a shift in the markets. Price and quality no longer guarantee business success. Instead, customer experience tops the list. Companies that want to become highly successful have to focus on brand recognition, personalized customer experience, and exclusive product design. Fabletics has made good use of this strategy, and the result is a highly successful brand.


Fabletics is a lot like Amazon, Apple and Warby Parker. The company’s business model focuses on fashion membership as its core brand strategy. The company tries to gain a bigger brand recognition as it expands to other physical locations. Fabletics has expanded to other areas such as Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, and California. The main secret behind Fabletics’ success is their ability to build anticipated high-quality brands. Its membership business model has presented a personalized fashion at half the price of traditional markets. Fabletics has made good use of the extensive market data to create a winning formula.


Many business that focus on e-commerce fail due showrooming. Customers will browse through the online sales and ultimately purchase cheaper items in different places. Fabletics changed this business model by first focusing on discounts. The membership program performed by the firm allows members to stay with Fabletics for long. Most members that shop with Fabletics are willing members that pay for the membership fee. They instantly get discounts when they shop for items at any price.


JustFab Inc. is the parent company of Fabletics. JustFab was recently ranked position 98 in the Top 500 retailer guide. The company has several plans to expand to other retail locations. The company has since opened a new location in the Mall of America. Fabletics has become highly successful. The company received $250 million in sales for the year 2016. In a recent interview, the group leader released information about the company’s strategy to open new stores. Although he did not give information on the exact location, he offered a glimpse to areas his team seem fit.


Fabletics marketing strategy has been through online data received by the company from malls and competitor data. The company makes use of mega shopping areas and installs a new business. For instance, the Mall of America receives close to 40 million buyers every year. Fabletics has built stores in these areas to get the large number of customers. Fabletics focuses on a simple membership model to get and retain customers. Regular clients who join the VIP membership get discounts for their monthly collection.

Starting a Business From Nothing

There are a lot of people today who have a dream of starting their own business. Starting a company is never easy, but it is possible if you work hard and have a plan in place for success. Over the long term, planning is vital for your success. Many people today go into a new business thinking it will be easy. Don Ressler is someone who has started a variety of companies and taken them to the next level. If you want to learn how to build a great company, he is a great person to learn from.

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Don Ressler

From the time he was young, Don Ressler has always thought about how he could impact the world in a positive way. Don Ressler is a part of the new age of business leaders who want to have a big economic impact along with a big social impact in the world. This is where the good can happen within the economy. If you want to invest in a business, you need to have capital and funding in place to do so. Don Ressler is someone who has done a great job of growing his business over the long term. Even when he has had little funding or capital to work with, he has found a way to make things work.


When it comes to investing in a new business, you need to think about all of the long term challenges that are coming your way. Many people today do not understand how difficult it is to start a company from the ground up. With all of the technology changes in the economy, you have to be constantly innovating in order to keep up. In addition, many people today are looking for ways to enhance their life through owning a company. If you do not have a solid plan, you will end up hurting yourself more than helping. Don Ressler was always able to make things work because he had a plan in place to do so. Make sure you do as well. Don Ressler is the perfect example of why raising capital to start a business is so important.

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Working Closely with a Spiritual Teacher as the Kabbalah Centre

Developing a sense of spirituality is something that many people aspire to do as they go through life. They know that it is important for them to be able to develop a connection with the part of them that is eternal and will always exist. They also know that it important to feel connected with the entire world in front of them including the part that is not seen. This sense is something that each person must learn to discover for themselves in some sense. And yet it also a journey that can be undertaken with help from other people. This is a fact that those who work with the Kabbalah Centre fully understand. They know that a journey of this magnitude is best undertaken with outside help from those who know much about developing an inner sense of spirituality. They know they can offer guidance to all those who reach out to them for help with this tremendously important life task.


A Spiritual Teacher

At the Kabbalah Centre, people here dedicate their whole lives to the world of spirit. They know that there are so many ways that people can learn to look inside and find out what it is that they can study in order to help bring out their own feelings of connection with the world that is inside of them. A spiritual teacher can lead members of the group in study as often as they want. This allows the person to determine how best to develop their own personal understanding of the world of the spirit and work it well. Reaching out to others also means reaching out to a wider world, one that many people have trod before them in so many ways. A person may discover how it is possible to develop what they know already burns deep inside of them. This spiritual energy is something that each member of the Kabbalah Centre team works hard to discover. They can show any student where they journey begins and what lies ahead for them as they continue along this ancient and yet modern path.


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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is the Colorful Make-Up for the Not Nervous Women

About Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Doe Deere had an early artistic childhood. She was an imaginative kid and would play with paints on her body. Doe would also put lots of color into her accessories and clothes. She lately loves the way his customers admire playing with makeup. Doe designed her brand’s name in 2004 after creating the first online store. She called the store Lime Crime which favored her green color of choice. Lime Crime has had much to offer since then.


Lime Crime goes beyond the Ordinary Makeup Standards

Many people have seen Facebook and Instagram pictures of Doe with a beautifully painted face. You might also have seen the lime crime products that she advertises in the pictures. Doe is a great upcoming entrepreneur. She is listed among the Self-Made Magazine wealthy personalities. Her brand is based on a fraction of personalities ready to go beyond the usual face makeup and cosmetics conventions. Lime Crime is only for the people with the greatest passion for color. You just won’t make it to Lime Crime unless you are passionate about it. They are intended to place that perfect shade of smile on your face. These products include nail polishes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. The brand has already taken the internet by storm. The brand is ever majestic, and it is here to stay. Lime Crime has been revolutionized into the most modern beauty e-commerce brand.


Doe Deere Shares Entrepreneurial Tips

Doe has encountered many business challenges as an upcoming entrepreneur. The internet is the most mysterious place. She would often get grave reviews on her products which are quite frustrating during the initial business startups. She often thinks of selecting another subtle and palatable name for the company. She laments the internet for being both a lovely and harsh world. She suggests that business startups embrace their initial hurdles to turn them into their winning solutions. She says that while anonymous factions may decide to analyze commodities faultily, business uses those moments as learning points for future sensation. Doe implies that problems are always part of the success journey. She gives a recommendation for startup entrepreneurs to take up revolutionary strategies that can help to transform products into digital quality performing brands. Doe’s products can be acquired on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can reach her on Facebook, on Twitter: @doedeere and at, on Instagram.

Eric Lefkofksy Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur best known for his involvement in companies such as Groupon and Tempus. ( Lefkofsky was raised in Southfield, Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High School. He furthered his education at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. In 1993, Lefkofsky earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. While still in attendance at the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky began selling carpet to earn money on the side.

Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Lefkofsky has started many projects with his college friend Brad Keywell. Their first business endeavor was established in 1993 when the duo purchased the Brandon Apparel clothing line in Madison, Wisconsin. Separate from Keywell, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings in 2001. The business focused on print services for smaller companies and grew rapidly within its first year. InnerWorkings entered into the stock market and was publicly traded in 2006.

Lefkofsky continued to found several successful companies throughout his career. In 2007, he started his most successful project to date. started out as an e-Commerce website that eventually grew into the world-renowned Groupon company. Over the next few years, countless investors would provide millions of dollars in funding to Lefkofsky’s company. In fact, Forbes declared Groupon as the fastest growing company in history.

The Tempus technology company has been Lefkofsky’s most recent endeavor. He co-founded the company in 2016 in an effort to revolutionize the way cancer is treated. Tempus utilizes data-driven technology and analysis to give doctors a more specialized approach to cancer treatment. With proprietary technology and unique methods, Tempus is able to provide doctors with a deeper understanding of each patient’s cancer. Doctors and other health-care providers are then able to customize treatments for each individual. This specialization makes for more effective treatments overall.

As a resident of Chicago, Lefkofsky has always been very active within his community. He serves on the board of directors for the Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and The Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkofsky also serves as co-chairman for the Technology Council of World Business Chicago. In 2008, he also joined the committee petitioning to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago. The historical Steppenwolf Theatre Company appointed Lefkofsky as a Trustee member as well.

Along with his business ventures, Eric Lefkofsky is also very active philanthropically. The Lefkofsky Foundation was founded by Eric and his wife, Elizabeth. Through this foundation, the couple works with different organizations and charities to give back to the community both locally and globally. Since its creation in 2006, the Lefkofsky Foundation has worked with over 50 different organizations. Eric and Elizabeth Lefkofsky support efforts around the world with focuses on education, science and charitable work.

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Jason Halpern – Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

Jason Halpern is the Principal of JMH Development, a leading real estate development company in the U.S. The company creates luxury properties primarily in the residential marketplace, with a few in hospitality and mixed uses. They have been mainly involved with properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. Jason and his team are involved in all stages of development, from due diligence and developing a strategy to building design and construction. They are committed to delivering high quality and luxurious properties to the communities they serve. The firm is heavily involved with projects with historic preservation as a primary focal point.


Jason is a real estate developer, who learned the tricks of the trade from his father who, spent many years in the business. Jason work with his family until starting JMH Development in 2010/. They currently have over $500 million invested in the state of New York, including a project at 184 Kent. This historic building, constructed in 1913, was once the Austin Nichols Company, the largest grocer in the U.S. at the time. This was for many years, an old warehouse that has been turned into 340 luxury apartments. The historic integrity of the building was preserved. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. JMH Development added nine luxury town-homes to the Brooklyn area, with the Cobble Hill Project. It has four renovated historic units and five newly constructed units.


Recently, the Aloft South Beach, a 235-room hotel was finished in Miami Beach. The hotel is the first new hotel in the area since 2009. The rooms in the hotel average over 360 square feet, quite a bit larger than most other hotel rooms in the region. The hotel offers a prime, waterfront location, with access to the Collins Canal. It is a block from Miami Beach. It is surrounded by nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. It has an outdoor pool, roof deck lounge and a 24-hour fitness center available to guests.


In addition to his work projects, Jason is involved in charitable work also. He supports the Joe; A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. It is a Level I Center. He is involved with Habitat for Humanity also. He is a devoted father to his eleven-year-old son as well. He hopes to pass on to his son, the experience and knowledge his father passed to him.


Naomi Campbell: The Role Model that Revolutionized Fashion

From the fashion runway to television performance, supermodel Naomi Campbell will never cease to amaze us with her beauty and talent for being a successful producer, businesswoman, and activist for noble causes around the world. Naomi’s generous heart won the affection of Nelson Mandela, who named her his “Honorary Granddaughter.”

From her first steps as a dancer, which included appearing in one of legendary Bob Marley’s music videos, Naomi blossomed into a gracious model who gained wide recognition at only 15 years of age. A London native, Naomi is a proven queen of elegance, beauty, and talent.

Her iconic looks will never go out of style. Even when she distanced herself from the fashion world, Naomi always incorporates her great taste in outfits with the latest trends. Her unmistakable flair is present everywhere she goes, including going on a casual date with her friend, singer Usher, to accompanying her prestigious friends, Baroness Amos and Edward Enninful, to the Buckingham Palace.

The story of Naomi Campbell is inspirational. She was the first black model to appear on the covers of influential magazines TIME and Vogue France and Russia, and the first British black model on British Vogue. It’s no coincidence that she’s graced the covers of over 500 exclusive magazines around the world, earning her the admiration of exquisite brands and fans.

Aside from modeling, Naomi has captured the attention of the television industry and has appeared alongside legendary stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson. Recently, she’s starred on popular TV shows like American Horror Story and Empire.

At 46, Naomi still stuns with her exotic goddess figure. The cameras always seem to catch a confident Naomi, including this year in New York City at the Museum of Modern Art, where she showed off her toned physique in a modern cutaway gown on the red carpet at the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards.

Charm, class, and grace describe Naomi’s signature style that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s but continues to be glorified in fashion. Naomi Campbell is a fascinating role model on and off the runway.

John Goullet Encourages Diversant’s Employees to be Proactive in their Work

John Goullet is an IT staffing specialist who has worked as the principal executive of Diversant LLC for six years. John Goullet studied computer science at the Ursinus College from 1979 to 1983 and attained a bachelor’s and master’s degree. After school, his first IT job entailed consultancy. He decided to focus his career on IT staffing because of the rapid growth in emerging IT staffing companies back in the 1990s.

Goullet Establishes Info Technologies

Goullet founded Info Technologies as a company that provides IT solutions to the top 500 companies in the United States. His passion for the emerging IT staffing technologies inspired him to start the company, which grew tremendously and grossed at 30 million US Dollars, five years after its establishment. Goullet’s company received praise from Inc. Magazine. It managed to secure a number 8 position on Inc. Magazine’s list for the fastest growing 500 privately managed firms in the U.S.

Diversant Merges with Info Technologies

Throughout his career, Goullet was passionate about providing reliable solutions to the ever-changing IT sector. One of the most successful initiatives that he undertook to follow his passion involved merging Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s Diversant. This merger gave birth to a new company known as Diversant LLC. Goullet serves as the company’s principal executive while Waddy serves as the CEO. He also serves on the company’s advisory board as the chair. The advisory board usually offers insights on strategic planning. It also evaluates the company’s performance on an annual basis.

As the principal executive, Goullet ensures that Diversant’s employees develop reliable IT solutions. He categorizes teamwork as one of the virtues that employees should have when working in a company. He encourages Diversant’s staff to come up with original and transformative ideas that will enhance the company’s performance. He also expects new employees of Diversant to have discipline and respect as professional virtues. Under Goullet and Waddy’s leadership, Forbes Magazine placed Diversant LLC on the list of the Fortune 500 companies. The company is also accredited as a Minority Owned Enterprise. Its services range from direct hire to IT staffing.

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Brian Torchin Helps the Medical Professionals

Brian Torchin is able to help people who need staff in the business that they are in. The medical industry is not excluded and they are able to get what they want out of the services that he has offered them through the various staffing agencies that he works with.

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin encourages medical professionals to use staffing agencies. He knows that this will allow them to find quality staff and to save time when it comes to making the money that they need off of the staff. He wants them to be able to get what they want for their business and to be able to acquire a team of staff that is high-quality.

He wants the businesses to succeed and he knows that the right way for him to be able to do it is through the medical staffing resources that he has with his staffing agencies.

When it comes to helping things out for businesses, Brian Torchin wants people to use staffing agencies. They are able to save money on employees, save time on training and ensure that the staff is doing the right thing for the business. This allows them to make sure that they are doing things right and that things are as efficient as possible.

While Brian Torchin works with a lot of medical companies, he also provides staffing opportunities to other businesses that need to have a lot of different staff on their team because of the way that he does things.

It can sometimes be hard for businesses to find the staff that they are looking for. Either they are not able to find high-quality employees or any employees at all. This can pose a big problem for the businesses and can make them not able to do the things that they should want to be able to do with their business.

When it comes to staffing, one of the best things that Brian Torchin has for businesses is staffing agencies. He knows that this is the key to getting a great team and getting employees who truly care about the work they do.