The Unique Sound of Norka Luque Dominates the Music Airwaves

There is always a Latin artist trying to break into the mainstream entertainment community. Over four decades ago it was the Miami Sound Machine featuring the vocals of Gloria Estefan (Gloria María Fajardo García). In 1999, the spotlight was on Ricky Martin. Other artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Selena Gomez have also walked the path.

As of now, the spotlight is on Norka Martinez Luque. This Venezuelan singer was born in Caracas on February 7, 1986. She developed an interest in singing as a child, and her parents encouraged her to take piano, dance and voice training. She even took part in competitions such as the “The Golden Voice” and the “School Festival of Gaitas” – Venezuelan folk music contest.

After completing her early education, she moved to France to pursue higher education. She majored in Business Administration and graduated with diplomas in Fashion, Culinary Arts, and Marketing. During her time as a student, she stayed in touch with her musical ambition by joining a band, “Bad Moon Rising.” They would tour France performing in different gigs. Her time with the band enabled her to get a taste of the European music community.

Norka Luque’s big break

Norka’s big break came when she met the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. Emilio agreed to work with Norka after he heard her sing. Emilio together with Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitán, and Luigi Giraldo produced Norka’s first album. This album quickly became a success.

“Como lo haces tú” was her first single from the album. The song became an instant hit in the Latin music community and Norka got a nomination for Best Pop Female Artist of the Year in the “Premios Lo Nuestro.” At the beginning of 2012, Norka premiered her second single “Milagro.”The song amusingly blended the Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors, making it a masterpiece.

“Milagro” was produced in three versions; salsa version, dance version and urban remixed version. The salsa version held the top position in Venezuela charts for 14 straight weeks. The dance version remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario climbed to the 11th position on the Billboard Dance Club. The urban remixed version was a massive success and dominated the airwaves in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Her latest single is “Tomorrowland.” She is currently working in on its re-launch later this year.

Norka Luque is heading the right direction. She has a team of great producers and songwriters by her side. As of now, we can say that her success is almost a guarantee.

Securus Technologies: Investigator Pro 4.0

Securus Technologies recently announced the release of JLG Technologies‘ new “Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice”. For those not familiar with the company, fret not. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serve over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities agencies. The company is said by some online sources to be the leading provider of criminal and civil justice tech solutions for corrections, investigation, monitoring and public safety.

The new Investigator Pro 4.0 software allows users to choose a recorded voice sample from either a caller or a prisoner’s phone call and utilize said sample to locate all other telephone calls that include that same voice. Additionally, the software aids in the discovery of various high interest, gang-related and other criminal activities through the identification of a called party via voice. The COO (chief operating officer) at JLG confirmed this. He told PRNewswire the program “also identifies other inmates that may have called that party,” adding that it “brings a new level of bio-metric sophistication” to the business and can even help “stop crime before it happens.”

The Investigator Pro 4.0’s searchable voice feature doesn’t just trace a PIN, an ID or a phone number. It allows users to put a tail on an individual’s voice. An investigator can also learn who all is speaking to one specific party, if the person was ever an incarcerated inmate and if any present day prisoners speaking to a released inmate as well.

This feature can also be used in conjunction with various other analytic features like voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging. Some online experts consider the Investigator Pro 4.0 software to be both a powerful and sophisticated weapon in crime prevention. They specifically praise the software for discovering criminal networks being run via various inmate telephone systems.

Seattle Genetics Is Kicking Cancers Butt, One Treatment At A Time

Cancer is a hard pill to swallow. For both patients and loved ones, the reality of the complex illness is frightening. Over the last decade, we have seen a rise in cancer patients both young and old, and of all ethnicities. For years, chemotherapy has been the most commonly used cancer treatment procedure. While several patients choose this option, chemotherapy introduces several toxic side effects to the human body. Being educated about the effects of chemotherapy is important, and having other options can possibly help improve both the quality and longevity of each patient’s life.

Seattle Genetics is a well known biotechnology company committed to delivering innovative alternative cancer treatment solutions to patients all over the world. They are considered world leaders in antibody-based cancer treatment therapies and ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates). With ADC therapy, cancer cells are targeted and executed with the help of cell-killing agents without the use of radiation. The new innovative treatment therapy is designed to avoid non cancerous cells, prompting a decrease in toxic side effects and tumor growth.

ADCETRIS is the first in a series of new ADC treatment therapies from Seattle Genetics. ADCETRIS targets the protein CD30, which is present is Hodgkin lymphoma and systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma. In a clinical trial conducted in 2010, Seattle Genetics concluded that nearly 95% of patients experienced tumor reduction activity, and nearly half of patients achieved either complete or partial remission. Overall, patients who choose ADCETRIS for treatment saw a significant improvement in symptoms related to Hodgkin lymphoma.

Clay Siegall helped launch Seattle Genetics in 1998 and currently serves as President, Chairman and CEO of the company. After earning his Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington University, Siegall began to build his professional reputation and establish his name in the pharmaceutical industry. He has extensive training and experience in science in relation to biotechnology and cancer treatment therapies. It is through his guidance that Seattle Genetics landed its current position at the top for cancer treatment therapies.

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Norka Luque – Well-Known Venezuelan Model/Singer with Ties to Emilio Estefan

Norka Luque is a well-known Venezuelan singer and model whom has worked with some of the top producers such as Emilio Estefan. She was born in Venezuela, but currently lives in Miami. She was born Norka Dubrazka, but adopted the stage name Norka Luque as it was a nickname given to her by her mother. She has had many great figures in her life whom have influenced her – these include: Emilio Estefan and Juanes. These are two of the most popular Latin American singers/songwriters and are certainly a great influence to Norka as she begins her career Latin Music. She studied in France, but currently lives in Miami – which is a city where she is able to gain exposure to some of the top Latin talent in the world. The subjects which she studied in France include culinary arts and business administration – these are two subjects which certainly could have a positive impact upon her career.

She has a sweet personality because she brings out an air of positive vibes. This is what attracts so many people to her music as it shows off her youthful and vibrant personality. Her sweet personality is a great asset for all of those whom follow her music as it’s able to draw others in. Her music is also very international – it combines themes from the Caribbean and Mediterranean and are designed to inspire others to success.

Her first success was the hit single “Tomorrowland,” which is a song that made hit status because it brings out many of the themes that young people are looking for. It’s a fun electronic dance beat, and is about love. It’s a song that you can’t help but dance to, and has gotten many views on popular sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and other pages.

Norka’s other song is Milagro, which is another Spanish-language song which is also a song which combines cultures. Milagro has the ability to captivate audiences with its beautiful imagery and lyrics. The strongest aspect of the video is simply the videography which the video expresses in it’s scenes of cities and cultures.

As a talented Venezuelan, she has also been in contact with names such as Shakira and Natalia Jimenez. These talented people have had such an impact on her career as to influence and motivate her in a positive manner. Without a doubt, much success is expected from Norka in the future as she continues with her musical career.

A Look Into The Growth And Establishment Of Don Ressler’s JustFab

Don Ressler has achieved a lot of success establishing and running startups in different areas of business. Most of his ideas have been based on online marketing and, therefore, all the businesses he has launched have used the internet as a marketing platform. His desire for success began more than a decade ago when he launched his first startup, Ressler later sold the business in 2001 to Intermix Media to raise capital for his next idea.

In his second attempt, he joined hands with the COO of Intermix Adam Goldenberg and they formed Alena Media, which was offering marketing services to performing and ecommerce businesses. Their services earned millions and they opted to sell the business in 2005 to News Corp to raise capital for a bigger venture.

Understanding Don Ressler possessed the skills to succeed in the online performance advertising field, the duo came up with an idea to create a brand building enterprise that could be run autonomously. They gathered all former Alena members and convened for brainstorming, which led to the birth of Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty began offering skincare and cosmetics products and two years after its launch, they established a weight loss system referred to as SENSA on The two systems generated revenues to the tune of millions and in 2008, they got $43 million from Technology Crossovers Ventures to fund their expansion.

2010 was time to come up with additional systems under Intelligent Beauty, so Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg launched JustFab, an online retail subscription store.

About JustFab
JustFab, launched in March 2010, is an online store that operates a subscription system. The company has developed and acquired other businesses, becoming the biggest online subscription store in Europe and America. JustFab changed to TechStyle, and the company was in the process of expanding to reach wider markets.

This led them to seek funds amounting to $33 million from Matrix Partners in 2011. The company would later receive $76 million in 2012 from different venture capitals to fund expansion into other international markets like Canada, the UK and Germany.

In January 2013, the company moved on to acquire FabKids, which would operate separately and independently. FabKids is a retail subscription store just like JustFab and despite the similarity in names, the two were differently owned companies before the merger. JustFab also acquired other businesses in the same line like Fabletics, an online subscription retail that deals with athletic wear. Fabletics was launched by Kate Hudson in 2013 and she joined hands with Adam Goldenberg and Ressler during the formation of the company.

Following Igor Cornelsen Tips for Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a strong investor that has managed to help a lot of other investors like myself. I have been looking for a chance to invest in Latin American culture, and Cornelsen has blazed a trail that has helped with a lot of Brazilian stocks.

The big thing that people have to realize about Brazil is that everything is about Brazilian government. When impeachments occur this will affect the stock market. There are also red tape regulations. All of this is something that Igor Cornelsen warns people about. That is why I have been a fan of his tips over the years. He has been able to provide a lot of sound advice that is helping me build a better portfolio for myself. I would encourage anyone that is trying to maximize their return on investment to engage Brazilian investing. The first steps to this diversity in portfolios begins with investment advice from Igor.

The best thing about using his investment advice is that he provides sound information in a way that everyone can understand. Igor Cornelsen doesn’t beat around the bush and use a lot of complicated examples. I think this may be the thing that sets him apart from the rest. He has been able to provide the advice for free and present it in a simple way that anyone can understand.

The average person that seeks investment advice will discover that there are a lot of people that are willing to give information. The downside is that most of these people want to charge for the information on This is often the case with them finance gurus that have books and videos that provide advice. Another downside of this so-called expert advice is the simple fact that this is all generic information. No one really pinpoints any specific region that has opportunities for maximizing your portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen is certainly a step above the rest because he takes the time to maximize your earning potential by providing specific steps to Brazilian investment abilities.

I have seen a lot of people in the workforce that spend a lifetime working only to retire and find that they have not saved enough to enjoy their retirement. I have seen many of these people go back to work and start new jobs simply because they did not take the time to invest wisely. I think that Igor has the ability to help a lot of people that may be dreading the thought of saving for retirement.
Before Igor Cornelsen I felt like all may have been lost when it came to investing. Today I have learned that investing in something that one can do with comfort if they have good advice to follow.

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Helane Morrison Lessons Throughout Her Career

Helane Morrison has held many positions throughout her distinguished career, all of which have allowed her to build a unique skill set to handle her current position at Hall Capital Partners LLC.

First, Helane Morrison worked as a law clerk to Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner of the court of Appeals. Eventually, however, she moved up in the law world.

She went on the practice law at Howard, Rice, Nemorovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986-1996. In this span, she was eventually promoted to partner in 1991. While practicing, she was involved in business litigation, defense of private securities, internal corporate investigations and SEC matters. She had a look at the legal world and how it related to regulating major firms and the financial industry.

Eventually, in 1997, she moved on the work at the SEC. For nearly ten years, Morrison was the head of the San Francisco Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In this position, she worked again on litigation matters and regulatory compliance practices throughout the region. This time, however, she worked from a more business-centric perspective than when she worked at the law firm.

She represents the SEC on legal issues and business relations. During her time, she dealt with fraud cases with executives at major companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, NextCard Inc, and HBO. One of her major achievements was exposing the fraud and false securities practices of an insurance company that served over 50,000 military personnel.

In 2007, Morrison moved on to Hall Capital as one of the company’s Executive Committee members. She currently holds the position of Chief Compliance Officer of one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco.

Throughout her career, she has learned how individuals in the United States have lost faith in the workings of the financial industry. They have felt scammed out of their money every since the economic downturn of 2008. As a result, they moved their money away from the industry and into their own hands.

Morrison is working to gain back the trust of the people. She is trying her hardest to examine and investigate all firms and operations that she advises her clients to use. She makes sure there are no malpractices going on and that the firm truly is most interested in clients.

Overall, Helane Morrison is most concerned for her clients and how they feel about the financial industry.

Whistleblowers Can Report Cases Through Attorneys

Financial regulation served as the only solution to control violations of the federal securities laws after the long and severe recession of the U.S. economy. This saw the Congress enact the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. This Act was the most effective amendment passed since the Great Depression. The enacted Protection Act established many significant reforms. One of the crucial reforms is a program that offered employment security and monetary protection to employees responsible for monitoring those who break the federal securities laws and report them to Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Labaton Sucharow, led by Jordan A. Thomas, became the first law firm in the U.S. to establish a practice specifically designed to protect and support whistleblowers. Jordan is a former assistant director as well as assistant chief litigation counsel at SEC. He served in the division of enforcement. The whistleblowers team includes trained financial analysts, investigators and experienced forensic accountants with vast knowledge in federal and state law enforcement. Jordan played a pivotal role in developing the newly enacted law. He also contributed in writing the draft of the proposed legislation and establishing the rules.

The new rules stated that whistleblowers were required to be paid 10-30% of the finances collected after a successful SEC enforcement action involving cases where finances exceed $1 million. In relation to other law enforcement organizations, whistle blowers may also receive additional awards depending on the monetary sanctions acquired. In addition, the Protection Act protects whistleblowers against retaliation by their employers. This was made possible by allowing the whistleblowers to be represented by an attorney.

Since whistleblowers are regarded as disloyal by the society, they fear to report securities violations to avoid retaliation or social stigma. The Dodd-Frank Protection Act allows whistleblowers to report cases anonymously through attorneys who are required to provide a signed copy of their counsel. Before presenting the case to the SEC, an attorney has to check and clarify the report of the whistleblower. The attorney also recommends the highest possible financial awards if the submitted case is successful. Whistleblowers are required to disclose their identity to the Securities Exchange Commission before receiving the money.

For more information about anonymous reporting, eligible whistleblowers can contact the SEC Whistleblower advocate team on their website, They may also use mail, phone or electronic submissions. Initial consultations are free and whistleblowers are advised to keep their identities discrete. Language translation services are also available for international whistleblowers. This information was originally mentioned on SEC Whistleblower’s advocate as explained in the following link

The Benefits Of Image Recognition Technology


Are you looking for information about image recognition technology? Do you want to learn more about this amazing technology and the slew of benefits it offers? When it comes to finding out all about image recognition, look no further than Slyce image recognition technology.

There have been many headline references of image recognition tools, but how exactly do these tools work, and how are they benefiting businesses? Image recognition technology has benefited businesses and organizations tremendously and is being used in many different applications.

Image recognition involves the identification and detection of a feature or an object in a video or digital image. This concept is used in several applications like systems for security surveillance, toll booth monitoring, and factory automation.

Slyce visual search or image technology enables shoppers to purchase products they see in the real world, such as in magazine ads, print catalogs and on billboards. This technology is also application online – it is used in matching a photo of an item on a site like Pinterest.

Image recognition tools are compatible with computers and cameras that are already in use by airports and banks. The program is used to provide speedy security screening for airport passengers who volunteer information. These tools help to complete a security threat assessment, verifying the individual by their facial features.

Other potential applications include check-cashing and ATM security. This amazing software is designed to quickly verify a person’s face. With the customer’s consent, the check-cashing kiosk or ATM captures a digital image of him. A faceprint of the photograph is then generated to protect customers against fraudulent transactions and identity theft. By using this image recognition software for capturing facial images, there is no need to ask for a bankcard or picture ID as verification of a customer’s identity. Businesses use this technology in preventing fraud from occurring.

Slyce has been developing and refining image recognition tools and systems and is considered the authority in the field. Slyce and their visual search technology, are having a great impact on the future of commerce and internet use, as well as creating new standards for customer engagement.

With a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, Slyce is a clear choice for anyone looking for the best image recognition technology tools. Visit Slyce at their website and get in touch with them for more information.

How The Midas Legacy Ensures That Its Members Are Prosperous

The Midas Legacy is a highly competent and organized company that majorly deals with property management services and offers guidance on how to be successful. The main offices of the company are located in Winter Garden, Florida. The company serves different types of clients, and they include individuals who want to prosper and retire quickly, anyone who would like to be cured using natural remedies, developing investors, and people who are in need of internal happiness and peace. The Midas Legacy has a primary goal of making sure that the success dreams of it clients have come true. It also has a strategy of ensuring that its aims are attained. The company on Talk Radio West funds talented members who have the potential of transforming the lives of people who are in sectors such as finance, natural health, real estate and entrepreneurship.

The company commences the process of making the client successful from the first day of consulting. Once a customer is registered he or she is issued with a Midas Code, which serves as a guidebook to success. The organization has a team of high skilled and experienced professionals on Deal Biscuit who offer guidance to individuals in different sectors. They include wealthy entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, stock market shareholders and specialists in various industries. All experts who serve The Midas Legacy are committed to making the client successful.

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Midas Legacy Experts

Natural Cures

The Midas Legacy’s foremost experts are Sean Bower, Mark Edward, and Jim Samson. Jim Samson is a well-established entrepreneur, renowned bestselling author, and a trader. He has served in the real estate industry for more than twenty years, and therefore, he has enough knowledge about the industry. Sean Bower offers advice to the company’s clients on the capital markets since he has been a business journalist for many years and has sufficient information about the sector. His articles have been cited by magazines such as the Japan’s Nikkei, the Yahoo Finance and the International Business Times. Mark Edward has knowledge on natural health, and therefore, he helps anyone who would like to be cured using natural means.

Corporate social responsibility at The Midas Legacy is very active. Hence, the company is a benefactor of various community programs. The Florida Sheriffs Association has the firm as its Gold Business Member, and it receives donations from it. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital also gets funds to help it in fighting childhood cancer. Another organization that fights cancer in children is the Give Hope Foundation, which is located in Central Florida and it is also a beneficiary of the company’s program. Other organizations that have The Midas Legacy as their sponsor are the Wounded Warrior Project and American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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