Securus Highlghts Globel-Tel Integrity Breaches

In an attempt to cooperate with the Louisiana Public Service Commission and to publicly shame Global-Tel inc. into providing better services, Securus has released a series of information. This information is provided in a series of press releases, and provides insight into some of the illegal and shady practices that Global-Tel has been engaging in.

Globel-Tel is a multi-million dollar organization that provides telecommunication and other services to inmates in the prison system. In particular, these press releases high light wrongdoings and shady practices that occurred while Global-Tel was the telephone provider for inmates housed by the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Among some of the findings discussed include overcharging by adding time to calls placed by inmates, artificially inflating rates and charges caused by calls placed and programming phones to place calls based on higher rates than allowed by current tariffs and caps in place.

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The wrongdoings and shady practices were discovered when a 17 page letter to the Louisiana Public Service Commission highlighting an investigation into Globel-Tel was released. Securus believes it is important to highlight the shady practices of Global-Tel, because it is important for the telecommunications industry to hold itself to a series of standards and practices that are full of the kind of integrity that they can be proud of. These kinds of practices, such as tacking on additional time to phone calls need to be stopped.

Securus is an agency that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and provides services to a variety of law inforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies around the country. They offer a wide variety of services, including telecommunications services that allow institutions to offer better services and provide better security. Currently they employ over 1,000 people and have contracts with 3,450 law enforcement and public service agencies around the country. In adding to Dallas, they have offices in Allen, Texas; Carollton, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Prolific Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Collector, Historian and Writer

Michael Zomber is well known for his massive antique arms collection. His collection includes arms used by famous people in the history of America like George Washington. After collecting and studying weapons for 40 years, he is highly recognized for his knowledge and authority in weaponry including Japanese samurai swords.

He values the history of each weapon he collects and he expects that the buyer of his weapons will also do the same. He does not only collect weapons physically but he also collects and preserve the story behind each weapon he acquires.

This gives him a high regard as a historian. History Channel has invited him many times to talk in their TV shows. He became a guest historian on History Channel’s show titled “Tales of the Gun.” It was series of shows and in it, he shared his knowledge and expertise about guns.

Michael is also an active writer, with many books available on Amazon. He started writing screenplays through the encouragement of his wife, Andrea. Later on, these screenplays formed the basis of his novels. Most of his novels are historical. He also wrote a non-fiction book titled “Jesus and the Samurai.” It tells the history of Christianity and Buddhism in Japan. You can find some of his written books at

He also produced a documentary film together with his wife. It was titled “Soul of the Samurai.” It was a success and critically acclaimed film. He researched it thoroughly in order to preserve the historical authenticity of the show, and he himself wrote the script of the film. People who show interest in Japan’s history must see this documentary film and read his book “Jesus and the Samurai.”

Michael was born and raised in Washington D.C. He finished his education at University of Illinois graduating cum laude earning him the degrees in English and Psychology. Later on, he completed his masters in English and Literature at UCLA.

Michael Zomber is a man of many talents. He has reached and accomplished many things in life that some people may never reach in their lifetime. Not only is he prolific in his calling, he is also a responsible husband to Andrea, and a loving father to his two children, Gabriella and Christopher.  Everybody is impressed with how Zomber has recovered after his rightfully deserved exoneration.

Brian Bonar Receives The Highest Honor From The Professional Networking Community

The CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar, received the recent executive of the year in finance accolade from Cambridge Who’s Who. This is a great honor to be incorporated into the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who registry.

There are only 2 males and females chosen from each discipline. Based on academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities the honorees are chosen by a selection committee group.

Brian Bonar brings years of management experience within the financial sector to the table and is tasked with the supervising of operations at the Dalrada Corporation.

Brian Bonar has been the CEO and chairman of the company for over 10 years and has been apart of various aftermarket products as well as employee and employer benefits.

The main goal of the Dalrada Corporation is to act as a marketing liaison and to provide its customers with tailored employee programs to maximize business efficiency across the board.

Some of these programs include business management and promotional services, financial management, risk management insurance and employee benefits.

The risk management insurance service also incorporates business liability and workers compensation. Brian Bonar leads a very busy life as he is also the CEO and chairman of Smart Tek Automated Services Inc. as well as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.

Brian Bonar has a diverse background with a very high standard of education. Having received his Bachelors Degree from the James Watt Technical College in Technical Engineering he then went on to do his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious Stafford University.

Brian went on to work at IBM soon after completing his formal education. He held a position as a procurement manager at IBM but soon transitioned to QMS where he became the director of engineering and oversaw the employment of over 100 staff. From QMS Brian moved to Adaptec where he became a sales manager.

This great deal of experience at various companies in his early days inspired Brian Bonar to start his own company which he soon did. The company was known as Bezier Systems. Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

During this time he also worked for a host of other companies including his current position at Dalrada Financial Services as CEO and chairman. Here he gained phenomenal success and was known as a very diligent and caring colleague by his co-workers.

Brian Bonar has experience in many different sectors however his expertize lies in both acquisitions and mergers. His skill set allow him to take a very technical and calculated approach to his business and life.

His engineering background allows for the technical genius side to merge with the creative half.

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IAP: A Trustworthy Company

One company that is worth looking into is a company that is willing to provide some of the most innovative solutions to the most important problems. One such company that offers such solutions is IAP: Ingenuity and Purpose. They have a lot of abilities when it comes to providing quick solutions to problems. They provide a lot of work for the U.S. government. They offer a lot of power solutions for the U.S. military. They make sure that they meet some of the global challenges that are presented to them. They make sure that the technology that they develop for the government is compatible and effective with the tasks they need to accomplish.

IAP Worldwide Services offers a lot of services for their clients. Among the services they offer are Emergency Response, Expeditionary Services, Network & Communications, Logistics & Supply Chain Management and other services. These services have been made possible partially because of a merger of the companies Pan Am, and Johnson Controls. Among the solutions that they offer are energy efficiency solutions. This is very helpful for a lot of different activities such as emergency and mobile power for people that are working in areas that are far from the grid.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia |

Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP has a very helpful philosophy for their clients. They focus on making the mission of their clients the company’s own mission. They also work with a lot of diligence and passion so that they can go beyond expectations. They don’t believe in a standard solution. They instead go for pushing the boundaries of possibility when it comes to providing a solution. IAP strives to provide services at a faster and better rate than other companies that offer similar services. For one thing, they often look at the current methods of solving problems in order to see if they can come up with even more efficient methods.

IAP Worldwide Services is one company that makes it a point to go beyond what is asked. They don’t just settle on doing the bare minimum for satisfaction. They care deeply about their clients and want to make sure that they are getting the best possible service. They are always looking for ways to grow.

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The Resilient Andy Wirth

The concept of resilience revolves around the ability to survive and thrive under the constant shocks and stresses that accompany daily life. In this regard, the human spirit can be ranked as one of the most resilient forces of nature.

Andy Wirth is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He possesses the energy and will to overcome life’s tests and challenges. Take his recent skydiving accident, for example; Andy nearly lost his life in the nasty accident.

Coincidentally, doctors had to amputate his arm after multiple surgeries to save the heavily fractured arm. Andy has been absent from office duty for months due to the injury which means the business has not been regular given his integral role at the Squaw Valley Holdings. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The experience has only reinforced Andy’s will to live and purpose in life. He’s currently undergoing an intense rehabilitation period to regain his fitness. Andy has also been undergoing tests for the possible acquisition of a bionic arm to help him function efficiently. Friends and well-wishers such as the Navy SEALS Foundation have also come to his rescue in his rehabilitation program.

It would have been almost impossible for Andy Wirth to get back up without such a robust and resilient spirit. The Squaw Valley Holdings can now look forward to better days with its Chief Executive Officer back at his desk. Andy Wirth has been a revelation not only for his firm but also the entire hospitality and recreation industry that makes up the economy of the Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe Basin.

Today, Andy Wirth can look forward to participating in upcoming Ironman events. Many consider it a miracle he has regained his fitness. They also marvel at his ability to bounce back and take part in such demanding sports.

On his comeback, Andy broke the news of advanced plans for the construction of a gondola connecting the Squaw and Alpine Ski resorts that fall under his company. The project comes as the most sustainable solution to the infrastructural development challenges emanating from the rough terrain within the valley.

Andy Wirth’s resilient spirit makes him a major stakeholder in the business and social community around the valley. Recently, he has featured in several media outlets this year to address the ongoing drought in California. Read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation and Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

At KCRW for instance, Andy Wirth spoke to Madeleine Brand on Press Play where he gave a first-hand account of the extreme drought on Ski Resorts. Andy revealed that Ski resorts in the area had taken a hit but remained profitable.

During the interview, Andy pleaded with his fellow investors to look for alternatives and observe meteorological reports so as to have enough knowledge to manage the Squaw Valley resources. Learn more about Andy Wirth: .

Bad Articles and Content Must Be Driven Down

The search engines can be enormously supportive of someone wishing to establish a brand identity. Businesses, celebrities, service providers, and even those dedicated to a charitable cause rely on branding. A brand establishes an identity in the eyes of the public.

What happens when the search engine results reflect tons of negative commentary? Basically, branding goes awry. Bad reviews are among the most commonly cited “bad articles” capable of harming a brand or otherwise causing problems. Other sources of trouble can appear in the search engines as well. Lengthy (or even not-so-lengthy) forum threads have the potential to provide a lot of “bad advertisement” for someone. Effectively branding oneself is going to be tough when a chorus of people on a forum have create a long, possibly unfair thread, that speaks poorly of its subject.

And then there are online videos. People love to publish controversial videos to support a click-bait strategy. Click-bait refers to drawing in views to drive up advertising revenue. Negative commentary on these videos seems to attract a lot of views. So, producers of the videos are more likely to post bad reviews. Negative, sadly, does sell.

All of these things end up being indexed in the search engines. Those who are harmed by the massive collection of such negativity in the search engines do have to take action. Contacting Bury Bad Articles might be a smart move. Bury Bad Articles is a new company on the online reputation management scene. The company focuses on creating new content that drives old (negative) content down the search engine rankings. All those stumbling blocks to positive branding are curtailed when such new content is indexed.

Taking proactive steps to fix things that affect marketing and branding is vital to keeping customers and attracting new ones. Addressing troubles with search engines results definitely should be among those steps.