OSI Industries recent expansion plans

In the past five years, OSI Industries has invested heavily in the expansion of its operations in different parts of the globe. The growth started picking up in the 1970s when Sheldon Lavin joined the company as an equal partner. He then rose to the position of chairman and CEO making it even better for the company to focus on international growth. Sheldon Lavin has been the driving force of the company ion its local and international markets. He has taken several measures to boost production as well as the spread of the company’s products in years to come. Here we will look at some of the purchases and acquisitions that have been done by OSI Industries in the past five years.

OSI bought a food plant formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This plant occupies 200,000 square feet of space which creates enough room for OSI to engage in its food production business more effectively. The acquisition of this plant has increased production of products to their market in North America. The new facility is located close to another facility that they owned. The new plant will accelerate the pace of growth for this company in coming years. The Tyson Foods plant was designed for the production of poultry products, but now it is going to be involved even in other production procedures.

The other acquisition that has been made by OSI Industries is the purchase of Flagship Europe. In December 2016, OSI bought this company to increase its presence in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. This plant is responsible for the supply of frozen poultry, distributed pies, and dressing for food service business. After the partnership with OSI, the company was renamed to Creative Foods to show the kind of creativity they apply in production work. Creative Foods had in its parts acquired a company known as Calder Foods just before OSI Industries acquired it.

The acquisition of Creative Foods Europe by OSI will open many opportunities for the company. The firm will have a tighter grip on the market since they have partnered with a globally recognized food company. It will also be able to reach its customers more effectively with the assistance it is receiving from OSI.

On its part, OSI Industries is pleased with the deal since it has opened its products to new markets around Europe. It has also solidified its place as a globally established food company.

Flavio Maluf Dismisses Concerns Over Declining Agribusiness Exports

Flavio Maluf is more than just the CEO of one of the largest exporters of building materials in Brazil, he is also the son of a well-known and beloved Brazilian politician. That makes him more than qualified to comment on the recent report released by the International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply on the state of exports for Brazilian agribusiness. According to the report, there was a 0.7% decrease in exports in comparison to the same period the previous year.

While some may be alarmed at this figure, Maluf painted a very different picture. As the CEO of Eucatex, a leading fabricator of building materials in Brazil, Maluf knows a little bit about exports. In truth, soybeans account for more than half of Brazil’s total agribusiness exports (53.3%). According to the latest survey of the 2017/2018 soybean harvest carried out by the Brazilian Supply Company (Conab), soybean production is actually expected to reach 119 million tons by the end of 2018, which is up 4.2% from the previous crop. Find out more at dino.com

As of June of 2018, Brazil has already shipped 46.27 tons of the grain and generated revenues in excess of $18.4 billion. That alone was an increase of 5.2% in quantity and 10.6% in export value. Cumulatively, that led to an average price increase of 5.1%. In addition, the two largest buyers of Brazilian agribusiness exports are China and the European Union. The EU, currently comprised of 28 countries – also saw a significant increase in soybean sales of US $94.70 million.

While some may view a 0.7% decrease in exports overall as a sign of sluggishness, Eucatex’s CEO seems to see a very different picture. In addition to individual figures, numbers and statistics actually showing exports being on the rise, Maluf also pointed out that the movements reflected in the report were merely a balance of trade in the agribusiness sector which totaled US $8.17 billion (+ 0.7%).

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Sheldon Lavin utilizes the platform at OSI Industries to propagate the message of nature conservation

The 86-year-old Sheldon Lavin is a shrewd businessman who started his career as a financial consultant. He successfully ran financial consultancy firm for more than fifteen years before partnering with the sons of Otto Kolchowsky in OSI Industries in the 70s. Upon taking over as the new owner of the company, Sheldon Lavin has successfully transformed into a multibillion-dollar food processing enterprise.

The acquisition of the premier meat processing and distribution company did not only bring a fortune to Sheldon Lavin, but it also gave him a platform to advance his agenda on environmental conservation. Besides implementing a series of groundbreaking business strategies, the self-made executive has also managed to propagate several eco-friendly ideologies.

Sheldon Lavin transformed the family-owned meat processing company into a multi-million dollar enterprise by taking the company to the international arena. China, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and Austria are some of the countries where OSI Group has managed to stamp its authority as the leader in the processing and distribution of high-quality meat products.

After successfully taking over the meat product market, OSI Group then ventured into the fresh produce realm in 2002. Here, the company focused on supplying high-quality organic produce to their customers to meet the rising demand for healthy and nutritious foods. Soon after, Sheldon Lavin led the company beyond the American border where he has managed to expand his empire through a series of acquisitions.

Under his counsel, OSI Group has managed to make several prudent investments and savvy purchases. Some of the companies that are now under his management include Baho Foods, Select Ready Foods, Hynek Schlachthof, Tyson Food Plant and Creative Foods. Each of these companies has played a key role in bolstering the company’s success outside the U.S borders.

Sheldon’s efforts towards sustainability and environmental conservation
Sheldon has always had the desire to pursue and implement environmentally friendly and economically responsible practices in all the company’s operations. He is an environmental activist where he has served in the board for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Besides being an entrepreneur to the core, Sheldon is also a renowned philanthropist who donates his money, time and resources to various organizations.

Sheldon is also overseeing the modernization of their processing facilities to include modern processing techniques that focus on energy conservation and waste recycling. The recent expansion of their Spain-based poultry processing facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and power efficient machines that utilize energy from renewable sources.

Alex Hern’s Role at Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is the Co-Founder of Tsunami and an established entrepreneur for over 26 years. He is interested in startup companies investment. His immense success is attributed to his hard work and commitment. Alex has also held top managerial positions including working as a director at the renowned Goldman Sachs. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Also, Alex Hern is the founder of an email advertising firm referred to as Yesmail Alex Brown. The company is also involved in web directories. In only ten months the company became a publicly traded out firm and was sold to CMGI at a hefty cost of $650 million.

Alex Hern further served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Military Commercial Technologies. Alex Hern is also one of the founders of the company that was established as a commercialization technological corporation.

Alex Hern has served in the board of directors of ArcSight which is a company that specializes in cybersecurity. The firm later became a public firm and was acquired by Hewlett-Packard at $1.5 billion. Hern was the co-founder of the company. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Alex Hern is remembered to have launched an engineering and technology firm called CloudShield, and the company focuses on carrying out government commercial operations. He served as one of the directors in this firm before it was sold out to SAIC.

Alex Hern thought of Tsunami as a concept after realizing that new software platforms were a need in high demand. This was mainly due to the high GPU capabilities in the early development stage. Alex Hern opposes the art of multitasking, and he advises young entrepreneurs to focus on single tasks before moving to the next. He spends at most 5 hours of his day focusing on his company and looking for new ways to make it better.

Alex Hern is excited about machine learning, AI and graphics application in cloud computing. Alex Hern believes that the meteoric success at Tsunami XR is attributed to these trends. Alex Hern is also interested in reading books, his favorite being “The One Thing.”

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How OSI Group Went from a Humble Beginning to Being a Multinational Enterprise

OSI Group has seen a lot of changes over its history. When this food processing company was established in 1909 it was a retail store specializing in meat-based products with an attached butcher shop. The owner of this company at the time, Otto Kolschowsky, was an immigrant to America and very ambitious. Within 10 years he started to develop a wholesale side of the business and began supplying other butcher shops regionally. In the 1920s he brought his two sons into the business and rebranded his family-owned company as Otto & Sons.

As time went on the wholesale side of the business became the main focus. 1955 was a critical year in the history of OSI Group. It was in that year that Otto & Sons was chosen by Ray Kroc to be his exclusive provider of beef that would be used in his restaurant’s hamburgers and cheeseburgers. For those unfamiliar with Ray Kroc, he was the owner of the very first McDonald’s franchise. Before long he bought McDonald’s as he continued opening more and more locations. As McDonald’s expanded Otto & Sons did so right alongside it. Supplying McDonald’s restaurants rapidly became the primary task of Otto & Sons.

The next fateful year in this company’s history was 1975. Sheldon Lavin, a financial consultant, helped out Otto & Sons and in doing so developed a strong relationship with the founder’s two sons who were still running it. The two sons asked Sheldon Lavin to join the company and so he became its CEO and one of the owners. Under his leadership, the company, now named OSI Group, expanded internationally and can now be found in countries around the world.

OSI Group today is a huge multinational firm that has many customers in both the restaurant and grocery industries. They long since moved beyond just supplying processed beef to their customers. They moved into supplying other proteins such as pork, seafood, and chicken. They also process fruits and vegetables for their customers. Additionally, they create value-added processed food such as pizzas, taquitos, panini, flatbread, frozen entrées, soups, salsa, and more.


Robert Ivy Is The First Architect To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), was honored with the receiving of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time that the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) has bestowed this honor on to an architect. MIAL recognizes artists and patrons of the arts who are connected to the state of Mississippi and whose work is considered to be extraordinary. Robert Ivy joins an elite group of people that includes Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, Eudora Welty, Leontyne Price, and Shelby Foote.

Robert Ivy was recognized for providing the general public, access to architecture. Ivy’s other credits including being a writer, author, and commentator. It is because of those achievements that Ivy was given the Noel Polk Award.

Read more: Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Before joining AIA, Ivy was the editor-and-chief of the Architectural Record, and under his command, the Architectural Record won many awards. Once such award included the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. His bibliography about Fay Jones has gone into its third printing and was recognized by The Art Library Society of North America for its standards of design, production, and scholarship. At AIA, Ivy is responsible for the institution having a global reach. Thanks to his work, American architects are getting a chance to showcase their work all over the world. CEO of AIA is also the only architect in the 21st century to be honored by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architectural fraternity.

Robert Ivy did not start out to be an architecture. He went to school to major in English and received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He received a masters degree in architecture from Tulane University. Before he began his architectural career, he spent time in the Navy as officer.

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Matt Badiali Offers Advice on How To Invest In Canadian Cannabis

In an advice letter to investors posted in his Banyan Hill Publications, Matt Badiali advocated for research ahead of choice in the Canadian cannabis market. The market is set to explode in the wake of Canada’s full legalization of marijuana. Many experts, Badiali included, are already using the term “skyrocket” to describe it. Canada will be the first G7 nation to go full legal on marijuana. So far stateside only thirty states have legalized marijuana, and only eight of those have ventured past medical to recreational. Despite the restrictions the legal market still netted $6 billion dollars last year. Countrywide legalization could be much higher than that, and has set the cannabis market in a frenzy.

According to Badiali, to find success in the cannabis market one simply needs to keep their eye on developments. As stateside investors cannot participate Matt Badiali has some advice for them as well. Invest in an ETF company. There are many stateside that invest in Canadian cannabis. Such businesses will reap large rewards in the market boom, anyone who has bought into an EDF will reap a percentage of those rewards as well. It is a safe, round-about way to take part in cannabis profits, without actually investing in a Canadian company.

Matt Badiali is a investment maestro who offers sound projections and advice to average investors. Like many gurus people listen to him because his advice yields results. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and treks the globe checking up on natural resource companies. Matt Badiali is a geologist, and spent some time working for natural resource companies. He uses his expertise to vet resource businesses, traveling to their operations and taking a look. The information he provides is highly accurate and actionable, and is gleaned from personal experience.

Matt Badiali is a trusted investment source because of his hard work and hands on approach. He is also a charitable expert in that he goes out of his way to alert individuals of the opportunities before them. He is passionate about helping average individuals earn a little financial freedom.

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Winning The Noel Polk Lifetime Award Has Done Robert Ivy Well

The Noel Polk Lifetime Award is not something that is usually given out to individuals from outside the fields of art and performance, but Robert Ivy is the exception. Robert is the first architect to earn the award given out by MIAL in Mississippi. For the past seven years, Robert Ivy has been part of the team at the American Institute of Architects, where he operates as the companies CEO today. His contributions to the company over the years has brought the institute a great deal of attention, not to mention new achievements and growth. When it comes to the Mississippi community, there are few awards that are as high as this one, and not many have had the honor of winning the award over the decades. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Robert is a well-known figure in the world of architecture for his impressive contributions, but he is also a noteworthy writer as well. Throughout the course of his career, Robert has written various books on the field of architecture. With various awards under his belt today, Robert Ivy still holds his teammates to an even higher standard, citing them as one of the biggest reasons he has been able to flourish and realize his goals. Robert and his team are all talented professionals with unique sets of skills, and when they come together they are some of the best in the industry.

In 2011, Robert Ivy joined the AIA, but before then he was working as an editor for McGraw Hill. Not only is Robert a good writer, but his contributions to McGraw allowed them to make an impression all over the globe with one of the leading journals. More opportunities started coming Robert’s way when he won an award with National Magazine. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Despite the companies many leaders over the years, Robert Ivy is one of the best that have taken up the helm. Through Robert and AIA’s efforts, many different people all around the globe now have the opportunity to practice and enjoy architecture. Among the various titles that Robert has won over the past decade, few are as big as the master architect award, which has only had seven recipients in the last century.

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Technology Will Set Pace For Healthcare Solutions, Notes Ara Chackerian

If philanthropy and successful business ventures are anything to go by in the United States, one man stands out, Ara Chackerain. His soft spot for organizing community-based programs has seen his career grow tremendously over the years, where he incorporated a high technology approach on offering healthcare services. Armed with the vast experience, he has gained in the field; Ara Chackerain found his way into various boards located in the Bay Area. However, medical career has not stopped him from having a keen eye on the environment, with his newly-found venture being a teak farm located in Nicaragua. The farm dubbed Limonapa Teak conserves the environment through the use of practices that are friendlier. Furthermore, the farm has gone a long way in creating employment opportunities for the local youths.


In a recent interview by Patch, Ara Chackerain gave wind of his new-found firm, TMS Health Solutions which taps the spree in technological advancements to offer healthcare solutions. With the aid of a partner, he established diagnostic radiology centers across Northern California with the aim of providing top-notch medical services through the safest, most comfortable and economical way. A decade later, their efforts bore fruits with the successful invention of the transcranial magnetic stimulator, a magnetic device that lowers the acute effects of depression. Through the use of the stimulator, psychiatric patients will rest assured of complete healing as it will go hand in hand with oral therapy and medication. The program has stretched across San Francisco and Sacramento. You can visit Vimeo for more.


Chackerain adds that the technological advancement across the globe is a blessing to the healthcare industry since it has led to the rise of healthcare mobile applications and medicine, which patients can easily access remotely. With the cases of suicide rising day by day, talk therapy has opened up the hearts of many whom before this invention, found it difficult to talk about it. According to statistics, at least 45,000 Americans commit suicide yearly. The suicide menace cuts across people from different walks of life, the recent being Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain who were renowned international celebrities.


Ara Chackerain notes that committing suicide affects one’s family exponentially as they are more often subjected to stigmatization from those around them. They feel a sense of guilt due to the inability to forestall loved ones from taking their own lives. However, ample communication between individuals has been put in the limelight as one of the easiest and safest way to foresee the contemplation of loved words to end their lives.



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Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Bradesco uprising

Mr Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Bank, one of the largest banks in Brazil. A graduate of philosophy, sciences and letters from the University of Sao Paulo. He has also held various positions; Chief Executive Officer, Bradesco subsidiaries, Chairman of the Board of Representatives and President of the Board of Executive Officers. Read more about Trabuco at globo.com. He was a member of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Federation of Banks and held high positions in various companies and associations worldwide. Trabuco began his career at a tender age of 17 as a clerk at the bank of Bradesco. He was assigned to various tasks until he became the marketing director for an eight-year period before moving up to the CEO position. During his working period in the different banking system departments, Trabuco understood better the banking operations than anyone else as it was evident in his leadership and analytical skills.

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In 2003, he was appointed the President of the Bradesco Seguros, which included eight more companies. He helped Bradesco acquire the Brazilian branch of HBSC for 5.2 billion dollars in 2015, a move which earned them market dominance over their rivals. This acquisition was considered the largest business of the year in Brazil which saw Trabuco accorded various awards like being elected the entrepreneur of the year in the finance sector and top 100 most influential Brazilians in the country. After appointment as the Chairman to the Board of Directors of Bradesco, he initiated lending programs to small-scale business owners and offering loans to foreign students. It made a great impact on the lives of small business owners since the loan program was not offered by any other major bank. He turned Bradesco to be the leading financial service provider. The bank has enjoyed dominance until recently its closest rival, Itaú Unibank took charge. His retirement has been announced though he will see through his term as the President of the executive board.He plans to dedicate his time to working with charities all over the country and spending time with family and friends. Visit istoedinheiro.com to know more.