Paul Mampilly: Investment Genius

Paul Mampilly, it all started in 1991 as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank on Wall Street. He quickly moved up the ranks to more prominent positions in companies like ING and Banker’s Trust where he oversaw multi million dollar accounts. Then, in 2006, the owners of a 6 billion dollar firm hired him to be the key manager of their hedge fund and that is where Paul Mampilly really became successful. Soon after his hiring, the company’s assets shot through the roof and reached 25 billion dollars. Since then, he has retired from that stage to pursue something he feels more strongly about, helping everyday average joe’s invest in the stock market. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

So what are Paul Mampilly’s picks for this year? Well, first he recommends that you invest in the mega trends, like energy, medical, and financial stocks. These should earn you some pretty substantial profits. These three are usually always on the up and up because these are three industries that are always improving with new technologies and advances. These seem to be the time tested best industries to invest in. The other thing to invest in is the Internet of Things, or IoT. The IoT is anything in your home that is connected by the internet, like your phone, lap top, tablet, or TV. Google, Skillworks Solutions, and Sierra Wireless are just a few of the market leaders in IoT. The industry is projected to go from 655.8 billion dollars in 2017 to 1.7 trillion dollars in 2020, that’s a 16.9% increase! There are still quite a few emerging companies that have the potential for exponential growth, if you can get in early enough. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

In an article posted on Crunchbase, Paul Mampilly says that you probably shouldn’t invest in the marijuana market. His reasons for this are pretty obvious, being that it is still federally illegal and has the potential for quite a down fall if things do not go as expected, which is a very real possibility. Instead, he recommends that you invest in a new device that has come out that has various companies and governments investing and raving about it. Companies like Google, Ford, and Pfizer have all invested billions of dollars into this device. Even Warren Buffet has gotten in on the technology. So what is this device? Well, you will have to subscribe to Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited, to find out.


Jason Hope Invests in the Fountain of Youth

Aubrey De Grey is a co-founder and chief science officer for SENS Research Foundation. A passionate advocate for rejuvenation technology Grey believes everyone’s contribution to anti-aging research improves the quality of life. SENS relies heavily on the backing of investors, scientists, and researches in its quest to stop the negative effects caused by age. The organization is at the forefront of budding industry, focusing on research to stop the process within the body that cause age. It is quite revolutionary. SENS host a conference every year to spread the word about rejuvenation biotechnology and foster interest. For many, anti-aging is the future, and they are willing to invest in that future. Jason Hope is certainly willing, in 2010 he gave SENS half-a-million dollars. The successful entrepreneur turned philanthropist remains a steadfast supporter. He also wears the hat of spokesmen, and represents SENS at many social occasions. De Grey lauded Hope for his generosity, which SENS used to fund new research to build a new lab. Hope, who is also an avid futurist, believes fervently that rejuvenation technology is the cure for aging altogether.

Many entrepreneurs are chasing scientific fountains of youth, investing money in organizations like SENS in an effort to extend life. Although many want to live forever, for most it is the desire to make the quality of life better for future generations. Aging leads to many medical conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. The ability to stop the process that deteriorate the body can ultimately prevent such conditions, or fight them off. Currently SENS is researching AGE-blocker technology, which attacks waste build-up in the body that causes humans to age. At present the treatment is predicted to reduce blood pressure and possibly even prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, and more serious diseases like cancer. For SENS it is fighting the disease at the source. It is also what first attracted Hope to the organization. They offered cure instead of just treatment. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Jason Hope is a graduate of ASU with an MBA and Bachelor’s in Finance. He is an expert businessman. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, and runs numerous philanthropic organizations there. He writes numerous articles on rejuvenation biotechnology for magazines, and posts numerous breakthroughs on social media. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Digital 8 Represents Future of Mobile Organizing

At this point in NGP Van’s history they have reached the upper echelon of expectations where every single release that they make has high hopes pinned on it. Digital 8, their newest product, was no different and yet they still managed to hit it out of the park with resounding success. Political campaigns that are successful tend to be the ones that are the most innovative, and with NGP Van helping progressive campaigns with their near constant innovation they have become an unparalleled tool in helping deliver victories for Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.


What strikes users most about Digital 8 is the sheer scope of tasks you can do with it — all in one place. One thing that is truly exciting is the ability to set up automatic e-mails to subscribers which can go a long way in creating a campaign e-mail program that truly interacts with voters. Additionally, Digital 8 has the power to put one-click actions throughout the website and e-mail blasts. Imagine how much easier it will be to get first time donors when all they have to do is simply click a button to make their donation to your candidate? If even that is not enough to catch you interest than you will surely be impressed by their newly revamped ability to create data visualization that will give campaigns a new way to compare and study the data they are receiving. While that barely scratches the surface of what all Digital 8 can do, it is a good introduction to the type of simplicity and easy to use software that is exactly what has put NGP Van at the top in the field of database management.

As mentioned earlier, a campaign can not expect to win using decades-old strategies — constant innovation is the key to success. With the release of Digital 8 it is clear that NGP Van has recognized this trend and is at the forefront of bringing these new ideas to fruition so that progressive candidates big and small can bring innovation to their campaign. Moving forward, do not be surprised if you hear talk of Digital 8 in campaign headquarters, party meetings, or any place politicos gather — because it surely has the look and feel of “the next big thing.”

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Food Innovation, Food Ingenuity & Food Excellence Equals OSI Group

Can you imagine what the world would be like if there were no food services? If there were no food services, then everyone would have to grow their own food. Since the majority of the world’s population has no experience in doing so, problems would definitely ensue. This is why society has foodservices, and these services are heaven-sent to some degree. Though the services come with a price tag, it’s a necessary evil that everyone in society has to deal with because everyone has to eat. Supply and demand fuels the economy and the food service industry personifies this notion perfectly. OSI Group is the king of the hill when it comes to these invaluable services, and it has been this way for quite some time.

Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has come a long way since its birth. The company was founded back in 1909. At the time, OSI Group was just a small family business that sold beef products. Otto & Sons may have been small in size, but it was big on providing great tasting meats. As word of mouth began to spread, so did Otto & Sons’ business. By 1973, the company had turned into a high-volume meat processor, and it supplied meats to restaurants as well as provided meats to supermarkets in the immediate area. The company was doing so well to where high-profile retailors remained loyal customers for years. This was during and after cryogenics. In addition to that, the company became one of only four meat suppliers for McDonald’s.

“So, what does OSI have to offer and why does it outperform its competitors?” OSI Group is a standout because its customers/clients have received top-of-the-line services. Its benefits definitely outweigh any deficiencies, but there aren’t any deficiencies to name. OSI Group offers:

• Excellent Culinary Skill

• Real-World Global Food Knowledge

• Efficient Supply Chain

• Quality Assurance & Unsurpassed Food Safety

• And many more

This is only a small portion of the benefits, but you should have a much better idea of what this company has to offer. In the end, OSI Group has lived-up to all the hype, and it has delivered on all promises.

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Dr. Kamil Idris: Foremost Expert On Intellectual Property As It Grows & Changes

Dr. Kamil Idris, the former General Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and a well-studied expert on intellectual property, development, and international law. Dr. Idris has authored several books and has an honorary law degree from an astounding 19 universities worldwide. His initial education was garnered through the University of Khartoum where he earned LLB Honors from the Faculty of Law while his PhD in international law was attained at Geneva University in Switzerland.


One of the foremost experts on the rapidly evolving topic of intellectual property, Dr. Kamil Idris views the WIPO Copyright Treaty, as well as their Phonograms and Performances Treaties as tremendous advances toward carrying intellectual property framework into the digital age. Technological advancements are increasing at a rate never seen before due to the expansion of the globalized drive for the improvement of products and technology.


These swiftly developing advancements in intellectual property are not without their share of challenges. For example, potential downsides include counterfeiting, piracy, and steep increases in accumulations of patent application processing on a global scale. The emergence of intangible assets in unification with the growing the interdependence of countries ensuing from the internationalization of business. The issue with the escalation in piracy produces a situation where creative works are able to be scattered with or without the sanction of the proper holder projected across the globe with the simple click of a mouse. Other challenges presented include the increased need for the re-focusing of resources on IP training with the distinct improvement of IP capacity and human resources.


The increasing recognition of the exceptional importance of IP as an instrument of tactically significant economic policy has also made the world keenly aware of IP’s mounting commercial importance. In turn, this creates greater need for instructional information provided from the perspective of IP business. Additionally, there is a pressing requirement for the allocation of resources to developing IP human resource capacity, specifically that of economies in flux and developing countries to a market economy.


Dr. Kamil Idris had some things to say on April 26th, now becoming known as World Intellectual Property Day with more countries joining the annual celebrations annually. It is a day devoted to the celebrations of the inspiring power of human creativity, plus the intellectual property rights that guide in the fueling or channeling of it, the combination of which makes it an exceptionally critical driving force for cultural, economic, and social development.

Bob Reina CEO of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is a successful CEO who is on a mission to positively impact the lives of others. He firmly believes that business leaders should take time to invest in the people around them. With numerous business leaders making record salaries, Bob Reina thinks that now is an excellent time for business leaders to make a difference.


Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. During his tenure as CEO, the company has increased both sales and profits. He has also improved the brand recognition of the company. He has a unique management style that many people enjoy.



Worker Inequality


Treating all employees the same is a significant issue for Bob Reina. He thinks it is terrible that some workers are paid less due to their race or gender. He instituted a policy of equal pay at his company. He was recently recognized for his work with minorities.


He also believes that workers should earn a living wage. Unlike many business owners, he does not try to pay employees as little as possible. He thinks that employees are more productive when they are paid based on their production for the company.



Worker Safety


Bob Reina is also a huge proponent of worker safety. He invests a ton of resources to make sure that his employees are safe while working. Various people in business have recognized his commitment to worker safety.


Although Bob Reina has had a successful career, he is continuously looking for ways to improve his company. He wants Talk Fusion to become one of the most influential companies in the world. Learn more:

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart: The names behind the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have quickly become a force within the EDM community, but who are the mind behind the innovative music group? Matthias Rosenzweig was intent on getting the story of the two, young New Yorkers who have exploded onto the pop music scene like a wildfire. The interview covered topics ranging from their lives before The Chainsmokers, up to the future that the duo can see for themselves.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. To the majority of people, these names mean nothing. However, these two young men have become world famous under another name. Under the guise of their electronic dance musical group, The Chainsmokers, Pall and Taggart have exploded onto the scene. But what is their story. Pall tells Rosenzweig that he had been working as a small time DJ in New York City, when his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. This would change his life.

Taggart describes the meeting as “love at first sight” and Pall says they both compliment each other excellently, with the two knowing what the other could bring to the table. Alex Pall describes their work ethic as “9 AM to 7 PM, we got together every day and worked on music and creating our identity as artists.” This creating an identity was one of the biggest challenges the group faced in its early life, being involved in a saturated musical genre, where many songs sounded the same, or sampled from existing songs. However, the group has created a unique sound and identity for itself, with Pall and Taggart lending their impressive vocals as well as their mixing and production skills, and with help from other excellent vocals, such as Halsey in their hit song Closer.

Rosenzweig also inquired to Pall and Taggart about their fanbase. Alex Pall said that Instagram had been a huge help in identifying their fanbase, as well as establishing a connection for feedback. The Chainsmokers also stated how surprised they were at the diversity of their fan base, which ranged from 6 year olds singing the song in videos sent to the duo, all the way to Pall’s mother, humming along to their song Roses.

The Chainsmokers Music Grows With Their Experience

Popular group, The Chainsmokers, have realized success fairly fast after hitting the scene considering how hard it is to break into the music industry. After making it on the top ten charts, the band continued to rise in popularity and left behind any doubt about the group being a one hit wonder. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have not only continued their early success, but been able to create music that crossed genre lines while still remaining true to their sound and style. For this reason, The Chainsmokers have not only kept their fans, but gained more as their reputation has grown ahead of them.

Most recently The Chainsmokers released a new single that is darker than what they have been producing for the duration of their career. The single, Sick Boy, is according to the band the first of many more to come and the style in which they want to continue exploring. While they have control over the lyrics and style, the group says that their music is influenced by current culture. The darker our culture gets, the darker their music gets because the one reflects the other.

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The duo doesn’t want their music to end at reflecting what they are seeing in society, but to serve as a way to reach out to and cause listeners of their music to reevaluate their roles in society. Just like their fan base, The Chainsmokers think it is imperative of them to use the platforms that they have created, but not to fall victim to the trends and behaviors that those platforms sometimes create in us. They see these behaviors as the new reality into which most of society has fallen for and taken up, and this is mirrored in the reality they experienced through their music when they first started realizing success.

OSI Group Proves Why It’s In America’s Top 100 Companies

OSI Group is a food processing company based out of Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. OSI group began to grow to larger capacities when it started supplying McDonald’s franchise with meat patties. According to Forbes, OSI Group is currently among America’s 58 largest companies. With over 20,000 employees in several different countries, OSI provides many different food products to distributors, retailers and other types of food service companies. They currently bring around $6.1 billion in revenue, and in recent years they’ve expanded operations to continue producing and delivering high-quality food products to businesses across the globe.

OSI Group recently acquired a Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. Tyson was losing business at this location and they were preparing to shut down operations and let go of employees. OSI seized the opportunity and opened up shop, they also offered employment to many of the former Tyson employees. OSI also recently acquired Flagship Europe which supplies sauces and various condiments, frozen poultry, sous vide products, and pies to the UK foodservice markets. Chief Executive of Flagship Europe says that this a great opportunity for them, and becoming part of OSI Group will open up new areas of the marketplace and offer more opportunities to better serve their customer base. David McDonald, President of OSI says that the new acquisition will give OSI a broader presence in Europe.

Following their recent expansion into Spain, OSI Food Solutions has doubled chicken production capacity. By investing €17 million into building a high capacity production line, OSI has also created 20 job openings. The managing director of OSI Spain attributes the recent investments to a growing demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal. The new equipment also meets the company’s sustainability standards, standards that continue to rise as the demand for a sustainable approach to agriculture and food processing also continues to grow. The equipment reduces electricity usage by 20 percent, and the heat recovered from systems is repurposed to heat company water. This expansion project extends the company’s production capacity to over 45,000 tons of pork, chicken, and beef products.

In 2016 the Globe of Honour Award was presented to OSI Food Solutions UK from the British Safety Council for the exemplary management of environmental risks. Over and over again, OSI has demonstrated their ability to meet and exceed Environmental Protection standards.

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A Guide To Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is at the pinnacle of its game, and it is at the pinnacle of the modeling agency to some degree. This full-service agency caters to the modeling world as well as caters to the entertainment world. The talent here is top-notch, is ethical and is well-trained thanks to Justin Brown. This extraordinary guy is the founder of the company. Justin was once a former-model back in the day, and he earned a pretty good living doing so. At times, he would earn up to $100 per hour on some photo-shoots. Justin actually modeled designer jeans while in the midst of his career. This career has even helped to put him through college.

After studying business management in college, the Reno-native returned to his love, but this time he would work from behind the cameras. No longer was Justin interested in posing for the camera and in some ways, he’s felt that he has grown as a person in an overall sense. Justin was now working as a teacher in a sense. Showing the new crop of models on how to properly act and on how to be ethical was the name of the game. Yes, it has certainly paid-off bigtime. Since its inception in 2015, Brown Agency has been setting new trends, especially by coming from an untapped market. Though Wilhelmina Austin was huge in this area, the city of Austin hadn’t been put on the map until the rise of Brown Modeling Agency. Some of the brightest of names in the entertainment business has worked with this company, including HBO, Landshark Beer, TNT Network, Bing, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Dodge and L’Oréal. Every sector of business has been touched by these talented individuals in some form or fashion. Check out

This special agency has done a good job of leveraging its strengths and its capabilities. The agency is well balanced because 20 percent of the jobs has gone to the modeling sector of business, 10 percent has gone to union jobs and 15 percent has gone to non-union jobs such as television and film. Brown Modeling Agency is now able to rival many of the larger modeling agencies that are located in the bigger cities. Of course, all of this was a well-thought plan instead of just happing by chance. Justin Brown and Brown Modeling Agency is a winning combination, but who knows what’s in store for the future.

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