Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Helps Visitors With Shopping Needs

One of the biggest aspects of the Manaira Mall is not even the shopping that people can enjoy while they are at the mall. This is because Roberto Santiago made sure that the mall would be so much more than that and that people would be able to enjoy everything that the mall had to offer whether they needed to shop there or not. Because of this, Roberto Santiago made it so that people who wanted to shop, visit a fine dining restaurant and even be entertained would all be able to go to the mall and get what they needed. While other malls were simply a place to shop, the Manaira Mall was so unique and filled with options that people would actually just come to the mall for the simple act of seeing the mall. It was something that truly set Manaira apart from others and made Roberto Santiago a true visionary in the world of mall shopping.


As Roberto Santiago developed the mall and made things better for all of the people who visited, he knew that he would need to continue making the mall bigger and better. He also knew that he would have to do what he could to offer more unique options for all of the people who came. When he first started the mall, in the 1980’s, there were many different malls. He had a lot of competition during that time and he had to do something that would set his mall apart from others.


While making the mall unique made it easy for Roberto Santiago to make his mall better than the rest in the past, it was also something that he could enjoy later on. What he didn’t expect was the collapse of mall industries around the world. His mall, though, has remained relatively unscathed by the problems that are happening to other malls. He attributes all of this to people who are visiting the mall for the tourism factor and the fact that the mall has so many unique offerings for the people who are there.


The Manaira Mall continues to thrive and Roberto Santiago continues to make profits from it. He knows what he wants to be able to do with the mall and he has had the chance to make it better than most malls. He has also had the chance to try new things with the mall so that he would be able to bring attention to all of the options that people had while they were working on the mall. Since Roberto Santiago is dedicated to all of the people who he serves with the mall, he is going to continuously improve everything that the mall has to offer.