Securus Leading Way In Criminal Justice Industry

Securus has received the highest rating possible from the Better Business Bureau and has voluntarily achieved accreditation through the same entity. Securus is a telecommunications company serving the law enforcement community. But telecommunications giant has exclusive government contracts to service prison and jail facilities all over the country. Currently, the company services over 1.2 million prisoners in the United States alone.

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This comes on the heels of bad news for its biggest competitor — Global Tel*Link. Global Tel*Link has landed in the media recently for unethical business practices. The company stands accused of all sorts of malfeasance, including price gouging, double charging and a litany of hidden fees. The company is also in hot water for poor customer service.


But Securus is committed to customer service. It has the largest call center of any telecommunications company in the industry. This allows them to field over 2.5 million calls per month with a 99.9% first call resolution rate. Essentially, when you call Securus, any issue that you have should be resolved that day. This is the kind of business practice that gives Securus an A+ rating from the BBB.


But it is the voluntary accreditation from the BBB that really stands out. The accreditation essentially says that Securus has built trust in the community and that the company speaks the truth. The accreditation comes with high levels of transparency within the company as well. The company has been known to honor its promises and be responsive to any concerns. Securus prides itself on protecting the privacy of its customers and always act with integrity.


The Better Business Bureau has found that every employee under the Securus umbrella behaves this way. It is what makes them stand out in the industry and I can only hope that they leave the way forward.