Sheldon Lavin utilizes the platform at OSI Industries to propagate the message of nature conservation

The 86-year-old Sheldon Lavin is a shrewd businessman who started his career as a financial consultant. He successfully ran financial consultancy firm for more than fifteen years before partnering with the sons of Otto Kolchowsky in OSI Industries in the 70s. Upon taking over as the new owner of the company, Sheldon Lavin has successfully transformed into a multibillion-dollar food processing enterprise.

The acquisition of the premier meat processing and distribution company did not only bring a fortune to Sheldon Lavin, but it also gave him a platform to advance his agenda on environmental conservation. Besides implementing a series of groundbreaking business strategies, the self-made executive has also managed to propagate several eco-friendly ideologies.

Sheldon Lavin transformed the family-owned meat processing company into a multi-million dollar enterprise by taking the company to the international arena. China, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and Austria are some of the countries where OSI Group has managed to stamp its authority as the leader in the processing and distribution of high-quality meat products.

After successfully taking over the meat product market, OSI Group then ventured into the fresh produce realm in 2002. Here, the company focused on supplying high-quality organic produce to their customers to meet the rising demand for healthy and nutritious foods. Soon after, Sheldon Lavin led the company beyond the American border where he has managed to expand his empire through a series of acquisitions.

Under his counsel, OSI Group has managed to make several prudent investments and savvy purchases. Some of the companies that are now under his management include Baho Foods, Select Ready Foods, Hynek Schlachthof, Tyson Food Plant and Creative Foods. Each of these companies has played a key role in bolstering the company’s success outside the U.S borders.

Sheldon’s efforts towards sustainability and environmental conservation
Sheldon has always had the desire to pursue and implement environmentally friendly and economically responsible practices in all the company’s operations. He is an environmental activist where he has served in the board for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Besides being an entrepreneur to the core, Sheldon is also a renowned philanthropist who donates his money, time and resources to various organizations.

Sheldon is also overseeing the modernization of their processing facilities to include modern processing techniques that focus on energy conservation and waste recycling. The recent expansion of their Spain-based poultry processing facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and power efficient machines that utilize energy from renewable sources.