Technology Will Set Pace For Healthcare Solutions, Notes Ara Chackerian

If philanthropy and successful business ventures are anything to go by in the United States, one man stands out, Ara Chackerain. His soft spot for organizing community-based programs has seen his career grow tremendously over the years, where he incorporated a high technology approach on offering healthcare services. Armed with the vast experience, he has gained in the field; Ara Chackerain found his way into various boards located in the Bay Area. However, medical career has not stopped him from having a keen eye on the environment, with his newly-found venture being a teak farm located in Nicaragua. The farm dubbed Limonapa Teak conserves the environment through the use of practices that are friendlier. Furthermore, the farm has gone a long way in creating employment opportunities for the local youths.


In a recent interview by Patch, Ara Chackerain gave wind of his new-found firm, TMS Health Solutions which taps the spree in technological advancements to offer healthcare solutions. With the aid of a partner, he established diagnostic radiology centers across Northern California with the aim of providing top-notch medical services through the safest, most comfortable and economical way. A decade later, their efforts bore fruits with the successful invention of the transcranial magnetic stimulator, a magnetic device that lowers the acute effects of depression. Through the use of the stimulator, psychiatric patients will rest assured of complete healing as it will go hand in hand with oral therapy and medication. The program has stretched across San Francisco and Sacramento. You can visit Vimeo for more.


Chackerain adds that the technological advancement across the globe is a blessing to the healthcare industry since it has led to the rise of healthcare mobile applications and medicine, which patients can easily access remotely. With the cases of suicide rising day by day, talk therapy has opened up the hearts of many whom before this invention, found it difficult to talk about it. According to statistics, at least 45,000 Americans commit suicide yearly. The suicide menace cuts across people from different walks of life, the recent being Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain who were renowned international celebrities.


Ara Chackerain notes that committing suicide affects one’s family exponentially as they are more often subjected to stigmatization from those around them. They feel a sense of guilt due to the inability to forestall loved ones from taking their own lives. However, ample communication between individuals has been put in the limelight as one of the easiest and safest way to foresee the contemplation of loved words to end their lives.



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